How To Make Money with Twitter on Your Birthday

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So today is my birthday and I’ve been getting a ton of Happy Birthday wishes on Twitter, IM, Facebook, etc. While I would have loved to reply to each birthday greeting personally, it was impossible because of the sheer volume. What I did instead was sent out the Twitter tweet at top of this post.

The tweet was made in fun and I didn’t really expect anyone to take it seriously. However, some followers actually fire up their PayPal account and sent me money! So far, I’ve received enough for a really nice big night out on the town. I want to thank to following people who were kind enough to take my tweet literally and send me money on my birthday.

Bob Jones
Zac Johnson
Jonathan Volk
Bob Buskirk
Neil Patel
Nate Whitehill
Ruben Orozco
Alex Shalman
Tyler Cruz
Isabella Mori

To those who sent me a Happy Birthday wish, I thank you. To the people above, who sent me money as well as a Happy Birthday wish, I thank you for the big birthday night out! Who would have thought you can use Twitter to make money on your birthday?

36 thoughts on “How To Make Money with Twitter on Your Birthday”

  1. jtGraphic says:

    I hadn’t realized it was your birthday. Happy birthday.

    1. SEO Results says:

      Belated happy birthday to you John Chow. I hope that your day was filled with amazing friends and good times. May this new year in your life prove to be abundant and happy.

  2. Ivan says:

    Congrats! You don’t forget time to make an extra money…

    1. John reached at such level that money will follow him …

      Just here and there few posts and hundreds bucks on his pocket.

  3. Interesting! Glad you had a great birthday night out.

  4. That’s awesome John. Happy belated birthday!

  5. Hirvi says:

    Happy B day!

  6. d3so says:

    Nice! Happy Birthday John!
    Wish you continued success in the coming years!

    lol I thought that tweet was a joke because if John needed anything it wouldn’t be money but we can never get enough of it right?

  7. Jay says:

    I will try and if it works you will be a master but i think that some friends of mine will hate me for a while

  8. Eunus Hosen says:

    Happy Birthday John!

    Hope for all of your success.

  9. Happy Birthday “Motto”. God Bless you. Best wishes for your quest to glory.

  10. Free Picks says:

    Happy Birth Day John.

  11. Happy Birthday John!

  12. Happy Birthday John! I prefer Sally date of birthday as I am in the same boat (09/09) 🙂

  13. Nathan says:

    John, that’s deep.

    I’m going to get my business to the level of yours so that I can send a tweet out on my birthday. AND ACTUALLY GET IT.

    At the moment all I get is socks for my birthday. (Not quite the same effect)

  14. Man! I was late in the game…but Happy bday John! If you still had that buy me a beer widget I’d shoot you one 🙂

  15. Melvin says:

    Thats the power of twitter John. Heheh, it extends anywhere. Now do you care to disclose how much amount did they send you? 😉

    1. Yes that is the thing which all we wanted to know.

      Ok tell us who send you maximum amount from above list.

  16. Luke says:

    haha, nice 🙂 Hope you have a good birthday.

  17. S Ahsan says:

    Happy Bday John.. now thats some good money making opportunity. I am scheduling a similar tweet with hootsuite for my bday 😉

    1. And what will happen if your friends will also start asking for money on their birthday … will you return them such favour ??

  18. happy birthday again. i thought it would be neat to see what happens if i took you up on it. looks like i’m in illustruous company 🙂

  19. Getting money on your birthday from your friends or known people that’s sounding really odd.

  20. Chris S. says:

    Happy birthday John! I’m sorry I didn’t send you money by Paypal, but I will by you Pho next time, haha. Hope you had a great day!

  21. SEO Results says:

    That is quite the who’s who list of internet marketers and bloggers there. It is good to see all the brothers sticking together. What you have done is to convince me of inherent power of twitter, although with the amount of followers you’ve got I am unsure of how effective this experiment really was.

  22. Belated happy birthday to you John Chow …:)

  23. Steyr C. says:

    Happy Birthday John ! Have a good day 🙂

  24. fas says:

    Happy birthday chow

  25. Happy Birthday, John! You are really the “make money online” master of all tweets 😉 SY

  26. Steve says:

    Too funny John. Can I just ask for money instead of retweets cause I need beer.

  27. So your money earning machine is rolling 24 x 365 … interesting.

  28. ringding says:

    i have heard alot about plr! focus is a big thing with marketing online.distraction is every where and greed can be bad for im!

  29. You really demanded money :O thats unexpected.

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