How To Move Subscribers From One List To Another

If you’re like me, you maintain more than one email list. Aweber allows you to set up an unlimited number of lists and auto-responders. Separating your list into difference segments is not only smart, it’ll make you more money. A problem that many email marketers have is moving a subscriber from one list to another. There is no “move” function in Aweber or any other email host providers. This is because the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 requires permission from your subscribers in order to move them. However, if you’re using Aweber, there is a way around this rule.

What you need to do is create an Aweber automation rule that causes someone to be unsubscribed from one list in your account when they sign up to another. Since you don’t need permission to unsubscribe people, this is a perfect way to move subscribers from one list to another.

Example of How This Works

Many AWeber users set up such a automation rule to unsubscribe people from a “prospect” list when they purchase a product and sign up to a “customers” list. It makes sense to remove the subscriber from the prospect list if he is now a customer. The video below shows how this is done.

Step By Step Instructions

Log into your Aweber control panel and go to the Automation page in your account, under the My Lists tab.

From the ‘Current List’ drop-down box, choose the list that you want people to unsubscribe/move from.

On the Automation page, click the dropdown menu in the “Action” column and choose the first option (unsubscribe from list X when lead subscribes to).

Click the dropdown menu in the “List” column and choose the list that subscribers will be signing up to. Finally, click Save Automation Rule. Now, whenever a prospect buys a product, he is removed from the prospect list and added to the customer list.

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  1. Dean Saliba says:

    That is actually a very good tutorial, I just wish there was a way to do this with iContact. I’m too cheap to pay for a mailing list. 😛

    1. TravisKetchum says:

      If you were doing it right, you couldn’t afford NOT to be using Aweber (and your business work flow etc would make that well worth your time and money).

  2. fas says:

    That was so easy, like a breeze

  3. patrickallmond says:

    This is good to know for all lists. I use Infusionsoft and do this all of the time – we use tags there. But I have clients that use Aweber so I need to know this info. Thanks John. Hope to see you in OKC again.

  4. some people said interspire is the best than aweber, any review or comparison is highly appreciated 🙂

  5. MacSage says:

    Great tip! I’m still learning about my Aweber account.

  6. Nice posting! keep this up .

  7. I just used this function last night and as an extension Aweber also has this available with their PayPal app in that when someone buys through your PayPal link you can automatically set them to one of your lists based on the type of product they bought…ingenius!!

    1. John Chow says:

      @MarketSecretsBlogger Ya, I wrote about that last year. It’s a great feature.

  8. Thanan says:

    Say that Thank you.

  9. SEOhilft says:

    Thanks for the information, John.

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