How To Party Like a Rockstar at Affiliate Summit West

Shortly after writing my post on the ThinkTank Mini mixer, I got a bunch of emails asking, “Where are all these other parties you’re talking about?”

Affiliate Summit is not only a great place to learn and meet the leaders of the industry, it’s also one big party. If your name is John Chow, then you get invited to all of them. However, if you’re not me, then don’t worry, because I’m going to hook you up and get you partying like a rockstar! This is not an exhaustive list of ASW parties. They’re just the ones that I’m going to.

Parties on Sunday Jan. 8

ShareASale Under The Stars Party

ShareASale always put on a great party. They’re the only party listed in the ASW guide so that kinda makes them the official party of Affiliate Summit. The party is being held at Chateau Nightclub (Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino) from 8PM til midnight.

To get an invite, all you have to do is go to the ShareASale table at the Meet Market on Sunday from 12-6 to pick up a ticket. Make sure you grab a ticket before I get there because I’ll take them all and will try to sell them. 🙂

Neverblue VIP Event

Neverblue is holding their party at PURE Night Club (Red Room) from 9:30pm to 12:30am. Most everyone is welcome to come, but only the VIP affiliates get a wrist band that allows them to get free drinks at the bar. To get a VIP wrist band, contact your Neverblue affiliate manager or just ask someone with a VIP band to get your drinks.

Affiliate Tip-Off Party

The Tip-Off party runs from 10PM until “very late” and happens at the Hardwood Suite (the suite with the basketball court) of the Palms Hotel. Everyone is invited, and the bar is open to all. You just have to RSVP to get on the list.

Parties On Monday Jan. 9

ThinkTank Mini Mixer

This is a pre-party mixer I’m doing with dk and It will be at Sushi Roku in the Forum Shops at Caesars from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Free drinks and awesome sushi are a hard combo to beat. To get an invite, you have to email dk and explain to him why you’re worthy enough to hang with John Chow.

The Affiliate Ball with Nelly

The Affiliate Ball is put on by my friends at MaxBounty. There are two steps to get on the invite list. First, you need to RSVP. Then you need to get a pass at the Affiliate Ball table in the Meet Market on Sunday.

MaxBounty gave me ten VIP tickets that give you front of the line access, back stage pass, free drinks, female escorts, massages, etc. If you want to turn your normal ticket into a VIP ticket to one of the hottest parties in Las Vegas, then explain in the comments why I should put you on my VIP list.

Affiliate Fight Night with Randy Couture

Put on by my pals at Clickbooth, Affiliate Fight Night will be held at Xtreme Couture Gym from 10pm to 3am. There will be an open bar to all, DeeJay BC, Go-Go dancers and three MMA fights. I’ve been asked to be a celebrity judge for one of the matches, but I turned it down because I don’t want the loser to beat me up.

You can RSVP to Affiliate Fight Night here.

9 thoughts on “How To Party Like a Rockstar at Affiliate Summit West”

  1. affiliate fight night??? are you serious John.. but one thing for sure, we are all FIGHTERS.. 🙂

    1. Thanan says:

      @Cameron Highland Apartment Tips

      We are all fighters together haha.

  2. LauLau81 says:

    I watch it over the YouTube is was really an amazing fight.

  3. escortmancheste says:

    very nice tips for designers, here you clear all thing about designing, oh god, really your technical team is qualified team member. I thanks all team members.

  4. Hotdogman says:

    Hey John- I would LOVE a VIP pass for both the Hardwood Suite Party and the Affiliate Ball. I am going to be shooting a lot of video at ASW and getting extra access ensures better quality vids. I would even be willing to wear an “I’m John Chow, Bitch” tee shirt to any and all events. Also, if you do get me vip access, I will buy you a Pink’s Chili Dog on Tuesday for lunch (I am doing a video shoot there). See you at the Poker Tournament!

    1. John Chow says:

      @Hotdogman You’re on the List!

      1. Hotdogman says:

        @John Chow Woo hoo! Playing poker at DK’s tourney?

        1. John Chow says:

          @Hotdogman No, I have a dinner with after the mixer. I’ll meet up with you at the Affiliate Ball.

  5. fas says:

    What parties man, really what parties 🙂

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