How To Pick The Perfect Clickbank Product to Promote

People often ask me which Clickbank product they should be promoting. Half of the time I just give them a strange look because there are just so many things I need to explain in order to answer what they think is a simple question.

I used to delve into the importance of selecting their niche, passion, doing what they love and all that. And they would stand there with their eyes slowly glazing over.

They’re not interested in learning. They just want to know the answer. Immediately.

questionSo here’s my new answer. Promote Blogging with John Chow and IM John Chow. They are awesome products. Do that.

Only joking.

Let’s start again.

The problem with asking a vague question like “which Clickbank product should I promote?” is that you expect the answer to be a certain product. It doesn’t work that way. If that were the case then I could just go around giving the standard answer to promote my products. Why not?

Because if your niche is in infant care, what are your customers going to think when you try to sell them a full guide to monetizing a blog?

I assure you that conversions will be through the floor, into the basement and tunneling all the way to the land down under.

The better question to ask is HOW to select a Clickbank product to promote. Now this I can definitely help you with. It’s not as cut and dry as it may seem.

First let’s talk about Clickbank. For those of you who are new to Internet marketing, Clickbank is the largest online marketplace for digital products. It connects vendors who create products, to affiliate marketers who will promote and sell them.

There are thousands of products on the marketplace in every niche you can think of.

One of the great things about Clickbank is that they provide safe and secure payments. Which is why their database of affiliates is massive. And that’s also the reason why I decided to sell my two products on that platform – Blogging with John Chow and IM John Chow.

So with thousands of products to choose from, how do you select a Clickbank product to promote?

Here are my five cents.

1 – Gravity and Filters

Many first time affiliates just get lost in the Clickbank Marketplace due to the sheer number of products available.

By default, the results are displayed by popularity. However popularity doesn’t necessarily mean sales and conversions. So on top of looking at popularity, sort out products by gravity. This measures how many unique affiliates have successfully sold the product within the last 12 weeks.


As you can see, my latest project IM John Chow has been doing well with a gravity of over 200. Basically this means that it’s selling.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to promote a product that has very low gravity. This pretty much means that no one is buying it.

Another way to narrow down your search is by using the “Filters” tool provided by Clickbank. This allows you to filter results based on different factors.

Examples of how to use “Filters” to improve your results include:

  • Selecting a minimum and maximum gravity score of products
  • The initial $ per sale to see the amount of money you would earn
  • The average rebill total will show you how much you could make from recurring payments (I’ll get into this later)

2 – Look for Longevity

A high ticket item may give you a large commission payout straight up, but if it’s a one-time sale, then that’s all you’ll be getting. Instead seek out products that serve the customer on a long term basis. I’m talking about rebills.

These are recurring commissions that will go to your account every month for as long as that customer continues making payments.

Now this is true passive income.

You can make one sale, then months and even years down the line, you can still be profiting from that initial sale. Without having to do anything.

3 – Checking Out The Backend

Everybody loves a good backend. 😉 But no one really understands the value of a backend better than a smart affiliate.

Before you commit yourself to promoting a certain product, first go through the vendor’s sales funnel.

You want to get the most out of a product. And by doing this you need to know exactly what the sales funnel is. Check for upsells and pricing. Look at the sales pages and value of the one-time offers.

Ask the vendor directly or check out the provided affiliates page. The top vendors will let all their affiliates know exactly what the product is about and whether or not there are any upsells.

And that brings me to my fourth tip.

4 – The Affiliates Tools Page

Any vendor worth their salt will provide an affiliates tools page. To make your life easier, promote products where vendors offer such support. As it is, there’s a ton of work that needs to be done in order to set up your campaign and reach potential customers.

So take advantage of the affiliates tools pages by using the professionally designed banner ads, keyword target lists, free reports to give away, email swipes and more.

This will make your work flow more efficient and it’ll be so much easier to do your pre-selling before sending your reader to the landing page.

5 – Contact The Vendor Directly

I’m not too keen on people who write reviews for products they haven’t even seen, let alone used. By doing this you could lose the trust and respect of your audience, especially if they eventually buy the product through you and find that your claims were false.

That’s why I suggest contacting the vendor directly and request for a review copy. Alternately you can buy the product directly. Test out the product and see how the vendor handles customer support. This will give you a clearer picture of whether or not you really want to promote the product. Keep in mind that if you promote a product that turns out not to be very good, it can end up hurting your reputation and erode your relationship with your audience.

26 thoughts on “How To Pick The Perfect Clickbank Product to Promote”

  1. I. C. Daniel says:

    I always promote top products, didn’t made a dime so far.

    Probably because traffic is poor or don’t exist. Hmm…

    However I’ll not give up .It’s too late to give up. I just started!

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania

    1. Bob says:

      You say your traffic is slow. I suggest you not use a clickbank offer direct. You need to build your list. Give something away cheap,or for free, that relates to the market you are after.

      Collect the email address into an auto-responder, then send or give access to your free product. Now you are building a list of people you can send multiple click bank offers to.

  2. I have a question which is irritating me from a long time. Will ask from the best person out here-John Chow. In today’s market we see, many top internet marketers promoting clickbank products and making good amount of revenue from them.

    What can the beginner or newbie internet marketers do, to start off with few sales in a month? As most of the pie is eaten by top internet marketers itself.


    1. Sachin says:

      Hey John can i give the answer? Ok let me try.. Hey Himanshu, you know I am a big fan of this blog, each & every post is very useful for any beginner.

      Ok, Let me just give you an answer to your question..

      I’ll explain you in very simple language… This is a business of recommendations, network & duplicacy.. I am also new to affiliate marketing but what i understood is first i need to focus on building my own network of people who should have some faith in me & the products i promote.. like when we talk about John Chow blog he has thousands of people reading his blog on email, facebook, twitter almost every where.. so if he is going to promote any product so many people are going to buy even in one shot.. (I’ll also buy).. But on the other hand i also have a good but small people network who like my recommendations & always show interest in products what i recommend.. So as soon as i’ll build up my network my sale or income will automatically start growing.. doesn’t matter i have thousands of other competitors or even top other affiliates in same industry too…

      Hope i have given answer to your question…

      1. That’s a very detailed and nice reply to my question Sachin. But, my main concerns still remains the same. We start building our network from Day 1 and soon we realize we have a good network, but that’s on Day 90. So I want few tips on how to promote between those days or if you have no network. I currently promote by Text and Video Reviews.

        I hope you can too help me in this Sachin 🙂

    2. John Chow says:

      When you are starting out, I recommend you promote other people’s product until you build up a name for yourself. Then you can start producing your own product. In fact, my course IM John Chow is pretty much a course how to promote Clickbank products using an Email list.

      1. Well, I am an honest reader of IM John Chow… So I will continue reading it and following it daily 🙂 Thanks John

  3. Sachin says:

    Hmmm John thanks again. Affiliate marketing is not tough unless you are moving into right direction but it’s also true we learn from our mistakes. I am agreed most of the people directly ask what products you are promoting? Ohh common.. If i am making money with any product promotion doesn’t mean you will too…..

    One thing i would also like to highlight is.. i highly recommend first buy any product then only decide does it has any worth promoting this tool else you will get fail sooner..

    1. John Chow says:

      Ya, you should use the product before you offer it to your readers. This built trust and makes you look better too.

  4. sumit says:

    I think we must buy the product and use it, if it gets successful then you can recommend it for your customers, followers, readers, fans etc. Do not concentrate on more then 3 product at a time and go selling. after that if you have good followers, fans then they will not be hurt with dirty products. In this way you can make a good relation with your followers, readers and make good brand.

    With you sales funnel you can give this product to them. even if they ask any question about that product you will able to answer that .in this way you can select clickbank product and earn from it.

  5. If the product has a low gravity number couldn’t that also mean that it’s a new product that hasn’t had many sales yet, or maybe it’s not being promoted as well as it could be by the one or two affiliates who are promoting it? What if you find a really great product that’s right up your alley but it has a low or non-existent gravity rating? Should you avoid it? Thanks!

    1. John Chow says:

      Gravity is updated every 24 hours. So if a product’s gravity is still zero after a few days, it means nobody is selling it.

    2. Ugo Okonkwo says:

      Hi Donna. The only true way to find out if there is demand for any product is to promote it AND track your links. Test, test, test. You may discover a gold mine 🙂

  6. Hendri says:

    Thax John. Thats all I need to start my clickbank campaign.

  7. Dhruv Bhagat says:

    I believe that one should also check the Google Keywords Tool for knowing about the competition and exact monthly searches!

  8. What do you think about iPhone unlocking business? Can be accepted on clickbank?

    1. John Chow says:

      You can try to submit the product and see if Clickbank accepts it. I think they will.

  9. Hey John,

    I would be interested in hearing your reason behind offering products any other reason besides just build up your name? I would be interested in hearing your opinion.



  10. faisal says:

    Wow, so much into selecting what to promote.

  11. Thanks John for giving us a roadmap in choosing CB products to promote.
    Learned a lot on this post.

    Thanks again!

  12. Mel Egerton says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for tip #2 Look For Longevity. I’m new to affiliate marketing and had never thought of looking for products to promote that have recurring payments. It’s so obvious once you know!!!


  13. Mitch says:

    Hey John, I was planning to start a clickbank and this article will help me a lot in this. Thanks dude for sharing such an informative article.

  14. Raj kumar says:

    Hi John the tips given by you are very helpful. As every blogger would have a clickbank and this tips will help them a lot. Keep going dude!

  15. khalifa says:

    hy guys ,i just wanna say not every low grav product is bad ,every producy starts with zero grav ,may be will be the top on clickbank

  16. Tarun Singh says:

    Hey John,thanks for this awesome post.I have recently joined Clickbank and my mind was like Awwww after seeing those words like Gravity.Now I am sure that I will promote your products too as they are good for newbie IM affiliates like me.

  17. I have just started as well. I will probably find that the 3 p’s apply : persistent, proactive, perspiration as well as the 3 w’s of wish for, want and then realising that only work will bring results. Thanks for all the helpful tips. It is really appreciated.

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