How To Rank #1 in Google with The SEO Link Monster

I’d predicted that in 2012 someone would actually do this and here it is. Somebody finally created a system that’s almost “push button” and gets you to the top of Google’s search rankings.

Here’s The Concept

  1. It takes links, and lots of them, to rank highly in Google.
  2. It takes “real” links, and not spammy bookmark links, forum profile links, etc. to rank highly these days in Google.
  3. Getting “real” links is hard… That is, unless you own all of the websites the links are placed on.
  4. Owning 1000s of Page Rank 1 and above, websites is also hard. And expensive to maintain.
  5. Getting the links on those sites, if you owned them, is… well, you guessed it. HARD!

Now enter SEO smart guys Brad & Matt Callen, along with Dori Friend. They’ve developed a system where they own all of the websites. They buy and add more websites daily. They cover all the costs of running the websites, and all you have to do is add your links to the system. The system then takes care of putting our links on all of these sites in guaranteed amounts each month.

Backlinks are the currency of the Google and the SEO Link Monster helps you get links on 1000’s of PR1 and higher sites. More links mean a higher search ranking for your keywords, and that means more traffic and money to you. The numbers of links the Link Monster deliver to you each month are very predictable, and unlike what many “automated” software programs, this is truly is automated.

The SEO Link Monster is opened for membership for a very limited time. Go and watch the video to get the full detail.

36 thoughts on “How To Rank #1 in Google with The SEO Link Monster”

  1. Mr Ven says:

    Nice system, good if they are options to control the number of links it adds every day. How about the link relevancy ?

  2. Skateboards says:

    I have seen similar services on some forums last year. Still interesting and @ $47, worth trying

  3. Kenny Boger says:

    Nice one, Currently searching for backlinks and seo optimization and hope this worth me.

    1. Brock Blohm says:

      @How to Build Muscle Keep us posted πŸ˜‰

  4. glade says:

    Never hear for this service. But I’ll try

  5. Edwardj says:

    How does this program compare to traffic geyser, content crooner and unique article wizard and the like?

    1. John Chow says:

      @Edwardj I don’t have experience with those other services so can’t comment on it.

  6. BradNordstrom says:

    Cool…I’ll try Link Monster.You never can get enough traffic right?

  7. slinker says:

    What about the risk of a Google smackdown for paid links?

  8. I would not jump on this, Google will find soon the linkage and you as a user will be punished by Google. I do not know how many people have sold links, link system has failed and people have had problems with Google.

  9. John Chow says:

    Google doesn’t punish you for buying links. Google punish for selling links, if they catch you.

    1. Joseph Baker says:

      @John Chow I can’t believe what I just heard “Google punish for selling links If they catch you” What do you mean sir when you say, Quote “if they catch you ? And you want me to do business with you? If anyone catches me doing business with these people Please Punish Me… “One Mans Opinion”

      With all due respect I don’t know Mr. Chow or his business practices and he could have miss spoken but my opinion stands..

  10. fas says:

    15 minutes and $69, how good is that?

  11. Hotdogman says:

    This is a good “quick start” strategy, but for long term SEO link building it could become expensive fast. Don’t expect to be able to buy your way above the fold for an extended period. For long term SEO success, it pays far better to trade links with friends/business associates/like minded bloggers. It’s free and it has more lasting value in the long run.

    1. Tenzho says:

      @MatthewWoodward OK, thanks for the warning!

    2. IMAC says:

      @MatthewWoodward Lots of thanks Matthew!! Maybe you are right and this is not so worthy… i think i will try some of the others you mentioned on your posts.I really doubt John chow is using this product…

    3. IMAC says:

      @MatthewWoodward can i ask you something? You say that Seolinkmonster is not a good way to rank your site because “It’s no secret that Google has a dislike for link networks and does their best to find and eliminate them.”But then, you talk marvelous things about other networks like “Build My Rank” that works almost exactly like SEOlinkmonster.

      So… why? Whats the difference between those networks that makes one shit and not the other? That’s what i didn’t get from your posts. (and i prefer to ask you here as i dont like to post with facebook account)

      1. MatthewWoodward says:

        @IMAC Hi,

        They are some valid points, let me explain πŸ™‚

        Firstly both BMR and ALN have an awful lot more sites in the network. ALN has about 17,000 right now.

        What both of these do not suffer from though is the Clickbank IM style launch that opens the gates to thousands of new members overnight. The knock on effect of that is overnight the sites in the SEO Link Monster network are going to take a complete hammering. Combine that with the fact these kind of launches are targeted at the newbie end of the market and you can be sure that the quality of the network will decrease at a rapid rate increasing the chances of deindexation.

        That rapid growth in userbase is the main problem behind SEO Link Monster.

        Not only that but Brad has launched a couple of these networks in the past which in all honesty were awful. Have a search around some forums you’ll see what I mean. He has a history of rebranding and launching new networks that dont perform, all of which followed this style of launch. I dont see why this would be any different from the others.

        The reason I mention ALN and BMR is they have been around for quite some time, are well established, have survived the test of time, have a smaller user base, bigger network of sites, an awful lot cheaper and most importantly have a proven reputation for working and delivering fantastic results. Search around there’s plenty of positive feedback.

        Also have a read of

        1. IMAC says:

          @MatthewWoodward Thanks for the answer. I already read your post.

          I were gonna try BMR but one of my sites is not allowed in there because it doesnt have enough text :)I will try it with another page in a future.

  12. I have seoelite from brad caallen, still gives me bad taste in my mouth, the only thing it is useful is checking your backlinks, waste of money

  13. they always update and update that poor overused seoelite, and it does not work properly anyways, i will never buy another porducts from these guys in my life

  14. Cyza says:

    I’m afraid I’m not interested with their products. It seems enticing but maybe not. I prefer being in the safe side, carefully building and getting the links naturally. I believe in quality work and no short cut.

    Yep, there’s no short cut to success.

    1. IMAC says:

      @Cyza Nice said πŸ™‚

  15. Nice review. I am really excited every time a new tool is invented for SEO. Will look for more reviews of this.

    Thanks John!

  16. tom says:

    this really looks like a post from 4 years ago… this kind of service has been around for ages… predict something that happened 4 years ago?

  17. adibey says:

    The information is very valuable for me, thanks

  18. problogger says:

    Really surprised you’d promote this John. This kind of system might have a short term gain for those who use it but Google will slam this with a tweak to their algorithm in no time at all given the publicity and the unnatural gains in links that those using it will gain.

    Only real winners are those behind it taking the $147 per month for the first few months (and those taking hundreds of $’s per sale promoting it).

    Where’s the mention of the risks of engaging in black hat SEO in your review? Don’t you owe your readers at least a little duty of care before recommending a product like this?

  19. Jon Poland says:

    There is a lot of hype about SEO Linkmonster, but those who are spreading the hype never tell you about the risks. Google hates blog networks with a passion — and for good reason. Blog networks game the system and manipulate search rankings. Do you think Google likes services that manipulate their rankings? No they don’t — and those who get caught will pay a price. And with blog networks becoming more and more popular, don’t be surprised if Google makes them a primary target in 2012.

    The key question is this: Are you trying to build a business for the long haul or are you just trying to make a quick dollar? If you want to build a real business and you want lasting search results in Google, be very careful of blog networks. If you do use them, make them just a small part of your overall linking strategy (i.e. diversify your link building). On the other hand, if you are just trying to make a quick dollar and have no concern about building websites that last — have at it. Blog networks will get your pages ranked — but don’t be surprised if your high rankings are short-lived.

  20. get over it says:

    Everyone who is saying “DON’T DO IT, THE GOOGLE SKY WILL FALL ON YOU” I just want to point out something… Google doesn’t own the internet. A network of 1000’s of blogs will likely send you some traffic and it’s not your site at risk, it’s the network sites which are at risk. John’s right, there is no risk and there will be a reward, however short lived, if Google snips your incoming links values.

    At Problogger, I’m really surprised you’d comment on only to show disapproval because Google might not like it, who care’s what Google thinks? You write posts about every subject on the planet related to your topic because YOU want to get #1 so in a sense that is gaming as well. Now if YOU stopped giving a crap about Google then maybe YOUR posts would not be so brown nose in color? Just saying – Google dominance will be long gone before John Chow is done blogging, John’s not facing anti trust lawsuits in multiple countries. John wasn’t caught buying paid reviews like Google was. John didn’t try and scam customers from Mocality.

    REMEMBER THIS – GOOGLE created the link sale market by placing value on links. If you think it’s evil go yell at them.

  21. MatthewWoodward says:

    I think the key point is that John is blindly promoting servicess that he hasn’t tested. A lot of people read on this blog and will believe anything that John writes. People come to this blog and take Johns advice, but how many people will continue to do so if his advice leaves them feeling ripped off.

    There are risks to using a network like this, those risks are even bigger when its promoted as a huge clickbank launch to thousands of newbies.

    There are even bigger risks when the owner of the network has launched multiple under performing networks in the past.

    For a more detailed answer of what is wrong with it –

  22. tom says:

    at get over it

    The title of this post is “How To Rank #1 in Google with The SEO Link Monster” so obviously people reading this care about what Google thinks.

    Sure the blogs network will send some traffic but for $147 a month, is this worth it?

  23. J Garud says:

    By the time Google with react to it, the user would have already gained the advantage.

  24. Tips4pc says:

    There is nothing like the real thing and that’s the only links that will last in the end. I have tried stuff like this as I love testing and you do get traffic but it is junk. I want the real stuff!

    But this wouldn’t stop me from using this on new sites I have no time for.. πŸ™‚

  25. arkhananta says:

    thank you for this information very useful, I found out about it in your blog ..

  26. DormRoomCash says:

    I am trying this one out. I really like Brad’s link building systems so I thought I would give it a try as well. I started off with SEOlinkvine and had so much success that I now do almost everyone of his systems.

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