How To Run A $1 Million Business On 2 Hours Per Day

Do you want to know how to run a million dollar business? Better yet, do you want to know how to run a million dollar business on two hours per day? Well, you’re in luck because that’s the subject of a live presentation I will be giving at the next Third Tuesday in Downtown Vancouver at the Republic nightclub. And best of all, it’s free to attend! RSVP here.

This month… John Chow is talking about “How to run a million dollar business on 2 hours per day” — tools, principles and strategies that has allowed John to run his business on a couple of hours per day from anywhere in the world.

Wait A Minute, Your Blog Doesn’t Make $1 Million A Year!

Newer readers may not realize this but my blog is not my main income source – it never was. This blog started as a hobby and I still treat it as such. The fact that it’ll make $500K this year is just a bonus. What many new “Make Money Online” bloggers may not realize is it’s really hard to do a blog on making money online when you’ve never made any. I think Shoemoney explained it very well in this post. If you look into the backgrounds of all the big make money online bloggers, you’ll see that their main income is not from their make money blogs.

My presentation won’t focus much on blogging. While making a million buck from blogging is possible, doing it on two hours a day is pretty damn hard! I have often said that from a profit standard, blogging is the least profitable thing I do. I will be profiling my other Internet business plus the Net businesses of some friends. All bring in bucket loads of cash with almost no time input and can be run from anywhere in the world. The show starts Tuesday, May 19 at 7PM. See you there!

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49 thoughts on “How To Run A $1 Million Business On 2 Hours Per Day”

  1. sounds like a great lecture! hopefully you will post a video for those that cannot make it!

    [email protected]’s last blog post: One of the BEST Videos for 2009

    1. michael says:

      yeah im interested too in video posting im hope youll post it in video kip up the good work thanks

    2. I’d be interested too even if it’s just a few tips or excerpts from it.

      [email protected]’s last blog post: TwitterFollower – Follow And Be Followed

    3. yonit says:

      Joining the group that waits for the video.

  2. Philip Nowak says:


    Please tape the presentation as many of us are scattered throughout the entire world and would love to hear your words of wisdom!

    Philip Nowak’s last blog post: Chicago Green Series 1 of 5: America’s Greenest City?

  3. Paulubiadas says:

    Please make a video because I a can’t go there. I am very far from your place.

    Paulubiadas’s last blog post: Make money online from forum posting

  4. Really good thought John. Many people across internet are attracted towards blogging game but very few are able to become most successful. You need to have passion and game plan if you want to win this ball game.

    Ricky Peterson’s last blog post: A Must 5s for blogging success

    1. You are right but you still need to have an evil side as well. 🙂
      I m sure you know what I mean..

      Internetsalsa’s last blog post: Are you loyal to Twitter?

    2. Now Marketing is called “Game Plan”? 😛

  5. John, perhaps you can write a book called ‘2 hours work week” book! I believe it will be a bestseller book 🙂

    Go2Wellington’s last blog post: 专不专业,在于态度

    1. Paulubiadas says:

      That would be better than a video.

      Paulubiadas’s last blog post: Make money online from forum posting

  6. Nishadha says:

    Hope you will share a video of the presentation 🙂

  7. John, perhaps you can write a book called ‘2 hours work day” book! I believe it will be a bestseller book 🙂

    Go2Wellington’s last blog post: 专不专业,在于态度

  8. griswold says:

    in fact, i could not get a lecture like it in China, it’s lucky i could start my blog via john chow dot com.

  9. I also hope that there will be a video. I really want to see this.

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  10. Peter says:

    Please tape the presentation.

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  11. says:

    as you have said still your main income source is not from blogging – so if you dont mind could you tell – what is your main income source ?

    looking forward for your reply

    1. Paulubiadas says:

      He is the owner of TTZ media.

      Paulubiadas’s last blog post: Make money online from forum posting

      1. says:

        Is it john…! You main income source is TTZ Media? I dont think so…?

        1. What are you saying? That you don’t think TTZ Media makes much money?

          TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  12. Tradeprofits says:

    As I am in Europe, I probably won’t be showing up. But I sure would like to! 2 hours is more like it! Maybe you should write Tim Ferris telling him the title of his new book should be 🙂

  13. Greg Ellison says:

    It sounds like a cool presentation John. Greg Ellison

  14. Youngistaan says:

    Nice one John, I also want to see presentation video.

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  15. Here are those benefits who live in Vancouver. I wish Toronto had such things going on. I am sure but it would not compare to those like from John Chow. Anyone who knows, get in touch by visiting here
    Thanks’s last blog post: Warning! Your are losing money! How hackers are disguising as Google bots to get into paid membership sites!

  16. Tran Harry says:

    That sounds like a great lecture from someone with the right credibility to give it.

  17. I would agree to other readers’ comments and that is hopefully John you could post a videolink to your presentation here just like a video that you did reminiscing your early days in China.

  18. John,

    I live in California and make much less than $28.00 per year on the Internet.

    Will you please UStream or GoToMeeting this presentation.

    You can do it from your iPhone now, Joel Comm did this live stream on his Microsoft tour of Redmond headquarters last month. He was using a beta application at that time, not sure which one.


    Nicholas Chase

    Nicholas Chase’s last blog post: Guy Kawasaki’s New Book – ‘Reality Check’

    1. Ekey says:

      Or it could be another thing you can offer aside from your ebook to your new subscribers 🙂

  19. That is awesome, I also want that you make a video out of it. Hope you record the show.

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  20. matt says:

    Learning how to run a Million dollar business on 2 hours a day is pretty useless… Since most of us are not at that point.

    It would be much better to learn what you did over the last X years to get to the 1M point

    1. Melody says:


      It’ll take a new blogger forever to make that kind of money on only two hours a day..

      Melody’s last blog post: Win a Free Logo Package Worth $275

  21. Bati says:

    John i think all your network business just build on your blog. So do not say blog is nothing.

    Bati’s last blog post: Blogging And Pig Flu (including preventive measures)

    1. I don’t think so. If you follow some of his earlier posts you will see that he built many other sites like TTZ, and the computer IT reviews ones (don’t remember the exact name sorry).

  22. Benjamin Cip says:

    That’s it! Before to start blogging, I should have had a successful business to talk about in my blog! Sounds like I skipped one step of the pyramid.

    Benjamin Cip’s last blog post: I’m planning to share my Bidvertiser Referral earning

  23. Caden Grant says:

    Sounds awesome. I wish I could attend. Sadly, I don’t live in Vancouver 🙁 It’d be cool if you made a video for those who aren’t fortunate enough to be there.

  24. John you should put this into a free course for the rest of us that cannot make it to far away.

    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post: How I Got 250 Twitter Followers In 40 Minutes And Reach Over 2000 Twitter Followers

  25. Zetasfico says:

    i wish i can attend.. you’re too humble for saying “$500K this year is just a bonus”. that’s one factor of your success.

    Zetasfico’s last blog post: The Fuss with Twitter

  26. game-girl says:

    That sounds intriguing!But everybody realizes now that business must be multibranched.

  27. Ouch, I’m sitting at the opposite side of the world and cannot attend. Will You make it available by video?

    Blogging Gems’s last blog post: Add Your blog to the Google searchengine

  28. FunToosurf says:

    I want to increase my traffic,how? Please help me John Chow

    FunToosurf’s last blog post: China Cancels America’s Credit Card

    1. Have you read the rest of his blog? He has talked about this countless times.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

    2. Ekey says:

      The best way to read JC is read it backwards… that is the way you will learn the most out of it.

  29. Can I Guess? may be your will be addressing about affiliate Marketing or your Network TTZ MEDIA

    Shanker Bakshi’s last blog post: Get US $10 Discount on Purchase of OIO Publisher Plugin

  30. Sunnt says:

    I would enjoy to be there! But I am in Montreal 🙂 Good luck! Enjoying your Web site like always.

    Sunnt’s last blog post: About my next investment: Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN)

  31. I wish I could join this. Well, all I have is your blog 🙂 Like it very much, way to go

  32. TheatherMan says:

    Can I make it someday?? I can afford 4 hrs a day… hehehee. 😀

  33. Ekey says:

    Yes John, you are absolutely right. I know from experience that you can’t make big money from blogs. Most top bloggers after talking to them are making money online from other sites. I myself am making my income from my web design firm and affiliate marketing. Blog is just chipping in a few grands thats all.

    But most self-proclaimed experts don’t understand that which makes them look stupid because they are not really experts if they don’t know that.

  34. Running a big business is also an art. You will have to taker care of everything so that system can run smoothly.

    But every time you will not get the smoothness sometime this can also turned into rough one.

    ZK @ Web Marketing Blog’s last blog post: Oprah reaches 1 million followers on Twitter

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