How To Modify a John Chow T-Shirt

When I give a guy an I’m with John Chow, Bitch! T-shirt, they just wear it. However, the same doesn’t always hold true for a lot of females. This is because I only have male versions of my T-shirt and many females want the sexy babe version, of which I have none. That all changed when I bumped into Lori during a trip to Chicago.

Lori is a fashion designer and decided to work her magic on my shirt. The end result looks pretty damn good, and I’m sure if I decide to produce them, every girl in the land would want one. It’s amazing what a cut here, and cut there, can do. Thanks to Wong Kog for taking the video.



20 thoughts on “How To Modify a John Chow T-Shirt”

  1. Thong Huu says:

    Really a sexy T-shirt… love it

    1. Basic Sailor says:

      Not only sexy HOT 🙂

  2. I. C. Daniel says:

    Awesome you want to release T-shirt for women. Best regards!

  3. Mi Muba says:

    It’s height of creativity; girls will surely love it

  4. Sire John,

    It’s through that female do love what is damn flashy… Nice look, how would it be if I can just have one ‘ I’m with John Chow”.

  5. Yeah, that’s really being creative 😉

  6. Lori did a great job and committed to her design by modeling the t-shirt.

  7. Susan Velez says:

    Lori did an amazing job on the shirt. I like it, although I don’t think that I would wear it. I just don’t think that I could pull of that type of t-shirt. Looks great on her though.

  8. ivan ong says:

    looks good for a 2 min work! pretty awesome! you should custom make a female version as well!

  9. Sunidhi Dass says:

    Hey fast and easy way to modify your t-shirt to give it a new look.
    it is putting a wow factor in your personality.

  10. sumit says:

    Wow, nice T- shirt Can i buy one for my wife. looks beautiful.

  11. Chuck says:

    I want a “I’m with Lori, Bitch” shirt John !

  12. Britt Malka says:

    LOL, awesome, although it doesn’t look very comfortable. I would use your standard male version in XXXL 😀 I love big t-shirts.

  13. faisal says:

    That seems like an awesome alternative.

  14. Hey, I love the T-Shirts, can I get one? 😀

  15. David says:

    Great design. Keep those creative juices flowing!

  16. damn well done, no competitor about you from your lady side.

  17. Alexander says:

    She is very creative to produce the female version

  18. Pijush Mitra says:

    Great makeover within minutes. Thanks for the share John.

  19. Definitely very creative. When can I see bikini version? But pls don’t wear it yourself JC!

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