How To Sell Your eBook In The Apple iBook Store

With the launch of the Apple iPad, Apple hopes to do for books what the iPod did for music. To help stock the iBook store with plenty of titles, Apple has came up a way for you to sell your eBook in their iBook store! You can do this all by yourself. You don’t need a publisher, distributor or agent. You decide how much to charge and which countries to sell into. Best of all, you also get the same deal as the app publishers, which mean 70% of the revenue goes to you!

In order to put your eBook into the iBook store, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • An ISBN numbers for the book you want to sell
  • The ability to deliver the book in ePub format
  • The book pass EpubCheck 1.0.5
  • A US Tax ID (Non US are out of luck for now)
  • An iTunes account backed up by a credit card
  • An idea of where you’ll sell and how much you’ll sell for
  • An Intel-based Mac running OS 10.5 or better (PC users are SOL)

iBook publisher requirement

iBooks If you don’t know how to get an ISBN number, Apple suggests that you use an Apple-approved aggregator. These are firms that have a financial arrangement with Apple and can provide you with a number of services.

For example, Bookbaby charge $49 per book the first year and then $19 per book each year the book is in the store. For an additional $19 they will register your ISBN number. They’re convert your eBook to the ePub format for another $19. Other services takes no upfront money but instead take a cut of the profits. You’ll have to decide which service is best for you or you can bypass the aggregators and try to do everything yourself.

This could spell bad news for traditional publishers. If iBook takes off and more and more writers start publishing their works on iBook instead of going through the normal channels, we could be seeing a total shake up of the industry. I expect to be coming out with their own Kindle publishing system any day now.

Look for Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul at the iBook store real soon!

27 thoughts on “How To Sell Your eBook In The Apple iBook Store”

  1. Just like the traditional newspapers. Everything is moving electronic!

    1. Yep … now you do not have to build that big racks for books.

      Your slim Ipad or kindle will be good enough to take care of all those things.

    2. d3so says:

      Services such as netflix killed blockbuster & video renting. Think about what’ll happen to book stores if ebooks take off.

      1. Similar to what happened to postal service after email.

    3. SEO Results says:

      Print is so dead. Almost like Kodak making digital cameras these days, as opposed to them selling truckloads of film in them olden days. Traditional publishers must be taking strain.

  2. Apple just keeps branching out more & more. I still remember the days when they only had the computers & nothing else.

    1. Yeah they do…wait till they come up with their own search engine…

  3. Hrvoje says:

    Great concept again by apple. and i see a large success in this. since the ebooks are more and more evolved and the gadgets that we use to read them.

    the only thing i miss as my potential is limit of the country only to USA 😛

    1. There was a national survey that was conducted recently in the US amongst college students…Results were that students still prefer the hard copies of books than the e-versions…

      So I don’t think ebooks will take over just yet 🙂

  4. PPC Ian says:

    Very useful info! It’s a great time to write an ebook!

  5. Have you guys looked to put your book on iBook yet?

    Definitely a great post as I am in the process of creating my book…

  6. Free Picks says:

    another great way to sell your books

  7. Apple certainly knows how to make money.

    ITunes was totally different segment because in world more people like music than books.

    But however this will be winning situation for both.

  8. Addy Kho says:

    no luck for me being in Malaysia

  9. A whole new market will open up thanks to this! When Kindle also enters the arena, what it will like you say, things can become really interesting. I only hope they also open it up for international authors rather soon. SY

  10. fas says:

    SO how did you go about it?

  11. I don’t think Amazon is too happy with the iPad, but competition strengthens the breed, so expect them to come up with innovations and updates to their Kindles to make things a lot more competitive in the online book market. Imagine what Shakespeare would have made of this!

    1. Hats off to your sense of humour …

      Always love your comments …

      1. Why thank you ZK! It is cool to interact with others via this way, ain’t it just! The internet gives one the opportunity to really interact with people from all over the world, in a very real time environment.

  12. First step for me is to write an eBook lol.

  13. One more thing for the developpers/publishers that is not covered in the article.
    Developpers need to open another itunes account to submit ebooks. At least for now. That’s annoying but hopefully Apple will be more flexible in a near future (~doubt).

  14. My sister is e-writter and i was always wondering how can she sell a book if it`s something big…

    Thanks sir !

  15. True indeed!

    I was watching a video Eben Pagan produced the other day saying that information products are going to boom very soon, and most of the world doesn’t even know what an “ebook” is…

    Now’s a great time to set yourself up for the massive wave of consumers ahead.

    1. Eben Pagan – Yaro from is currently doing a series of blog posts with video modules of the man explaining all of the inherent value in information products. Is this where you came across his work too?

  16. Emily says:

    First step for me is to write an eBook lol.

  17. This really does have implications for the publishing industry. I like the ecological effects of ebooks anyways. Apple could be like the next Clickbank if they tried.

  18. Ary says:

    Bookmarked, and like Emily said, first thing to do is to write an ebook, then I’ll check this post too.

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