How To Set Up The Most Effective Email Follow Up System – Part 2

If You Can Copy and Paste, You Can Write a Great Email Campaign

The number 1 most common question that I get from people who want to start an email marketing campaign is:

What Do I Write?

See, like you they understand how important it is to communicate with their potential customers to build trust, establish yourself as an expert and ultimately close more sales.

They Just Get Writer’s Block

They draw a blank when it comes to deciding what to write. Or they come up with ideas, but when they sit down to write, they edit and over think and self-censor, and they never get past the big blank screen, because they want their emails to be *perfect* from Day 1. Writers’ block can derail the best of us, if we let it. But we don’t have to. Coming up with good message content is easy, if you know where to look. And fortunately, you don’t have to look far, because…

You’ve Already Written Your Messages!

Chances are, your messages are already staring at you, right between the eyes… but like many business owners, you just haven’t seen them yet. Ask yourself: “Have I done any of these things?”

  • Replied to emails asking about your product/business
  • Put an FAQ, features, or similar page on your site
  • Written an article or press release
  • Created and posted to a blog about your industry/business

If you’ve done even one of these, you’re already on your way to creating an email campaign (If you’ve done more than one, even better!). Why do I say that?

People With Questions Don’t Always Ask Them

You reply to questions for the same reason that you offer a product or service: doing so helps your potential customers solve a problem. Same goes for writing articles, blogging, creating FAQs… the list goes on. But what about the people who *don’t* ask you questions? Or
don’t read your FAQ or articles? Surely they don’t have all the answers already — so they would likely benefit from the same help you’ve provided to the people that *did* contact you. Right?

When you know what your potential customers are asking, and you already have the answers *somewhere* outside of your email campaign, all you need to do is…

“Repurpose Your Content” (Translation: Copy-and-Paste)

Open your “Sent” email folder, your FAQ or any other place where you’ve already written about your business. Find a question that you’ve answered, or a point that you’ve made, that your potential customers want to/should see.

  1. Highlight it.
  2. Copy.
  3. Paste.
  4. Add a sentence or two before and after it (to introduce it and to segue to the next message).
  5. Give it an attention-getting subject line. (One idea here: since you answer a question in the body of your email, put the question directly in the subject line.)
  6. Save your message.

Congratulations! You just created your first message. Create 2-3 more by repeating the steps above, and voila! You have a real, live email campaign that you can build on. So much for writer’s block.

“But What About The Design? I Want Good-Looking Emails…”

No problem! With AWeber’s HTML email templates, you’re one click away from over 50 designs that you can use to build brand recognition and increase response. See some of AWeber’s templates in action in this video:

Aweber Video

What’s Next?

You’re armed with great email content… but it’s only helpful if you have someone to send it to. In my next post, I’ll show you how to grab your visitors’ attention and get them started on your campaign.

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  1. Joewatson says:

    The topic you are covering is good. I hope you don’t disappoint.

  2. Good step by step formula for creating email system.Following up/Replying to emails sent by visitors & customers can help in boosting the site`s interaction quotient.
    People will surely get back to the site which offers solutions to their real questions.So email replies and followups are important to retain customers.

    1. LetUpdate says:

      it is good article, isn’t it. It surely make me back to this blog to check the third article.

  3. Earningstep says:

    Great,,, i seen your email more than 10 times and it just great, i am very interesting with how you can write a powerful title for email marketing…. NICE… i can learn how to write email marketing just from your email.

  4. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    This post is more detail than the previous post, I’ve yet to start my email marketing campaign, I know it’s late if I don’t start now. But I would like to learn more about it from you before starting, I’m keen to read your next post John!

  5. I’ve already made a few hundreds with email marketing, but still has to learn from the master 😉

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      There are always new things to learn everydays…

  6. Benjamin Cip says:

    Very interesting post about email marketing. What most of people are certainly afraid is to pay a monthly fee without getting any ROI.

    1. LetUpdate says:

      Yes, and that’s my obstacle too. It is really risk, but it seems that no risk no gain in this business. 😀

      1. Money-Era says:

        Without making the investments you cannot really go forward. So being afraid of spending money for the solutions to make your blog grow is just short-sighted.
        Ever heard of a business for mass clients that would not advertise at all?

  7. Adney says:

    Thanks you JC for this post..

  8. Hi John,
    How many email subscribers would you recommend one have before starting an email campaign?

    1. John Chow says:

      You start from the first one. Everyone that signs up for your email should go thought an email sales funnel.

  9. Make Money says:

    I have found, your far better off developing a relationship with people through your auto responders, not just trying to sell them stuff all the time. Give them stuff, build some level of trust before you try and sell to them. It works much much better.

  10. Some serious expert writing tips to be had here! Another trick is to continiously note down the ideas that flow into your head out of the blue, and when confronted with writer’s block to then go and explore these notes and derive some inspiration from them.

    1. Nathan says:

      Nice idea. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. >>One idea here: since you answer a question in the body of your email, put the question directly in the subject line<<
    – If you have a FAQ on your site, you already have lots of possible topics for your mails
    – get google alerts about your topic and change headlines into questions eg:
    Which Japanese City is Best for Learning Japanese?
    compared to Learn Japanese in xyz
    It makes readers more curious and attracts more clicks.

  12. fas says:

    Why is the page so messed up?

  13. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    John, your sidebar goes wrong and everything seems messy now.

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      I see nothing strange… are you sure it’s not your computer that has difficulties to log on John Chow’s blog?

      1. EarningStep says:

        lee was right.. i experienced the same but now all come back to normal…

      2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

        Haha Ben, you saw it 6 hours after me, I think John had fixed it earlier. 🙂

        It’s back to normal now.


  14. Teen money says:

    It is very good post. Your are writing a great post about email marketing. Your web page is messy. Try to rectify it john

  15. Barry says:

    Great info. I always have trouble setting up a simple and effective email… I will deffinately use these tips.

  16. Dave Doolin says:

    This is good information, and it’s exactly what I do too: anytime I answer a long email, I reuse it as a blog post or an autoresponder email.

  17. Volksphone says:

    Nice serious a have learned a lot from these articles because i have never used email marketing before so i have to learn more and more. Can you refer more video tutorials?

    Best regards

  18. Ms. Freeman says:

    But won’t your subscribers un-enroll if you keep sending reused content. What I mean is, if they already read it once why would they want it emailed to them as well.

    Don’t get me wrong, I plan to try this technique, but wanted to know if there was a risk of over saturating the reader.

    1. Nathan says:

      This is true. I fear that the people I send emails with might get annoyed if the content is repeated.

      What I do is I imagine how I would react to the sent emails if I were the recipient.

  19. LetUpdate says:

    Can wait for next article because i think how to get subscriber is the most important part for email follow up system.

  20. Nathan says:

    This is a good series. I’m going to love this. I’ve started to send some emails and I really wanted to know if there is a step by step guide to improve it more.

  21. Hi John,
    Your way of simplification & way of avoiding writer’s block is really effective, only when you have written something about the particular subject before, not otherwise. It’s great place to start things differently looking at things than starting perfectly.

  22. DJ says:

    Thanks John for all the useful information. I just started with Aweber and found that is a very powerful emailing system. I only found a couple of video tutorials on the net. John, you know where there are some good tutorials?

  23. Tania says:

    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

  24. Chase Sagum says:

    I like the strategy of repurposing your old content or “copy & paste” haha that cracked me up! But seriously though it’s a good strategy. Put good use to stuff you have already put a ton of time into. I’m going to put that one into practice right away.

  25. Great post John, most of things we already know to do, but the way you have presented the same things, really help to follow a strategy. Simple but effective! Thanks.

  26. Darren says:

    Hey John, I don’t know if there’s an eBook possible for my site… maybe there is. I can certainly attempt to write one. Anyway, I’m wondering what your opinion is on relying strictly on a newsletter. What I’m looking at doing is having a weekly newsletter with upcoming events, classes and the like around Vancouver.



  27. e-mail templates is a cheap and easy way to differ from other sellers. And you don’t need to pay to the designer.

  28. Hey Chow,

    From the video I can say that Aweber is the best tool for the starters. Since I am in internet marketing, tools like Aweber can help me greatly in achieving what I have desired.

    Thanks for this wonderful post.

  29. Joe says:

    Very Heavy stuff, especially the re-purposing of content. What happens when you’ve used up all the information you have and there’s not much to show for it? How do you find new content to branch off into?

  30. Money-Era says:

    I wonder if such ‘repackaging’ old content (adding sentences before and after) would really work to the user benefit…

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