How To Make StumbleUpon Your Servant

This post was guest blogged by Faisal Anwar of Letscafe Media.

I tried this method before and it worked quite well. Overall I got around 300K legit views, no paid to surf whatsoever. All I did was to use StumbleUpon. Most of you may say that’s normal, to get a couple hundred thousand views from Social bookmarking site. I don’t think so, simply because I don’t take StumbleUpon as a social bookmarking site. SU is totally different from Digg and the users are also more subject based. Unlike Digg, user sees whatever that is on their frontpage. It’s almost like a visit to the toilet for digg, come in and go.

What’s The Magic?

I tested this on my site Basically I treat every post as potential viewer subscribing to my content. The content you show on your site reflects what your site is all about. From my experience, funny stuff does really really well on StumbleUpon. All you need to do is post some funny stuff once a week and wait for the magic to begin. Like I said, your content reflects your site. So don’t overdo it or people would think your site is suppose to be a humor site (That’s the last thing you want). To make sure that doesn’t happen, title your post something like “Your Site funny moment of the week” as an example.

Community on StumbleUpon?

You don’t even need friends on StumbleUpon for this to work. I did it without any friends. Instead people add me as friends after seeing the content I deliver. StumbleUpon works by itself. Just stumble your content and wait a few hours or day for it to get you views.

Where’s The Proof?

These are the stats over 4 months. Take note that 95% of the views came from StumbleUpon. December was when I started using this method. Unfortunately for me, I pumped in too much picture to my site almost every day until it became a humor site (that not my original intention). Since then viewers just came for the pictures and revenue dropped tremendously. No one read my articles, it’s really disappointing. Now I am starting everything from scratch and trying to gain back my viewership.

Stumble Upon Traffic Stats

Here are the referrers I got all time. Just look at how many views I got from StumbleUpon!

Stumble Upon Traffic Stats

Overall I got nearly 370k views from StumbleUpon keeping in mind that the remaining 5% came from other source.

Stumble Upon Traffi Stats

Maximizing The Views

Yet again I made a mistake with my site by taking the free view for granted. You must never make the same mistake I did. I simply posted the picture with nothing else. Yeah, looking back it was a stupid move. What I should have done is to find a way to relate the picture to any of my previous post. Just make a short write up before the picture and link it to something within your site. This is how you expose visitors to the real content of your site. The chance of visitor clicking a link in the post compared to an ad on your site is actually 200:1. That explain why a John Chow dot Com review is so expensive, haha. With that I wish you all the best in getting views and potential reader on your sites/ blog.

72 thoughts on “How To Make StumbleUpon Your Servant”

  1. The stats speak for themselves. Thanks for sharing this! I think I’m going to try out something like this.

    The next challenge will be converting the one time viewers into regular readers.

    1. You’re going to try what??? Sorry, but this post has no useful information in it. It doesn’t actually tell us how to do anything and the grammar is horrible. You got 150,000 views by Stumbling your content, that’s it?

      1. Richard M says:

        I’m with you on this one, this post provides no relevant content. at least none that I see ❓ its fairly easy to simply say stumble it, but provide a little detail here.

        Obviously you have to write decent reviews of your own content without it sounding completely self-promotional.

        1. Vishal says:

          This article says absolutely nothing about any tricks of using StumbleUpon. I wrote this one, which as you can see, has all the insider tricks being used.

          Have a read… How to use StumbleUpon to get loads of Traffic 😉 its got everything you need to know.

          1. Zozob Media says:

            Did I say I will share tricks about using stumbleUpon? Read the title before reading the post

          2. Robert says:

            Vishal, I’ll check out your post. Sounds interesting. I agree that this post here is a little vague and lacks any proofreading.

      2. cooliojones says:

        Exactly. I’m still looking for the “how” in this article. All he said was he used SU and showed some WordPress stats, which are already inflated and not completely accurate.

      3. Sha says:

        I agree with the first reply. I read it thinking there were going to be tips. This guest blog seems like it was just to show us what he did & also free promo for his site.

    2. MR. NICE GUY says:

      This is good example of cr 😀 😀 😀 eating tremendous traffic to your blog. Great post. I might as well try it. 😀

  2. Wosko Jagora says:

    So the answer to the question “How To Make StumbleUpon Your Servant” is: stumble your content? Am I missing the magic here?

    1. Robert says:

      That would be what’s termed a “tautology.”

  3. Germz says:

    awesome dude! I’ve been trying this out for 4 days and it’s working beautifully.

  4. Terry Tay says:

    Those are some impressive stats. It’s even more interesting when you have the digg stats in there waaaay at the bottom. I’ll have to give this a try and see what happens.

  5. Jim says:

    You really don’t tell us anything about how to actually do this. What about the fact that StumbleUpon has a ban that will only allow you to stumble your content about 10 times because they shut down your ability for that domain name?

    This could have been a good post if you told us something more practical…

    1. Chetan says:

      Wow didn’t know about this fact..
      Then would be good for me and easy way to get my site banned from there, as i don’t need traffic from SU.

      1. You don’t need to stumble your own site. You can go to and get someone else to give you free stumbles or you can pay for them.

        1. You could also buy stumbles with EntreCard credits. Many EC users sell stumbles, diggs, comments, reviews, etc.

        2. Sha says:

          Never knew about that site. This was more informative the the post.

        3. Mayank Rocks says:

          Stumbling yourself also helps!
          I do it and get visitors daily.

  6. Mike Huang says:

    About 1 out of 25 members on StumbleUpon are real members. The rest are supposedly bots from what I’ve heard 😉


    1. Mike, see my comment about stumblematic. I agree, I think that stumble upon is gamed a lot.

  7. Germz says:

    John I would also like to add, that I’m more than sure than sure that you know this, because you’ve said it before “It’s not good to put all your eggs in one basket” and that is exactly what you are doing here. I would suggest you not submit the site to Stumble as it could cause the domain to be banned from the popular bookmark site.

    As you know, There are many other ways to get traffic. If that domain gets banned then it will only leave the 5% of traffic that you are currently getting.

    In my opinion you are setting a bad example for other people that want to learn from you, such as myself, because they might try the same tactic and end up getting banned.
    Please, correct me if I am wrong.

  8. Rob says:

    I think I might try this but I dunno if it will work. Thanks for the post though, it’s worth a try.

  9. Sheamus says:

    I think it’s quite easy to get one-off or a moderate run of success on any one social bookmarking site. Recently a tongue-in-cheek review I wrote about the classic 80s movie, Road House, made the front page of Reddit (and by assocation, Wired) and had 20,000 page views in the space of about an hour. At the same time, it was completely ignored on Digg, and had only moderate ‘success’ on StumbleUpon.

    These are impressive stats, but as others have said, there’s no real advice there. Just an example of how it can work, which I think we all knew already. 🙂

  10. SU is great! I have been doing several posts on it and I even gave away free stumbles from

  11. FatB says:

    Come on John, you couldn’t have edited that for the guy? He can’t get through the first paragraph without sounding like he failed English as a second language.

    I like this site, and there’s a lot of useful information on it(maybe even in that post) but I think you should take a little more pride in what you put up in the future. Blog posts don’t have to follow the guide but they should at least approach conversational English.

  12. Bash Bosh says:

    SU is really great way to improve traffic to your site. Absolutely recommended!

  13. randomguru says:

    SU is an awesome concept… but I was wondering too, so your method is to stumble your own site’s content?

    That’s supposed to be a no-no… right? I accidentally stumbled my site once because of a “mis-click”… and right away someone told me that bad netiquette. hmm….

  14. Robin says:

    I must admit that despite being a regular Stumbleupon user, with what appears to be a decent reputation and a long track record of both rating and submitting sites, I’ve never got anything list that kind of response. At best, on the rare occasions that I’ve stumbled my sites, I’ve picked up a couple of hundred stumbles in a very short period of time, and then no further stumbles. Whether that’s poor ratings for those particular pages (I don’t see any way to surmise the thumbs down numbers for a page unless they are linked to a review).

    I still think that Stumbleupon is a good way to drive traffic over the long term, but I’m not sure that stumbling your own content is the best way. I’d also be curious to see how many of the visitors cited above actually read or stayed on the page rather than just stumbling through. I think the trick is really to get your page (legitimately) stumbled by other users, in just the same was as sites like Digg also seem to provide far greater success when your pages are independently dugg rather than self-dugg.

  15. Ashley says:

    Good post.

    Have you written similar posts detailing the use of other similar sites? I read your e-book about how you got benned from Digg – but what about some of the other sites? Do you use any of those?

    I’m going to give StumbleUpon a try myself.

  16. FatB says:

    You know what, I’m going to change my vote from “Can’t write English” to “Complete horse shit.”

    You’re telling me this guy’s site, with a google page rank of 2, got almost 400k hits in the past few months just by stumbling his own stuff one time. Well, not really his own stuff since he copied it from other places but still.

    I can prove to you he lied at least about finding friends on stumbledupon. He’s a fan of 50 people, only 23 are friends with him. He clearly lied about seeking people out on stumbled upon:

    And it just seems much more likely that he photoshoped his stats instead of actually generating those kinds of numbers. I mean, we’ve all read his stuff and clearly there was no useful information there. Why would 200 people(that’s the tipping point number I’ve heard in the past for stumble) give his generic, unfunny, useless pictures and videos a thumbs up? Look at his site, did you find anything there you would thumb up?

    John, did this guy pay you so he could put a guest post here?

    1. Zozob Media says:

      What you are talking is absolutely ridiculous. I did say that friends started to add me after they see my content, not before. And of course I had friends/fans on stumbleupon, and yes they are fans, they can’t do much.

      About the stats being photoshop, come on, thats a cheap explanation. I am sick of people saying “photoshop”

      1. FatB says:

        I’m saying your numbers don’t add up. You’re technique is to stumble yourself, what’s that? Somehow that gave you an average of 70k hits a month? To funny pictures you found elsewhere on the web?

        We’ve seen your content, it’s beneath mediocre. It doesn’t make any sense that it would drive such sensational traffic numbers.

        I think you’re lying, I think you’re trying to sell yourself as being more successful then you are in order to get people interested in your ideas. And most every internet marketer does it (Frank Kern did not plan a million dollar campaign while goofing around in a cafe in Tokyo) but they have ideas and techniques that are unique and intelligent. You do not.

        I know your just a kid from Singapore and I don’t want to be too hard on you but it’s insulting to be lied to like this.

        1. Zozob Media says:

          Hey FatB step back and look at yourself man. I just guest post on John’s blog and I don’t know why you are hating it so much. And about those ideas and techniques you are talked about, I don’t know what thats all about.

          One more thing, see if alexa photoshoped my stats cause I am sure they did. Instead of finding where I am from, maybe find stuff that could support your statement.

          1. FatB says:

            I’m hating it because it has no useful information and based on everything else that I can see I don’t believe the numbers you’re putting out there. I have no personal animus against you.

  17. I think its in everyone’s best interest to read the “Terms of Service” with social bookmarking sites and find out if its cool to stumble or digg your own stuff. Like someone posted, it might only be allowed a limited number of times, or not at all. Get to know the neighbourhood first I guess!

  18. 300k is a ton of readers plus you ahve to consider he didn’t buy any of that traffic. If the stats are real they are pretty good.

  19. Michael Kwan says:

    StumbleUpon is great for traffic, especially for “evergreen” content. One of my recent posts — 7 Handy Google Search Tips and Tricks — got picked up on StumbleUpon and I’ve enjoyed a healthy influx of traffic as a result.

  20. Chetan says:

    SU has never been good for me.
    I tried to experiment with it, but it just was wastage of bandwidth, with complete non-quality traffic.

    1. Mayank Rocks says:

      I agree there. B/W was never an issue for me as i’m in VPS. But my friend was in shared and his site got tons and tons of visitors everyday from SU. B/W exceeded and site over loaded.

      But hardly anyone stayed back after a few days.

  21. Chetan says:

    And ya, the title of the post should have been –
    “Why to make Stumbleupon your servant”

  22. Larry Lim says:

    My experience with StumbleUpon is that it will send you traffic. But how much traffic it send you, and how sustainable it is, depends on how often you stumble other member sites and pages.

  23. I suppose it’s all about the niche. Just was thinking why people do stumble? They are looking for something or what?

  24. Fitness Site says:

    SU traffic is just a waste, the just keep clicking SU button but dont see what’s there in the site. 😈

  25. Azrael says:

    This is the same reason why I never use stumble upon to bring in some traffics!

  26. FatB says:

    And also:

    80% of stumbleupon users browse with firefox, and a high percentage of them have the No Script add on running. As the stumbleupon site says, that means that javascript based tracking software won’t register all the hits.

    Those screenshots are from the wordpress tracker plugin, which needs to make a javascript call to track traffic. So if that data is to be believed, he probably had twice as many hits as indicated.

    That’s averaging 140,000 hits a month. From stumbleupon. To content taken from elsewhere.

    By stumbling himself once.

    1. Um, yeah. Now what is the plugin that he’s using, exactly, and why didn’t he link to it in the article? (FatB or anyone else, do you know what it is?)

      I think that would have been the most valuable part of the article … if only it was actually included!

  27. AHHHHHhhhh, now THIS is what I like to see. Yesterday we were talking about being nice to posters and I said I prefer to hear a variety of opinions rather than everybody fawning over the top dog blogger-of course this is just a guest, but I still like seeing all these varied inputs.

    At any rate, yeah you can Stumble your own junk. I did about a dozen times, and then they just disabled my ability to Stumble my own site, I can do other people and other people can do me. But I wasn’t so blown away by the traffic numbers or quality that I was bummed about how that all went down. I might get 3-400 visitors over a day or so on a hot post-no clicks on ANYTHING, so it’s just traffic as far as I’m concerned. Like Entrecard-actually not EVEN as good as Entre visitors; those guys come in and sit down for a while, comment, give me free credits or advice.

    So my feeling is SU is a GREAT way to explore the web, and good for some spikes in traffic, but not a viable “longterm internet marketing strategy.”

  28. harvey96 says:

    Very good info indeed. Hope you will share more on how to generate traffic. Thanks 😉

    1. Sava says:

      It’s good info indeed … but you will get traffic from StumbleUpon only if stumblers will click I like it . If not … no traffic

  29. It is overwhelming traffic lol. I am very happy that way….let me try it on. thanx for sharing.

  30. bloggista says:

    Woohooo! 😀 I see dead people counting traffic. That’s why John’s probably lovin’ reading this comment thread. That’s lots of traffic already.

  31. Miker W. says:

    I’ve tried to get traffic from stumbleupon, but haven’t had much luck. I think that my articles on my blog are decent. Maybe its just that my niche is a little too specific or technical for the average stumbleupon user. I think advice given above is somewhat useless because the amount of traffic you get really depends on several different variables.

  32. Miker W. says:

    I don’t think there was enough useful information in this post. Many sites have done stumblupon guides which had more information than this post. Doshdosh for instance has several stumbleupon guides which are pretty good.

  33. Guillermo says:

    John… c’mon buddy… Guest blogging once in a while is OK… but this post… c’mon… This is not good stuff! It’s not the kind of posts I expect from your blog. A post showing a pic or your Big Mac would’ve been more valuable than this.

    My apologies to your guest blogger… but we do not have to like everything you post, right?

    Have a great day.

    1. It seems that every second post is now either a guest post or a review me post. It’s not the reason I come to this site so I barely ever read those posts. I’ve started drifting to more content / helpful blogs then this one.
      Just my 3cents.

  34. Infogle says:

    i believe that posting a humor for once in a week rather than posting friendly content which could bind your users to return and also sends you the stumble upon traffic… by the way that was purely your way and was new idea to get some…

  35. Sha says:

    I also can’t believe that the post wasn’t monetized. There’s no guarantee that the ads would’ve been clicked on, but I guess you’ll never know now.

  36. Nathan Hill says:

    Wow! That sure is a lot of traffic from stumble upon 😯 And the fact that most of your site traffic is from stumble upon is quite amazing. I need to use stumble upon more:)

  37. Zero and Up says:

    I’ve noticed that having a link to my RSS feed at the end of each post seems to help me get a bit of a subscriber increase from stumbleupon traffic.

  38. Syed Balkhi says:

    While stumbleupon is a great source of traffic, this post doesn’t share half the things It could possibly share. Also people be aware, your domain will be banned if you try to abuse this good service. As I know people who are selling stumbles on 600+ accounts … and all those 600 of them are made by themselves using a script!

    1. Chetan says:

      Yep this post showed why SU is good for most of the people but it does not shares the cons, and also how you can get banned there.

  39. Mayank Rocks says:

    Stumble Upon never worked for me. Whenever I’ve stumbled my pages, I got tons of visitors. Majority of them left from the same page. I bet they never even read anything.

  40. Deb says:

    I’m highly disappointed in the quality of your recent guest posts. Guess that you’re burnt out or what ever, seems you’re letting just about anyone with a third grade education, “write” on your blog. What’s up? Quality posts have gone out the window, evidence this post. There’s no “how to” in it. Slight a mention of stumbling one’s own post (big no no).
    So, John, if you’re out there, consider writing more yourself (a) and (b) if you’ve just got to have guest posters, at least read their writing, prior to post. This does nothing valuable for your blog.

    Oh wait, it does. You’ve created link bait. Sorry, won’t link to it.
    I am almost as disappointed with this post as I am with your utter refusal to answer my emails about 1M Memories. So, I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised. Is it simply your way of pushing the “little guys down”? and keeping them down?
    I think its time that your audience wakes up and realize exactly what goes on. Maybe its time I quit reading your blog. 😡

  41. Wade says:

    I use stumble for about half of my posts. My site is fairly new, and I haven’t established a decent archive of good solid content yet. I have noticed, some of the posts I put time into and stumbled, i received 3 times more hits in one day. That is also including diggs, facebook, and adding to delicious.. Looks like I need to step up my stumbles for my good posts!

  42. Miker W. says:

    I actually paid stumbleupon to get traffic. For 5 dollars you get a hundred targeted visitors. Which is actually not a bad deal. My traffic didn’t explode the way I wanted it too, but overall it worked ok.

  43. Reader says:


    horrible post

  44. Blogmastr says:

    Nice stats, I guess but…Isn’t manipulating StumbleUpon against it’s TOS? or T&C or whatever. I definitely can’t be bothered reading them all (lol) but it doesn’t sound so legit.

  45. Felex Tan says:

    Stumble upon had improved a lot of website ‘s traffics.But the criteria is must use it everyday,review at least 20 and above website-i mean sincere review,do it consistently,you will see result in a month or even in a week.

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