How To Make Six-Figure Monthly Income

A few days ago, I posted a screen shot showing nearly $280,000 in my eWallet account. This money was made over a three month period, and from just one business model. It doesn’t include money made from my other online marketing models. I’ve received a ton of questions asking what the business model was, and what other business models do I use? Answering that question would take an entire book. Fortunately, I’ve written one.

The Ultimate Online Profit Model

The Ultimate Online Profit Model is a new eBook I wrote to detail the marketing models I use to make six-figure monthly income online. The book is 50 pages long and shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours to read. Once read, you’ll have a clear understand of the methods and systems I use to create massive passive income.

Like my first eBook, Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com, The Ultimate Online Profit Model is a free download. My first eBook has been downloaded over 200,000 times. I expect The Ultimate Online Profit Model to be just as successful. The new eBook has already made tremendous impact on the lives of readers.

Hi John Chow,

The book was great and very informative but the “Bonus Lesson” section was the bomb. It was just amazing. My constant sullenness, lack of gratitude to God and my negativity may have impacted negatively on me. You don’t have an idea how impactful that last section is on me and I think you’re a very good motivational speaker just as you are a good blogger/internet marketer. God bless you.

Victor Umeh

Hi John,

Firstly thank you so much for being such a great inspiration! I have spent the last day reading your blog, watching your vids and also was able to download and read your ebook the Ultimate Blog Profit Model. You are a legend and should be so proud of yourself!

Amanda Stone

If you’re ready to take your Internet business to the next level. If you’re tire of working for peanuts. If you want to live the Dot Com Lifestyle. If you want to know exactly how I make money online. Then download your copy of The Ultimate Online Profit Model right now. It will change your life.

The Ultimate Online Profit Model

Click Here To Download The Ultimate Online Profit Model

31 thoughts on “How To Make Six-Figure Monthly Income”

  1. Jethro says:

    I’m not sure if this one is for me but a part of me says that I should dive in and try what this programs will give me. Who knows, my success is just waiting out there and longing for me to act.

    I know what you show on this blog is real and that’s why your readers trust you very much. Keep writing many useful blog posts and inspiring us. 🙂

  2. These are my six figures sir 000000 hehe.

  3. I. C. Daniel says:

    The book is a must read for those interested in making that kind of money!

  4. Gary says:

    I’m sure it will be great information and I will look forward to reading it. If it mostly relates to MOBE then it won’t be new info for me but nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes 🙂

  5. Roger Minh says:

    Awesome book. I had download this ebook. I help me have a new strategy to boost income.

  6. I have just downloaded the ebook. Will see how much this ebook helps me in making money.

  7. Hi again John

    I DO know – without a doubt , that you make quite an enormous amount of money from a number of online activities, which in my opinion you richly deserve to do, as a result of being a VERY dedicated and most Honest marketer and clearly, an EXPERT Blogger and well respected teacher as well.

    What I — would like to know, as an Old age Pensioner that really dosen’t NEED to earn 6 figures, – just a somewhat modest supplement to my miserable Govt. pension and now dwindling Superannuation that I HAD expected to last me for the rest of my life.— Perhaps I have lived too long Eh — LOL ?

    As a retired Engineer, Broadcaster and sometime Journo, I have no real difficulty with stringing a few lines together, but always about subjects that by life training, have fascinated me and primarily relate to current affairs, engineering and/or Legal issues.

    There is clearly, NO monetary profit in the exploitation of ANY of these issues, – nor of highly technical Electronic Engineering issues that I have been accustomed to writing and publishing professional training papers for distribution as handouts at International industry Seminars etc.

    My specific difficulty, is to find a worthwhile Niche to pursue, as a Blogger as such and I daresay, encourage people to visit a website that is affiliated with the subject(s) that I Blog about. The very essence of simplicity indeed.

    Coming from a 55 year career in Commercial TV broadcasting, I have absolutely NO TIME whatsoever for BS and Hype, — having spent my whole working life being forced to associate with people that most sincerely DID believe wholeheartedly in ALL of it.

    Bottom line I suppose is — Pointless now — writing Hi Tech stuff for engineers — I DON’T want to write stuff for Half Wits either— so WHERE – do I pitch my Blog – Sales proposals, given MY background experience and knowledge storehouse ?

    Always bearing in mind that I don’t NEED — to make a BIG Quid — a Little one will do me fine actually, as long as it is consistent, – and hopefully provides me with some honest enjoyment whilst actually doing it ?

    What MORE – could I — ask for ? — Certainly NOT — 6 figures – Thanks .

  8. Sunday says:

    Hi John,
    Its good to know that you have written another “best seller” on how to make money online. The Ultimate Online Profit Model has gotten awesome review in this post. I am downloading the book and hopefully I should have new inspirations for making more money online 😀

  9. Cory says:

    Hello John,
    I just downloaded your boob and can’t wait to start reading it that I may learn how to make money online.

    Thanks for the book

    1. Wess Stewart says:

      I didn’t know you could read boobs.

      Well, I suppose braille is a thing…

  10. faisal says:

    all i know is it takes time..

  11. Ashis Bhadra says:

    John discussed exactly how to build a long term online affiliate marketing business. Very helpful and valuable information. Thank you for this posting this.

  12. Thanks a lot for this amazing ebook and all your strategies. It´s a good one just like your first ebook “MakeMoneyOnline with JohnChow”. For all the internet marketers, if you´re serious about building an online empire get that one, no matter how hard you´ve struggled, or what background you have, this ebook when applied correctly will help your business 🙂 thanks again John for all the valua you share with the online community

  13. @MichaelLSR says:

    Trying to follow the rules as you set them out! You are quite the legend man!
    Thanks for everyone else’s tips!

  14. ZK says:

    John , your new book is a classic ….just downloaded it 🙂

  15. Parvez says:

    John chow Its a name of brand in world of make money blogging . He always keep his Excellency to his readers by different content .
    I just download this e book, Hope Its will a better understanding about making money blogging .

  16. Allan Demot says:

    Just read the book, and man, is it AWESOME!

    The information those three models were an eye-opener, especially the one about hit and run affiliate marketing. Made me realize that I might just be headed the the same way – thanks for giving me a new direction.

    And your bonus lesson chapter was insightful as well… Many people get distracted by thinking about how to be the next John Chow that they forget to look at some of the most important things in life… Thanks for reminding us…

    Godspeed John, and may you continue to be a blessing to all of us.


  17. Hello John,

    Writing such a great book and giving it out for free is quite commendable. You have no idea the number of persons you have impacted. Great work and style, I must say.


  18. Thank you for offering such a great ebook for free. I have just started reading it and found it really valuable. I will soon complete reading it and let you know. I understand it takes a lot of time and effort to write such an ebook. People should definitely download it for more times than the previous one.

  19. Really a informative book. Thanks for sharing this with us. This is a great step that you offer this book at totally free….

  20. Andrew Rezk says:

    Sounds cool, Thanks much for the Ebook.
    I’m downloading it now, and looking forward to read it.
    Wish more online success for everyone.

  21. Jay says:

    Awesome stuff John your new ebook looks incredible:) I am sure it will be a huge success you put out some quality products.

    Anyhow happy new year I wish you luck with your new book not that you will need it:)

  22. Pijush Mitra says:

    Thanks for your continuous support to newbie as well as seasoned bloggers. Happy blogging 🙂

  23. sameer says:

    just download book.
    Really thank you for book…

  24. Allan Demot says:

    Your ebook was so inspiring that I can’t help but write about its effect on me in my blog post.

    Big Thanks again friend for being such a blessing. Here’s wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous 2014 ^_^

  25. Hi,
    Just downloaded it and seems it will help me a lot in making more money through blogging.
    I’m really inspired from your blog.


  26. This is a solid read. Anyone new to the online space should get it right now. I like the explanation of hit and run affiliate marketing. In my book this free ebook is pure gold. Take notes.

  27. yepi says:

    Very good. i like this article. Thanks for share.

  28. Upender says:

    I just downloaded it …. going to read it asap.

  29. Mukesh Mali says:

    Hi John,
    Just downloaded it and seems it will help me a lot in making more money through blogging.
    I’m really inspired from your blog.


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