How to Manage Your Search Engine Optimization

In Buddhist philosophy, the lotus flower carries much symbolic significance. The Buddha is oftentimes depicted as sitting on top of a lotus flower, showing us that a thing of beauty can rise above the dirtiest of waters. The lotus also blooms and sheds its seeds at the same time, demonstrating that it is self-sufficient and complete. This illustrates the concepts of unity and peace.

As strange as this may sound, these concepts can also apply to the world of search engine optimization. Ideally, you too want to be self-sufficient in your own endeavors as well and LotusJump is designed to improve your website rankings in search engines without the aid of expensive SEO experts and consultants. Does it deliver? Let’s go through this review and find out.

SEO Tasks Made Easy with LotusJump

Getting your website to rise in the rankings of search engines can be a challenging and delicate process, especially when you don’t know where to start. LotusJump can act as a road map, leading you down the right paths even if you have no prior SEO knowledge.


You can think of LotusJump as an optimized and automatic “to do list” for the search engine optimization of your website. It doesn’t complete the tasks for you, but it does tell you what tasks you should be doing. Check out the short video or long video for a LotusJump demo.

This is a minor quibble, but one that should probably be addressed. The main page of the LotusJump SEO software says that it will “improve your website rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN.” They should switch “MSN” for “Bing,” since that is Microsoft’s new search engine.

Identifying Optimization Opportunities

The first thing you’ll need to do is enter the information for the website that you would like to see search engine optimized. This involves entering your domain and the keywords that you would like to target. After that, LotusJump will automatically populate your task list.


These tasks are meant to provide an incremental advantage to get your website a better ranking in the search engines. For example, it may tell you to create a lens in Squidoo, submit your blog to a certain directory, or post a comment on a related blog.

Every day, the LotusJump algorithm will scour the web for these optimization opportunities, directing you toward relevant blog posts on which to leave comments, Q&A opportunities at Yahoo! Answers, and other similar possibilities.

Interestingly, the demo account that was set up for the purposes of this review was pre-populated with “” as the domain. When I went to change it to the correct domain, all of the associated tasks disappeared. Is this to prevent people from optimizing more than one domain while only paying the single domain price? Perhaps.

The Do-It-Yourself Approach


Need that little pat on the back or that little dash of encouragement along the way? LotusJump also comes with a comprehensive set of statistics. These show you the tasks that you have completed within a defined time period.

This way, you may see that you are focusing too much on social profiles and article submissions and not spending enough time on generating buzz and addressing competitive linking.

Basic, Pro, and Affiliates

LotusJump is currently being offered in two packages. The Basic monthly plan lets you work on a single domain and supply up to three keywords. You will be given access to seven types of SEO tasks.


The more expensive Pro plan is still a single domain, but the keyword count is bumped up to ten and the number of tasks is also increased. The main difference is that you can add extra domains for $19/month each and extra keywords for $10 per five additional keywords.

Both of these plans are definitely cheaper than hiring an SEO professional to handle your search engine optimization on your behalf, but you still have to put in the work when it comes to LotusJump. Those tasks won’t complete themselves.

How can you recoup some of these costs? Sign up for the LotusJump affiliate program. You earn the first month in commission for each new LotusJump member that you refer.