How To Recycle Your Old and Unwanted Websites For Cash with SiteRedeemr

If you’ve been fooling around on the Internet for a while, you would no doubt have created a site or two (or maybe ten). If you’re like me, you’ll have a few sites sitting around collecting virtual dusk. Since they don’t really cost anything to run, you just keep them around, waiting for the day you’ll get back into them (but you never do). Well, it’s time to do some spring cleaning and get some cash for those old and unwanted websites and SiteRedeemr is ready to buy them all from you.

Recycling The Web

In a nutshell, SiteRedeemr buys websites to add to their portfolio. If you’re looking to unload a web property, SiteRedeemr can get you cash for it within 48 hours. This is the basic summary of their service:

  • Site owner submits their website(s) for evaluation by SiteRedeemr staff.
  • SiteRedeemr send Site owner an offer (this can be $0 if it’s not worth anything to them) which they can either accept or reject.
  • If the Site owner accepts, the transfer process and payment (made via PayPal or Escrow for larger transactions) is generally completed within 48 hours.

While SiteRedeemr will look at all sites presented to them, they are currently looking for sites in the following niche as a priority. You’ll get a guaranteed quote if your site fits one of the following categories:

  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Gambling
  • Technology
  • Legal
  • Sports

I currently have over three dozen domain names and a bunch of developed sites that aren’t doing anything. I think I’ll get a quick quote from Site Redeemr and see how much I can get for them. It doesn’t cost anything to submit a site and get a price quote. You are under no obligation to accept the price either. SiteRedeemr is a nice service to get a quick quote on what someone might pay for your old sites. Who knows, it might be more than you think.

SiteRedeemr – Recycling The Web

49 thoughts on “How To Recycle Your Old and Unwanted Websites For Cash with SiteRedeemr”

  1. Diabetis says:

    Too bad that none of my niche fits there.

    1. I’d submit them anyways to see what they’ll offer you.

  2. That definitely looks interesting! I have a couple that I might submit just to see what they are offering!

    1. Yes and with that you will be able to get an idea about the worth of your domains or websites.

  3. Xuan Tuyen says:

    That’s a good thing interesting, I’ll try to see

  4. Mathew Day says:

    I need to do some spring cleaning, I have a few sites that are collecting dust that I started working on and then they ended up on the back-burner. 🙂

    1. Instead of selling if the domain is good and not flagged than hire a writer and get 20 posts and add them on every week.

      Do some link building with main keywords and sell them on flippa.

  5. Resell rights ace says:

    Great news. I’ve a lot of sites to redeem. Hope they pay big bucks for my sites

    1. Do you have PR on your websites, are they ranking well in keywords, if yes than you can expect good amount of money from them.

      1. Aged domains are always a plus because they’re out of the sandbox and have already got pages indexed in the SERPs.

  6. Wow..I do have a site I have that matches their niche. Thanks for sharing the wealth!

  7. Amir Aizudin says:

    Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately) all my sites contributing to my total income. Their service looks real handy though.

    1. That is not unfortunate that is really good and nice to see that you have grip on your all websites.

  8. Jeremy says:

    Thanks John. I read this post a little late, though. I just deleted one of my old sites actually! Oops.

  9. tantan says:

    Nice info 🙂 Thanks John! I just submitted 5 of my sites.

    1. 5 Websites … thats great.

      Keep updating us with the amount they offer.

  10. Lets see how much they are offering for this website.



  11. reviewmylife says:

    Sounds interesting, but does the money they give you make it worth while? How much are people being offered?

    It is more profitable to keep your websites and just put some AdSense on them, or just use them to redirect visitors to other websites that you own?

  12. fas says:

    wooooow, will they break even?

  13. looks interesting .:))

  14. Lanre says:

    Good idea! However, I noticed none of thier niches hads anything to do with social media, that’s weird to me

  15. Wynne says:

    how is this different from Flippa ?

    1. John Chow says:

      Flippa is just a marketplace between buyers and sellers. SiteRedeemr is the only buyer in this case.

      1. Plus you do not have to pay for listing as well.

  16. Flyssy says:

    I just submitted 2 financial/property sites..any idea what sort of prices they offer?

  17. PPC Ian says:

    Seems like a great idea. My two cents: Any site in a good vertical with history is worth money (even if the site isn’t making money). Take mortgage as an example and just think how much time and effort would be involved in getting a new site built and ranked on any keyword! Get a good price for your sites people! Would be really interested in hearing what kind of offers people are getting.

  18. I am going to give it a try on a few of my old sites. Thanks! We’ll see what kind of offer they give me 🙂

  19. Nice post John. Thanks for the info.

  20. joey says:

    Interesting post! I have never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Very interesting site. I’ve never heard of them but I do have some sites that I wouldn’t mind unloading so I will give it a shot.

  22. rayutube says:

    That’s very interesting. I’ll have to check it out.

  23. wow thanks for sharing I’ll better tell this to my friend because he have lots of junk sites

  24. If you’ve got a one word .com in good standing with some age, you might make some serious money. It’s definitely worth looking into. Thanks.

  25. This sounds like a quick way to get rid of domains and/or sites that are redundant. Be aware that the quest for quick money doesn’t necessarily equate to the best possible price though.

  26. interesting post. I have a few websites that will be lapsing soon. I check the site out.

  27. Deny says:

    he3x..sounds interesting John, may I know the highest price they ever quote for one of your sites ?

  28. Hem… an great tools to make money from site recycle bin.

  29. That’s actually a half decent service, yet I will suggest everyone to get a second opinion before actually selling any of their online property. Some sites which actually seem worthless to you can be sold for a couple hundred dollars if you just give them an “ok” makeover lol.

  30. Max Deal says:

    I’d suggest anyone to ditch this site, its almost like giving your site as a donation. They barley pay you the amount you deserve for your site…

    If your planning on selling your site, id say just put it on Flippa.. you will get double or triple guaranteed than sitereedemr will give you….

    1. Well, can’t you test that by submitting your site to both? I mean you don’t have to pay anything for a quote from SiteRedeemr.

  31. That is a nice piece of information . I have quite a few sites , that are just sitting idle making now money

  32. Flyssy says:

    I got offered $60 each for 2 of mine…

  33. Muxx says:

    I recently looked at all the domains and side website I’ve built over the last year ( a mix of fun projects and failed expirements) but it seems I have nearly 20 now.

    I was just making a list about which ones I wanted to get rid of, this post came at the perfect time 🙂

  34. Joe says:

    Can this service be used to fip websites ?

  35. John, how was the quote you got from them? Thanks.

    1. John just write about them and except that I do not think that John have any idea.

  36. I agree with PPC Ian. Sites that rank high need to demand the premium they are worth. Any word on whether their quotes were acceptable?


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