How to Prepare for a Blogging Vacation

The great advantage to working for yourself as a professional blogger is that, for the most part, you get to set your own schedule. You can set your own hours, if you want to set hours at all, and you don’t have to ask a manager for approval when you want to go on vacation. And while there is certainly the temptation to keep working even when you’re away from the office, we all need a break sometimes.

However, unlike a more traditional work environment where the business might continue to run as normal in your absence, your blog is different. Because it’s just you (mostly). To this end, it’s important that you put the right preparations in place before you decide to hop on a plane and disappear for a few days on a tropical island somewhere.

Set Earlier Deadlines

Human nature being what it is, we all have the habit of pushing everything until the very last minute. And we can sometimes be overly optimistic about how much we think we can accomplish within a certain amount of time. Maybe you’re not like that, but if you are, it’s far easier to work around these pitfalls than to figure out how to eliminate them.

To this end, if there’s anything that needs to be done before you leave for your trip, set yourself a deadline well ahead of your actual departure date. Working a new video you want to upload to YouTube? Tell yourself that video needs to be ready to roll a whole week before you leave. This way, if anything does go sideways, you’ve got enough wiggle room to address it before you have to leave.

Schedule Your Blog Posts

Back when I address this topic more than 10 years ago, it was still the general expectation that blog posts were written “on the spot.” If someone published a post today, it meant they wrote it today (or at least finished writing it today). That’s no longer the case, nor does it need to be.

Just about every content management system (CMS) out there, including WordPress, has built in functionality for your to “time stamp” or “schedule” your blog posts into any point in the future. What this means, and this connects to the previous point, is that you can “pre-write” enough content to fill the time when you’ll be on your blogging vacation.

Unless you proclaim to the world that you’ll be away, most people won’t even know that you’re missing, because your blog will continue to be updated with new content. Plan ahead and pre-write (and schedule) enough posts to align with your usual publishing frequency.

Automate Your Social Media

This relates to the previous point too. Just as you can schedule blog posts well in advance, you can do the same with most social media platforms too. For Twitter, you might use a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to help manage your scheduled Twitter posts. On Facebook, the publishing tool for your Facebook page allows you to schedule posts into the future too.

For promoting the new blog content that’ll be going up on your site, you might use the Publicize function in the Jetpack plugin for WordPress. This allows you to decide on the platforms where you want the post to be shared, as well as the text snippet that should accompany it. Conversely, you can grab what will be the live URL and schedule it accordingly too.

Outsource and Delegate as Necessary

No man is an island and your blog doesn’t need to exist in isolation. It’s about figuring out how you can scale your business and eventually remove yourself from the picture altogether.

When you go on a blogging vacation, it’s like a short-term experiment for what your blog would look like if you were no longer actively working on it. Outsourcing some tasks can save you time and ultimately earn you more money in the long run.

You can hire someone to respond to comments, both on your blog and on social media, for example. If you have blogging friends, you can develop a “buddy” system too.

Upload Key Assets to the Cloud

Okay, I know I said that we could all use a break, and it’s probably in the best interest of your sanity that you actually unplug every now and then. Even so, it always pays to be prepared in case of a potential disaster. And even if it never quite escalates to that level, you’ll have the peace of mind that you can handle a situation should it arise.

What you consider to be your “key assets” will vary, but it’s good to keep a copy of these files and documents somewhere in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere, anytime. This could be in Google Drive, Dropbox, or a personal NAS system like the WD My Cloud Home. Need a critical file while away? No problem.

What about you? When you decide to step away from the blog for a few days, what steps do you take to prepare for your absence?

10 thoughts on “How to Prepare for a Blogging Vacation”

  1. DNN says:

    I love creating content. Donald Trump is helping me get rich indirectly. Why would I want a vacation for? L 😛 L

  2. Getting your camera ready to go as well is important for creating some awesome content people will love. Whenever I travel I do my best to capture all of the content I possibly can, and disperse it as fast and outgoing as possible as well.

    Content is king, after all!
    Love the post as always brother!

  3. DNN says:

    Let Donald Trump pay for the wall out of his own pocket.

  4. Atul Bansal says:

    Being working as a full time blogger has its own benefits. As you mentioned, we can schedule the blog posts but we can take our laptop on holiday. In the morning, we can enjoy and evening for some time, can work on our laptop.

  5. Plan ahead of time Like way ahead of time.I have always loved lists and planning I start jotting down post ideas about two months in advance.

    Using calendar like my printable calendar really helps because you can easily see how-how many posts you have planned for each week and can tell at e glance if you are completely missing a particular block of time. By starting your planning early you can spread the workload out and don,t have to panic at the last minute.

  6. digimarkseo says:

    I am a blogger and really want to go to serbia as its a visa free country for indian and wanna shoot for my channel so my bag are packs and ready to go in this month any else is going to serbia.

  7. niraj says:

    Hello Michael,
    Really thanks a lot because I don’t even important of the blog and how I write? And so many doubts I have but when I follow you and read your all blog I learn so many things from you.
    Easy and detailed tutorial of scheduling the blog posts, it really helps me manage the posts in a timely manner instead of posting all of them at once.

  8. Anil Agarwal says:

    Hi Michael, preparing for a blogging vacation is something I’ve never considered. Although I’m a full-time blogger but struggling to find extra time to take vacations. I know taking breaks regularly with your family or friends can help you come up with new ideas to grow your blog. It also gives a peaceful mindset. That being said, you need to prepare well in advance if you’re planning for long (week or 2 week long) vacation.

    Here are few quick tips that might work: make sure to plan your content in advance so you can schedule and publish them whenever you want without giving a break your blog posting frequency. You can also hire writers to take care of your content part if you’re on a longer vacation.

    As you suggested, outsourcing your key blogging elements work like a charm. So make sure to take blogging vacations by having a proper plan. Thanks for sharing your tips Michael. Keep up the great work!

  9. techcliffe says:

    Thanks, Michael
    for making a plan for the preparation of blogging vacation, your explanation about this topic is really amazing, systematic I want to make the plan for this and then I saw your article which helped me a lot. keep sharing

  10. Hi Michael,
    I read this publication carefully.
    Your thoughts are correct, however some people, even on vacation, continue to work.
    Me, if I go to Hawai this year, I go with my laptop, I entertained the day and I work in the evening. What do you think of this way of working?

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