How To Put Your Integration Marketing On Steroids

I just downloaded a free report from Brad Callen and it has three tips in it. The first one blew me away. Brad calls it his “Keyword Minute #1″ and the tip is called Integration Marketing on Steroids.

Basically, it’s about how you can get others to build your Email list for you. By “others,” I’m talking about BIG time marketers like John Reese and Shoemoney. The report is completely free to download. You can get here.

What was incredibly creative was that Brad tells you exactly what to search for in Google to find the top lists out there. It’s a very creative search phrase and you can find it on page 5 of the report. Brad also has two other “Keyword Minutes” that are excellent.

  1. He shows you how to virtually guarantee you won’t lose money in Google Adwords.
  2. BUM Marketing – enough said, this tip was hilarious but incredibly powerful.

At 36 pages, the report has no fluff and all information. You should be able to read it and put it into practice in only 30 minutes. Best of all, it’s free. Go get your copy now.

Download Keyword Minute for Free

27 thoughts on “How To Put Your Integration Marketing On Steroids”

  1. I have read this report and it is awesome. 3 good ideas for me to keep in the back of my mind. Well worth the reading effort.

    Right now, I am concentrating on my board games launch and growing my email list…

  2. coolin says:

    very useful report, thank : )

  3. EarningStep says:

    very nice. i always lose my money on adwords and i thing this will change everything at least a little bit of different maybe

  4. This is a very good read and I am surprised that it is going for free. Definitely worth a hundred bucks.

  5. Dot Com Note says:

    Great report. A must read for every online marketer

  6. Benjamin Cip says:

    Sounds interesting, I still don’t know how to be effective with adword. Thank you for sharing information about this free report John!

  7. I’ve already downloaded the report. It kicks ass. Recommend it.

  8. Doug Dillard says:

    Wow… everybody has already read it. I can’t believe I am so far behind the times with this one John. I am going to go grab it now and read it when I wake up in the morning. Thanks John!

    1. John actually sent out an e-mail earlier in the day before he posted, so I’m sure that is why a lot of us already read it. It was a fast read!
      His examples were extremely easy to follow and easy to read. For SEO I’m still a little confused what the best way to pick words is… I was always under the impression you wanted to get the most popular searches, but it sounded like slightly less common searches are better. I know on my site, I’ve gotten more search engine traffic from less searched terms on my page…

  9. Vladan says:

    I’m always interrested by the strategies going behind. The good technique to achieve some results. Even if my blog is not a Money Making Blog, I’m actually earning money from it. Thanks to my sponsors, Adse*se and Affiliate Marketing.

  10. Atul says:

    was just going to register for Adwords..thanks read this article before registering

  11. I look great this report
    I also like to download it

  12. Wizno says:

    It’s nice to have all these free reports, however, as a newbie at this it can be very difficult to synthesize what everyone says and just connect all the dots. Time is the only thing that really matters I suppose, am I right?

  13. Yes downloaded the report and read it at my terrace with coffee but no so impressive.

  14. fas says:

    Free is always cool/

  15. I was not too thrilled with the report after finally giving in thanks to the 4th email from John Chow and then another one from your twitter site that I signed up for.

    I am still a little confused on what words to pick for SEO and there was some stuff that just didnt get through to me…but maybe that is my fault. My site has hit over 1,500 visitors a month and has just been up for a few months.

    I just do not know what to do next….oh well live and learn I guess

  16. gabrielle says:

    this is a very great report. Thanks for the learning method…

  17. Mm, pretty good report… Keyword Elite 2 is badass

  18. Excellent report, and very pleased that it’s free….

  19. nixon says:

    nice file, at least for now i have the reason not to do things that are not usefull…

    this site also have a lot of info to help you

  20. I never thought like that about adward. It was the conversion ratio, which drives my actions but now, i got few good ideas which i can use with me previous experiences. Thanks for posting it free.

  21. I think it might fetch good results. Pleased to hear its free.

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