How To Manage All Your WordPress Sites From One Dashboard

If you’re like me, then you own more than one blog. I know bloggers who run dozens of blogs, either their own or as part of a blog network. It can be a real pain managing all those sites and remembering all the logins and site details. Thankfully, there’s a service call ManageWP, that allows you to run all your WordPress sites from one dashboard. Keep reading to find out how you can win a $1,000+ ManageWP Business Account.

Manage All Your WordPress Sites From One Dashboard

With ManageWP, logging into each of your WordPress sites individually is a thing of the past. With their unique one-click login technology, you can quickly access all of your dashboards from one central location. This saves you time, money and a lot of headaches, especially if you run a large number of blogs.

Not only does ManageWP allows you to post to all your blogs, the service will also let you upgrade WordPress, plugins and themes across all of your sites with just the click of a button. Install plugins and themes on multiple sites at once from all of your favorite sources. You also get a suite of SEO solutions, and automatic backups so you’ll never have to worry about losing any of your blogs. Setting up a new blog is a simple push button operation with ManageWP. The service even includes a clone tool to instantly clone any of your existing WordPress sites from one domain, sub-domain, or folder, to another.

With all of your sites under one roof, carrying out bulk operations become easy. Whether you want to post an article to multiple sites, manage your blogroll links, or add users, ManageWP has you covered. Watch the video below to see some of ManageWP’s awesome features.

Help Improve ManageWP and Win a $1000+ Business Account

ManageWP is looking for new features to add to their service. They’re giving away one annual business license for 25 websites to the visitor who suggest the best idea for a new feature. All you have to do is write your idea(s) in the comments below. ManageWP will select a winner next week, and that person will win a one-year ManageWP business license worth over $1,000.

When you look at all the features ManageWP already has, it’s going to be hard to come up with a new one. The best way to get ideas for new features is to try the current service. Luckily, ManageWP does allow you to try them out for free. I’m sure once you start using it, you’ll come up with some great new feature ideas. Good luck and enter now.

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39 thoughts on “How To Manage All Your WordPress Sites From One Dashboard”

  1. Caden says:

    You could also just use WordPress Multisite :p

    1. John Chow says:

      You call that an idea?

      1. Caden says:

         @John Chow an idea? i never said it was an idea… idk where you got that word from… it’s just probably easier

        1. John Chow says:

          This post is asking for new feature ideas to add to ManageWP. Best idea wins a 1 year Business Plan worth over $1,000.

        2. Caden says:

           @John Chow Oh sorry, was just mentioning how WP multisite basically does the same thing but then again the features from managewp like free backups, server monitoring etc are pretty good. Just depends if you need them or not.

        3. Actually,  WP multisite still requires you to log into each separate site to administer things like comments. It does make the updating easier though since that is only done once for the whole network.

        4. Caden says:

          I guess. I don’t find it very hard to just open one of the websites dashboards in another tab.

    2. “The Differences Between ManageWP and WordPress Multisite”:

      1. Caden says:

        That’s just a way to try  and sell their product more. Of course it has more options but it also costs tons more over time. Ill take Multisite.

  2. CinemaWay says:

    Needs a one time payment plan. 

  3. fas says:

    NIce competition

  4. Justin Boyce says:

    Hi John
    I use two applications onea plugin the other desktop software that do all of what manage wp does for a one of price they need to come up with some really cool features a suggestion would be to add a guest blogging platform so you could manage all your guest posts from one central admin area. I use guest posters on a lot of my blogs but logging into each account to check and approve their posts is almost as time consuming as writing the posts myself.

  5. grantd24 says:

    Good Post John. Thanks for the information. I would like to read some of your other blogs, where can i find them?

  6. JrLang says:

    I would suggest  these features:
    1. Mass delete user specified code or string in pages or posts (ideal for changes in affiliate programs where you need to mas delete certain ads, instead of having to do it one by one.
    3. Social media alerts for blog mentions – Twitter, FB, +1
    4. Show number of indexed pages in Google for each blog and changes in indexed pages either up or down.

  7. Robert Moulinneuf says:

    – Automatic reposting of content picture to pininterest , instagram flickr ?
    – Mention of site on social network watch ? 
    – freelance hiring recommanded ?
    – outsourcing ressource for x work ? 
    – sharing economy perks ? 
    – Gift offer from sponsor network ? 

  8. JrLang says:

    1 more feature:
    Auto posting to popular social sites for each post or page published.

  9. Robert Moulinneuf says:

    – mapping of local adress or place of businness ?

  10. Arber Braja says:

    Hello, i have already bought one of the managewp packages and have tried already this product.
    I would have liked an internal antivirus feature for checking wordpress installation if they are infected.
    In the past i have had problems with viruses on my wordpress sites so i think one of the best features they can offer is an antivirus solution that checks the code of each file on each site and detects maligne code. Then the next step is to create a way to remove this problem or for the moment the user can do the cleaning process.
    This is my idea.

  11. nickthrolson says:

    A feature that I would recommend for manage WP is different roles for guest bloggers on my sites some post on several of my blogs if they had one place they could log into & access all of my sites that would be amazing. I could see this working for big companies as well who only want to give there writers access to posting on all there blogs & no access to themes ETC. I will be testing this service out great post John! best of luck to everyone in the contest.

  12. karinag says:

    It is funny how all the times when I am needing something for my blog I get an email from you with the right info that I need at that specific time.  This is the case again. I was struggling with so many wp accounts to manage and I just got this email today with such valuable info.

    1. karinag says:

      About ideas I’d like something that can manage better Google Adsense channels and reports.  It takes a lot of time to measure it and to post adsense code to each blog.

  13. BradNordstrom says:

    ManageWP is pretty handy for those who have multiple blogs like you said.I will definitely try it and see how it works! 😉
     Thanks For Sharing,
    Bradley Nordstrom

  14. Abhik says:

    Well, if this is SAAS, I’d like to suggest the developers to release it as a standalone script where we can install it on our own domain and hosting.

  15. Elvizwiz says:

    Should think of adding out some couple of features 1) interlinking posts from one site to another. (if same niche) 2) adding common settings for sites using the same plugins. 3) Adding really helpful shortcut keys like moving from one blog to another, deleting post, new post, etc. 4) Showing social media mentions and comments. 5) Tracking visitors and using some beep sounds to notify new visitor. Hope u lyk it. And btw John, thx 4 the post. Add me on fb

  16. Elvizwiz says:

    Should think of adding out some couple of features
    1) interlinking posts from one site to another. (if same niche)
    2) adding common settings for sites using the same plugins.
    3) Adding really helpful shortcut keys like moving from one blog to another, deleting post, new post, etc.
    4) Showing social media mentions and comments.
    5) Tracking visitors and using some beep sounds to notify new visitor.
    Hope u lyk it. And btw John, thx 4 the post. Add me on fb

  17. Cool, I’m currently running about a dozen WP websites, and by the end of the year I should be close to 20, so this could be a good option for me.

  18. Idea: I would love to have a Search Engine Optimization Program tied to ManageWP that will scan all of one’s website and make suggestions regarding each site’s Search Engine Visibility and what  could be improved upon.

  19. Oriya Songs says:

    Definitely, I’ll try this. I had thought about it once.

  20. sriramraj says:

    I have read about this. This has a free and commercial version. For freshers its good to give a try

  21. fas says:

    What is the regular cost?

  22. I’m using wordpress for almost all my websites, and it;s dashboard is a good interface to manage your content

  23. MindyDrake says:

    A Product/Affiliate link manager would be great.

  24. Jacko says:

    cool tool but I don’t know if my list of links is a problem yet.  
    plus you can save your passwords pretty easily these days too.

  25. IshanSharma says:

    it realy works…. thanks for this info. as it reduces lots of my work.

  26. IshanSharma says:

    thats what i am looking for…. thanks for this as coz usin this technique i can save my time.

  27. Car Guy says:

    So much easier than multi-site and much easier to use.  As for features:
    1) Affiliate advertising manager where you can create zones and monitor and make changes
    2) ability to remove plugin — can only deactivate

  28. WordPress is truly handy! I love it.

  29. combson says:

    Vladimir Prelovac is the man which powerful companies look for when they need serious wordpress overhaul. I’m already using this excellent service to manage more than 100 blogs in 1 account..
    Over 20 blogs and it becomes a nightmare to manage and update all that…

  30. Ian Fernando says:

    damn I had this idea at thinktank! remember!

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