How To Make Money With Clickbank By Telling Good Stories

Can you tell good stories?

If you’re a clickbank affiliate marketer, I’m sure that you’re looking for ways to make more money?

The truth is, you need a real plan that breaks downs the entire marketing process.

The major issues associated with online business are marketing and conversion. Getting a website up and running is the easy part.

But don’t cower. I want to share core tips to help you increase your affiliate earnings.

I recommend clickbank offers because the commission rates are fair enough – unlike other third-party networks where you can’t earn more than 10% or even lower. Oops!

Clickbank Sales

Increase your affiliate sales quickly

Did you know that human beings are creatures of stories? From the Stone Age, parents would gather their kids together in the cave, with a fire to warm their bodies and to keep wild animals away. I can’t forget the folklore from my granny – makes me want to shed tears right now. Lol!

And by engaging the children with stories that touch the heart, the bridge of communication was created and that’s the heart of marketing.

You need to communicate effectively to and with your target audience. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling – if you can express yourself and offer great value, you’d increase your sales and commissions. Leave a comment below if you agree.

Most people fail at affiliate marketing because they’ve ignored human’s thirst and hunger for real stories. You’ve a greater opportunity of earning the trust of your audience, just like the children did with their Stone-Aged parents.

Write to express, not impress

Expressing one’s view about a particular affiliate product is what can bring more sales. The last time I reviewed an affiliate product, I did it like a press release. I must admit – that was my first time to write a review that reads like a press release.

By being honest with your product review or promotional email, you’re not only expressing your view as an expert who firmly stands behind the product, but also, you’ve respect for your reader.

No one ever wants to be sold. You can’t beat this truth and the earlier you realize that and abide by it, the better for you.

When last did you tell a story? Did you get feedback from your readers? I bet you haven’t done that in a while now because you’re so engrossed with Google Panda and EMDs update.

Google can always set up new terrains for their search algorithm, but you mustn’t allow that deter your focus as a blogger.

Don’t tell the sad woes of how your pages dropped, except you’ve the solution or a message to pass across.

Why stories always increase sales

Although we’re looking at affiliate marketing, a good story can aid direct marketing, email marketing, franchise business and so on.

The #1 reason why telling stories work to increase your affiliate sales is because human beings desire to communicate. That’s why we exist. It’s our lifeline in this world of diverse races and political practices.

When you write blog post, product review or press release that’s aimed at converting sales, make sure you infuse real and brief stories into it.

To me, I don’t think you should formulate a story out of the whirlwind – because you’ve gone through a lot in life and that’s an asset.

Just look within you – you’re a bundle of solution going somewhere to happen. Share your life’s goal and offer a valuable affiliate offer as the answer to people’s plight.

Start telling good stories

I’ve seen helpful e-books, software, membership site and premium wordpress themes that failed, because the real “salt” of marketing was ignored.

It’s not enough to know the events that went into creating a product; you’ve to tell the story in your own special way. See how to be productive, so you can make more money online.

Hopefully, this can increase your affiliate sales, generate more money for you and help grow your small business. Yes, it’s worked for me – start telling good stories today!

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24 thoughts on “How To Make Money With Clickbank By Telling Good Stories”

  1. sapna says:

    Hi Michael, John

    The Story which should start with identifying the GENERIC Problem and the “Practical” solutions which naive person like ME can easily relate to.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  2. Dario Izaks says:

    Hi there. I couldn’t agree more Michael we are in a day and age where people want you to identify with them,especially when selling them something.To understand their fears,struggles and to understand the place they are in whether good or bad,people want stories. I myself am enticed by a good story and will definitly buy the product when it relates to me.And I know there s many out there who agrees.Thank’s again for a good post

  3. faisal says:

    As Philip Kotler once said “Marketing is everything, everything else is just support system”

  4. Abhishek says:

    Its all about what you convey to people and experience about it. If you sy good about a product to people then it is obvious that people will buy that product too. Thanks a lot for sharing this post John. I am gonna use this for my next clickbank campaign for sure.

  5. Richard Ng says:

    Hi Michael,

    Nice post. I am a supporter of story telling… sharing the true own experience is the way to market. In fact, it is also the way to create connection or built relationship with potential customers.


  6. Thanks for this message John. I am trying to get into affiliate marketing and by using stories it will be easier to share things on social media and gain a following.

  7. Many people want to make money on the internet, but they are not plastic enough patience and they drop off if they get a little adversity. You have to try things out to the best solution.

  8. Eddie Gear says:

    While I agree with you on the topic of story telling to sell better. Click bank as a tool to generate income is not very good. They actually charge you to keep your money with them. For example if you do not reach the cash out amount, they keep deducting a certain fee every month. There are so many other networks that I can use to sell affiliate products and make a decent commission and not really have to pay them to offer the service.

  9. Telling stories is one of the best strategies if you wanted to sell something. People usually prefer recommendations base from personal experiences or reviews about a certain product. One more tip to effectively gain trust from your readers is to build your authority, with this trust people will believe with what you are telling them.

  10. Vikas says:

    I like concepts. You have explained very deeply. I like this post about clickbank.

  11. Mathew says:

    Story telling is the reason why so many infomercials works, they are the best story tellers you can find and study, every sec of that infomercial is letting you know how to sell a product.

    It’s not easy to write something you haven’t personally tried but if you are a true salesman or want to be there is no other way, thanks for sharing!

  12. seo says:

    An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a
    coworker who had been doing a little homework on this.
    And he in fact bought me breakfast due to the fact that
    I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So let me reword this.

    … Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to
    discuss this subject here on your web page.

  13. Every sales pitch should have a great story in it. This is the only way that businesses can show customers how they can identify their needs and present solutions to them.

  14. Raghavendra says:

    Hi there sir!

    I’d like to share my experience on this one. Im a technology blogger, being so, most of the time, ill be blogging about “How to’s” etc. while doing so, i tend to write the content or the actual process of the ‘how to guides’ as a story, this not only helps the reader learn it in an easier manner, it also adds some juice to the content to make it more lively! we all love stories right? 😉
    Thank you for the article! 🙂

  15. Excellent blog post. I definitely love this website.
    Keep it up!

  16. David Hunn says:

    It’s a bit funny though great way to sell product by telling stories. I enjoyed reading this innovative your article.

  17. Constantine says:

    Telling stories is a good idea but the challenge I have is writing compelling human interest stories. I think in need to enroll in creative writing classes to get better at telling stories.

  18. Story telling is the archetype, not only of marketing, but personal writing itself. Look at all long sales letters. The best of them sell “the sizzle not the steak” as the saying goes. When we write letters or emails to friends and family we tell stories. No one writes these missives in the third person.

  19. Nanubala says:

    Already Everyone is narrating stories in social media marketing sites.In stories,,we have to convince ,motivate,make them confidence,,after that ,they will buy the products.

  20. Ally says:

    I’ve been eyeing up affiliate marketing and this post has some good tips about how to be successful while doing it. Thanks!

  21. Gentjan AL says:

    Should we really write to express?

    I don’t think so John. Its more complicated than that brother. A good story doesn’t fit everything since there are a lot of other good stories. In the contrary if we express ourselves by using stories we will sound too familiar and people will perceive our articles as they are the same like millions of others out there.

    So why we should write? If we know what we are, we know why. We are online journalists, so we write to inform, entertain, to solve what seems that doesn’t has a solution, to face a big challenge, to build new bridges between facts and disiplines in order to come up with new solutions and ideas.

    So we write to make people turn their heads and find something more interesting than what is available everywhere. And stories are just a part of this, affiliate marketing is just a part of this, or maybe a result of this.

  22. James Dailey says:

    Great Article! Look at the Bible. It’s a book of stories. It’s still the number one book because of its stories.

  23. Chris says:

    I really like the power of stories and the associated benefits of this. I really like this angle. I agree with previous comments regarding the way that people connect with stories. Making money by using this strategy is something I will definitely consider.

  24. Thanks for the post, Its Quite Funny to Sell CB products telling good stories,
    and i will surely implement this method on my Blog!
    Thanks for this Innovative Post

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