How to Pick Up Girls on Chat Roulette

The last time we tried Chat Roulette, we were met with less than steller results. So it was quite refreshing to see a group of guys demonstrate the proper way to pick up (or seduce) a girl on the Internet. Now, chances are, all this was staged but it doesn’t really matter. I found the video extremely entertaining to watch and I think you will to. One thing’s for sure, picking girls today is a lot different than when I was doing it!

For those who want to know how to pick up girls in a more traditional way, you can check out my four part post series on how to get a girlfriend. Yes, there was such series on John Chow dot Com. After all, this blog is about the Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul. 😛

42 thoughts on “How to Pick Up Girls on Chat Roulette”

  1. Dukeo says:

    I want to believe that this was not staged and that some people can do this kind of stuff just for the sake of giving positive energy! great video

    1. I’m with you – spontaneity is what counts and this was a great positive charge for my day 🙂

  2. Why would John Chow be looking to pick up girls on chat? Aren’t you married.

    1. John Chow says:

      I’m not. You noticed it said “picking girls today is a lot different than when I was doing it!”

      1. LOL… thanks for your video John

      2. Oh, I guess I missed that.

        1. I guess that John is covering the subject for the benefit of those who are still picking up girls.

          I didn’t know there was a series on that subject before. I’m not picking up girls anymore since I got married but I may refer those who still are to this post and the series.

    2. Tomas M says:

      Being married doesn’t make you stop picking up girls!!! 🙂

      1. Maybe not if you are an idiot.

  3. Fazal Mayar says:

    hahah i tried chatroulette and its lame. You cant pick up girls on this in my opinion, you just get to see random people.

      1. Fazal Mayar says:

        No, I cant sign. I would scare people if I did it on chatroulette. I am funny though. 🙂

        1. design flyer says:

          Singing is not always necessary..

  4. Now I need to get on to that chat 🙂

    1. Looks to me like chat has always been just a waste of time.

      1. I don’t like chats, too many “false” people with fake lives. Prefering social media.

  5. I don’t know if the site is lame or what but that video was awesome – I couldn’t help watching Diane’s face and hey it goes to prove (whether staged or not) that if you do something different you really might get the partner of your dreams, lol.

    Just brilliant

    1. Yeah.. LOL the video is cool. She was impress by his song.

  6. That’s awsome, at the same level of Will Smith on Hitch playing Love Doctor!

  7. Pothi says:

    That was too good. Big thanks sharing this video!

  8. design flyer says:

    hmmm.. Good way but not applicable to all the girls…

    1. Nope, not nowadays lol

  9. PPC Ian says:

    When I saw the title of this post, I was absolutely certain it was going to be a guest post… But, then it wasn’t! This really is the miscellaneous ramblings of a dot com mogul, as John’s tagline says. 🙂

  10. anitha says:

    Its not possible with all girls

    1. Of course it’s not possible with all girls, just the ones on chat.

      1. design flyer says:

        No girl will admit it but most of them will do

  11. Not all are fools

    1. Fazal Mayar says:

      well some still are haha! this world amazes me

      1. design flyer says:

        Yeah.. right, no doubt some still are

  12. WTF says:

    lol, great post!

  13. a5v19 says:

    Very funny,indeed! 🙂

  14. Very funny video, John. Now I totally understand why you have used that tagline for JC.

    1. Fazal Mayar says:

      Ramblings of a DOT COM MOGUL! I cant believe that some people were complaining that John Chow goes off topic sometimes. Imagine him posting all the time about make money blogging, my goodness that would be boring.

  15. fas says:

    Crazy stuff, never tried nor plan to.

  16. LOL That’s a cool video! Thanks John! 🙂

  17. mike says:

    regardless of real or fake… it was a good video.

  18. anitha says:

    some might be interest but rest all not

  19. jasmine says:

    haha, interesting one, gonna try it out.

  20. but its difficult to pick up the girls

  21. anitha says:

    no one is using the real name in chat so its difficult to pick up 🙂

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