How To Pick The Perfect Topic For Your Blog

I could actually start and stop this post with a three word phrase, “just pick one”, but the reality is it’s not that simple. There is really no fool proof way to pick a topic, to be honest there are probably several topic floating around in your head that would be the perfect topic for your blog post. There are other factors like the time you can devote to your blog and your overall goal in starting the blog. Here are some tips that can jump start your process in picking the “perfect” blog topic.

Just Pick One

The first tip is going to be in part what not to do. The worst thing you can do is spend months changing topics over and over again, this method will only get you on a hamster wheel and you will never get started.  Once you read about the options on how to choose a topic give it some thought and go for it don’t let it keep you stuck at the starting line.

Now we have covered what not to do let’s look at the tips on getting you started.

Where’s the Finish Line

At the end of the day what do you hope to accomplish? Are you looking at a blog for the purpose of having fun, sharing information, making money, selling product, etc etc. Take a minute to brain storm. In order to plan how you will start, you have to know where your finish line is.

(Hint, Hint: Most people start a blog because they want to earn money and there is nothing wrong with that; however that cannot be your sole motivation when picking your topic because you will find yourself having a hard time accomplishing you goal.) 

Make a List

There are several great ideas floating around in your head now,  the catch is getting them on paper.  This leads to the next brainstorming task. Make a list of all the things you know about, have an interest in, or think you would be successful with writing about.  If your drawing a blank because you are trying to pick the perfect topic, don’t worry about it.  Do this exercise then look through the internet and see what topics jump out at you, you’ll be amazed at what it does for you.  I personally do this all the time for Maple North, a company that I work for.  When I have a client that needs attention it’s the same thing, you have to take the time to develop ideas. When you become the expert blogger you will find yourself making tons of lists of ideas.

Time to Compare

By this point you should have a two lists, one with your goals and one with your topic ideas. Now all you have to do is match them up. When you come across a topic that does not match your goal then you should simply eliminate it from the list. With the information that is left pull out about 3 to 10 topics that strike you as a favorite.

Pick A Topic

That’s it! You now have all the necessary tools to select the perfect topic.  Here are a few additional tips that have helped me in the past. Take the list of 10 and narrow it down to 3.  Now that you are down to 3 topics you can start thinking about making money before you make your final decision.

Things to Look For

There are several ways to earn money online from a blog. Here are a few:

  • Consulting (PPC, Blogging, SEO, SEM, etc)
  • Guest Posting (on sites like
  • Products
  • Selling eBooks
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertising

Ok, there is more.  You can find other blogs that are writing about the same topic as yours to see if there is any evidence they are making money.  If they are making money, the odds are that they offer services that make them money on the site.  These are the same topics that you’ll be writing about!

The Biggie

You have to enjoy the topic that you’re blogging about and know enough about it to be considered an expert. The topic you choose has to be something you are willing to write about every day and several times a day. As you get further into your website tips you will find that content is everything and it has certain criteria that has to be met. In order to fit all these needs you have to have an interest in the topic. Your readers are also going to be looking to see if your information is accurate; so if it is a topic you are feeling your way through they will know it and your readers will abandon your blog.  Remember traffic and readers are the only way to a successful blog.  There is also a difference between blog rejection and failure.

I could go on forever on how to pick the “perfect topic” but I think this is more than enough to get you started. Stay tuned to get other blogging tips and how to’s. If you have started a blog and have some others tips on how you cose your topic please share in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “How To Pick The Perfect Topic For Your Blog”

  1. Patrick says:

    Good post! I love the graphic… it expresses well how I feel sometimes about coming up with post topics.

    1. John Rampton says:

      Ya, I think we all feel that way sometimes!

  2. Whitney says:

    I agree that your topics should match your goal…but at the same time you should be able to have fun with it too. In my experience it’s ok to have a few different topics, as long as you’re not all over the place. At some point in getting started you just have to say “ok this is what I’m gonna blog about”.

  3. Graham says:

    I would love to hear from someone with a successful blog that started with no online experience and picked their niche by research, not by what they were passionate about.

    Sure, someone who knows how to be successful online and start a blog they aren’t passionate about and be successful, but i doubt someone could start that way.

    1. John Rampton says:

      I think the key is to be passionate about it or you won’t follow through. It’s the passion that makes you successful because you push through the hard times. Keyword research helps with the process in the beginning!

  4. Aliku Ivan says:

    Lovely! I really love the intro graphic. It truly expresses how most people feel when they can’t find a hold on IM. Nothing comes easy and you have simplified the odds. I recommend this post.


    1. John Rampton says:

      I can relate very well to that pic!

  5. Hii John, thanks for this informative post. Great Points.

  6. Thiru says:

    Yeah. Really valuable post. I was confused many time in choosing topic for my official blog. Thanks for your ideas.

    1. John Rampton says:

      Just keep going and push through!

  7. Great post! We just launched a new blog on our site and have been finding it difficult to “get started”. This will help our team with some focus and move forward with some good strategy and direction for our blog. Thanks John.

    1. John Rampton says:

      Just keep pushing through. Any blog takes time, good blogs take a LOT of time.

  8. faisal says:

    most people start how to make money blogs or personal blogs.

  9. Another way to find a topic that may have high interest are the following

    1. Google Trends
    2. Twitter Trends
    3. Facebook Trends

    Examine and look at what topics are trending and then you can jump in and write an engaging and creative article post on your blog. This will not only create interest but also be search engine friendly.

  10. Inge Papp says:

    John, I find that a great way to pick a topic for a blog post (or even for an ebook) is to check out online forums and read through people’s conversations. This will show you what people out there are concerned about and what questions they want answered, and it’ll also prompt you to find out unique perspective on a crucial issue.

  11. Tony Nguyen says:

    Thank you very much for your useful post! In my opinion, we shouldn’t follow the modern trends without interesting about them because we will feel boring soon when having to write about these topics daily.

  12. Great post. Writing lists is certainly very helpful and can easily bring awareness to the blog.

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