How To Make Over $60,000 Per Month with a Membership Site

The last session I attended at the 2009 Blogworld Expo was by my good friend Timothy Sykes. Tim is a short seller who happens to make more money off his blog than his stock trading. Tim’s biggest blogging related income steam is his TIMalerts membership site. Over 1,500 pay $49.95 per month to receive Tim’s real-time stock alerts.

In the following video, Tim and his partner Adrash share their secrets on setting up and running a million dollar membership site. The video is an hour long so you might as well grab a bite to eat and pull up a chair. Also, I hope you enjoy watching Tim’s face because I zoomed in on it for the entire hour.

28 thoughts on “How To Make Over $60,000 Per Month with a Membership Site”

  1. Teen Blogger says:

    Long video,but worth watching.

    Membership sites can be really profitable if you sell the right services or products. The products should be unique and useful.

    1. I’ll have to set aside some time to watch the vid. It’s probably worth the hour to learn from someone that makes that kind of bank.

  2. says:

    Membership website is a business which will really rule the internet for long time because its truly service based and most attractive is the less price that one has to pay.

  3. I’ve personally followed Tim’s blog from its start. I know he has made more than $100K pero month from his blog, so it’s just amazing.

    A must see.

    Thanks John.

  4. Joe says:

    Tim’s hosting sucks -both sites are down…lame…

  5. Nice, I could use $60K a month.

  6. Thanks for videotaping everything and for making glad I shaved and for making realize what I look like when I work too hard…good job and incredible video production/turnaround time!

  7. Zac Johnson says:

    It was great to finally meet Tim in person. A very funny guy too, and knows his stuff!

  8. How does he actually do stock trading?

    1. John Chow says:

      On his desk in front of 3 computer screens.

  9. Joe says:

    I actually met Tim online year and years ago before he became big, right when he first started his first hedge fund. He was a no nonsense type of guy.

  10. kellyb says:

    Thanks John !Great Video! very informative and it great to hear Tim speak. Usually it costs to hear him speak at conferences.

  11. This was an awesome presentation. Love the brutal honesty. This guy loves what he does, that’s for sure.

  12. videostar says:

    No doubt his doing the business with great enthusiasm bring him such results.

    1. And he started with his bat mitzvah gift 😀

  13. Tinh says:

    Excellent but it is too far from now for me. I wish I could make 2k/month but it is till hard and I can not quit my job to full time blogging

  14. lemonbear says:

    Thanks,this very useful for me

  15. fas says:

    Woooow, membership site is the inthing now.

  16. Hey John,

    I have learned a lot form your membership site’s step by step post.

    And this video also depicts most of that thing, but overall the nutshell idea is that, we have give quality content/ product to get the desired results.

  17. Alvin says:

    Hey John… nice video! I actually did interview Timothy on my blog too.. 🙂 you can check it out @

  18. 1500 times $50 equals $75000 per month. Not bad at all. These kind of figures make it worthwhile sitting through a one hour video, as there is definitely some serious method to this mans madness.

    1. Sarah says:

      I assume 60k a month is profit, so the extra 15k is used to cover expenses, or maybe even run the site entirely?

      My aim would be getting a site to a reasonable level, and then using the monthly profit to get someone else to do the grunt work, which would then afford me the time to start my next project. In other words, I want to make a cash cow!

  19. Lisa Lee says:

    I wish i can make this huge amount of money, but i am closely following john chow and other blogger to reach my goal.

  20. Boy these days you are adding very long video John. Have to bookmark it and will see in weekends or when I have 2 Hrs in my hand.

  21. Melvin says:

    does that mean you have a man crush on Timmy Sykes? lols, jjoking.. 😀

  22. OK, ok, slowly I start to buy into this whole membership site business, SY

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