How To Promote Your Blog In The Age of Social Media

One of the nice thing about being on a panel at BlogWorld Expo is that the great introduction the moderator gives you, and when it comes to giving introduction, very few can do it as well as Dave Taylor. Even if you’re a bum of on the street, Dave can make you look like a million bucks.

To see an example of Dave’s introduction skills, check out the intros he gave to the panelists at the promoting your blog in the age of social media session. All BlogWorld moderators could learn a lot from Dave’s introduction skills.

In addition to Dave’s intro, I’ve included the entire panel session for your viewing pleasure. It’s not same as being there, but it is the closest thing. Watch the video to find out how to promote your blog in the age of social media.

53 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Blog In The Age of Social Media”

  1. Faizan Elahi says:

    Many thanks for sharing this, John!

    1. Boy … more than 1 hour … need to save it for weekends.

      If any one watched it than let me know … how it is ?

      1. Goa Carnival says:

        Yeah Lengthy video, Now I have 2 videos to view on this weekend. 😉

      2. Erwin Miradi says:

        Agreed man. I don’t have the time to watch it until next Monday. So I’ll bookmark this one for now.

        1. You can watch this video in part as well, if you have limited time.

          I have ipad and believe me for this kind of video and all ipad is simply awesome to save my huge time.

      3. Yepp, it’s not time yet to check out such a long video today. When I have time I will see it.

        1. I would prefer to load it and after that using it on some device whenever I will get time … like standing on que or any similar stuff.

          What do you think guys ?

          1. Erwin Miradi says:

            That might be a good idea, ZK.

  2. Panneer says:

    I always wanted to learn about Social Media.. thanks.

    1. and now you got the opportunity.

      Follow some social media guru as well.

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      Now the video might be the right one to watch if you want to learn. So do that whenever you got the time.

  3. I will use facebook page to promote blog and get many traffic.

    1. and what is the conversion rate ?

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        That’s the right question to ask. It’s not only about getting people from social network sites to our blog, but it’s more like getting the ‘right’ people.

    2. Jonathan says:

      My blog traffic via facebook has dropped significantly in the last month. New invites don’t appear to be getting through at all. This is bothering me because facebook had been a significant way I updated people about my blog.

      1. Facebook has changed too much the last time, while many have had their accounts hijacked and are afraid of using Facebook, and Google + has got many new customers.

  4. Astrid Low says:

    Time is gold. Social Media help us to make things done fast and Simple. This is a nice sharing.Thanks for sharing,John

    1. Yes we all are in social media and these fast and portable made it more lethal.

      1. fast and portable devices.

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yes that’s definitely a nice sharing. Btw, did you already watch the video?

  5. Matt Banning says:

    Thanks John! I always use Social Media like Twitter and Facebook to promote my new site. By doing this, I am able to launch them successfully

    1. Great … so how many followers and fans do you have ?

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      @Matt: Good for you. I bet you have a great strategy in doing so. Because not everyone can get a good result with Facebook and Twitter unless they really know how.

    3. Cheolsu says:

      How does one get many twitter followers? For Facebook Likes, I used their advertising program with my web host gave me while signing up.

  6. Sean Supplee says:

    Great video, I have been using social networks for over a year now to promote myself and my brand and its been a huge success. It really brings in a whole new trust level with clients that they can reach you or call you out at pretty much any time.

  7. Victor says:

    Hi John,
    I think social networks is very good to promote yourself and build a brand around your name.
    Thank you!

    1. YEah no doubt Victor you think is right….!

  8. TV Rockstars says:

    Social Networks are by far the best way to start building your brand. Twitter is a really good place to start .

    1. Yes this is fast and within 1 month you can be known in your niche.

      Provided you play your all cards efficiently.

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      TV Rockstars: Yes indeed. When building a new site or blog, making a Twitter account and Facebook page for it is a must-do thing.

  9. Wow i love the Lengthy video that’s why i happy to see this video.

  10. & Social network also analysis (SNA) views social relationships in terms of network theory consisting of nodes and ties (also called edges, links, or connections).

  11. Pretty Much worth appreciated sharing John.keep it up.

  12. Cheolsu says:

    Thanks for sharing the video. Although its quite lengthy, it sure is quite useful.

  13. Erwin Miradi says:

    John has posted several videos this week and some of them way too long to watch now. I think I’ll bookmark this one along with the rest for next Monday.

  14. fas says:

    Every age, you have to keep promoting, period.

  15. Helen Neely says:

    I finally got a round to see the video. It a bit long but worth the time.

  16. Geoff Rogers says:

    We use Twitter a lot to promote our website – Facebook not so much though. Great article – thanks for sharing.

  17. Hi John, I am absolutely thrilled that I’ve discovered your website. I joined your list and have been reading your Make Money Online pdf. It is a very well put together product. I am not a stranger to the technical aspects of the internet; WordPress; webhosting etc. Having said that, I’ve learned some new stuff from your book. Thank you! One question I have is this: Your book was created in 2007; do you think it needs updating or is most of the info timeless? Some of the links are broken, but I guess you must know that.

    John, I must say, discovering your blog has inspired me to create an outlet for myself and where I can share with others. Cheers to you and God bless you & your family! I will be back here regularly.

    Tony Brayley.

  18. Story Telling is a great way to make an intro – I do a lot of teleseminars, I do my intros by giving a résumé of the person-I-interview’s career and praise them a little. Usually they are flattered by my research and this creates good vibes and good relationships 🙂

    The way I promote my blog is through <SEO efforts mostly – But I also use Twitter heavily, Stumble upon, Facebook and youtube… I found this blog a while back, but I just really got into it ► I like it a lot.

  19. Facebook and Twitter both are king of social media at the moment.

    So you need to capitalise them for your benefit.

    1. Do not forget Google +, they will become one of the great within a few years.

  20. Rajiv says:

    Social media is very important for interactive promotion, good video.

  21. frederikpram says:

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  22. i m running a online make money online blog. but i struggling improving my blog visitors…

    1. try to go with link building mate. @SBA Business Loans

      1. @Cape Coral Property Management

        yes mate, i tried it, but in recent days keyword research is confusing one, because keywords from google adwords has high searches, but when started working for the keywords and even achieved in first page also, i didnt get much traffic, so is there any solution to do perfect keyword research

  23. Radhiah says:

    I have been trying to promote my blog in awhile. Usually my visitors are my friends. But, I want to attract other people too. Right now, I use twiiter and facebook. But my twitter only have 4 followers. (That doesn’t help). I also promote my blog through youtube. I usually post about photography. I photograph things around me and post about it. I post at least once a week. Sometimes more and sometimes less. What should I do? If anyone wants to check out my blog it is

  24. I’ve started a new blog, and so far, Facebook is my main referring site. I am trying to expand my audience base, but I guess that piece will come in time. Please check out my blog and let me know what you think!

  25. Jade says:

    Hi, Im new to the whole blogging scene but would love it if you all could take a look and tell me what you think of it!

    Hopefully this would be a new funky fresh voice for the new generation!

  26. CameronKozinski says:

    Thank you so much for the post my wife is trying to get her blog going this will be hugely helpful.

  27. Jackaa says:

    Hello, I found some good tips which I’m sure that it will help me to promote my blog more efficiently. Many thanks for sharing those helpful tips.

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