How To Set Up The Most Effective Email Follow Up System – Part 6

3 Simple Stats to Measure Email Success

Have you ever gotten lost? On a road trip, for example, or maybe hiking through the woods? It can be quite an unsettling experience, but if you have the tools to get “found” again, navigating the unknown becomes a lot easier.

When you’re traveling by car, maps, compasses and GPS units help you compare where you are to where you want to go – and if all else fails, you can just stop and ask for directions! But what about when you face a different kind of unknown, like marketing your business through email?

That Can Be Unsettling Too, Can’t It?

After all, like many businesses, you may be getting into email marketing for the first time. It’s 100% uncharted territory for you. So how do you know if:

  • your opt-in form does a good job of getting people to subscribe to your list?
  • your subscribers actually open and read your emails?
  • your emails get people to go to your site and make purchases from you?

Stats: Your Road Map To Better Email Campaigns

Expert email marketers use a variety of statistics to help them track how well the different parts of their campaigns are doing, and to identify where they can improve. These metrics are their “map” to more profits! The good news is, you don’t have to be an expert to start tracking like one.

It’s easy for anyone to measure the response to their signup forms and messages. Let’s start measuring your success with some basic stats.

Basic Stat #1: Opt-In Rate

What It Tells You: How good a job your signup form is doing of getting people to sign up to your email list.

How To Calculate It: Divide the number of people who fill out your form by the number of people who visit the page where your form appears. Note: This is already calculated for you via web forms you create using AWeber’s Web Form Generator.

Example: You’re trying to get people to sign up to your list using a form on your homepage. 150 people visit your page, and 20 of
them sign up to your list. Your opt-in rate is 20/150 = 13.3%

How You Might Improve It:

  • Put the form in a different location on the page.
  • Change the headline (text above the form that “sells” people on signing up).
  • Use different colors in/around the form to draw more attention to it.

Basic Stat #2: Open Rate

What It Tells You: How good you are at getting people to open (and hopefully read) your messages. Note: to track opens, you must send HTML-formatted emails.

How To Calculate It: Divide the number of opens by the number of emails sent. Note: This is automatically calculated for AWeber users.

Example: You send your newsletter to 750 people. It gets 300 opens. Your open rate is 300/750 = 40%

How You Might Improve It:

  • Use different wording in your subject lines to grab your readers’ interest and entice them to open your emails.
  • Send your messages on a different day, or at a different time of day.
  • Change your “from” email address and name to something subscribers are more likely to recognize and associate with your company

Basic Stat #3: Click-Through Rate

What It Tells You: How good you are at getting people to go to your order form, homepage or other links in your emails.

How To Calculate It: Two ways to do this, and you can use either one as long as you do so consistently – they don’t tell you exactly the same thing, so don’t compare apples and oranges!

  1. Number of clicks divided by number of emails sent
  2. Number of clicks divided by number of opens

If you’re sending plain text emails, the second way isn’t an option since you can only track opens for HTML emails. The difference between the two is that the 2nd way limits the influence of a good/bad open rate on your click-through rate. If fewer people open your email, then there are fewer people who could click on your links.

Examples: Using the first way: You send a newsletter to 750 people. 150 clicks are recorded on the links in that message. Your click-through rate is 150/750 = 20%

Using the second way: You send that same newsletter, which got 350 opens. Your click-through rate is 150/350 = 42.9%

How You Might Improve It:

Whichever method you use to calculate your click-through rate, the same principles apply to improving it.

  • Place your links in different locations in your messages (higher, lower, left, right, centered).
  • Change the wording around your links to drive people to click them (this text on/around your link is commonly called your call-to-action).
  • In HTML messages, try different text sizes and colors for your links – or use image links *instead* of text ones!

Where You’re Going Counts More Than Where You Are

Something to keep in mind: it doesn’t matter whether your own stats are higher, lower or about the same as the examples I used today. What’s important is that you track your campaigns and test changes to them to see what your subscribers respond to. After all, a 50% open rate might sound great, but not as great as a 60% one.

Put AWeber’s Powerful Tracking Tools To Work For You

I’ve just discussed the tip of the email tracking iceberg today. AWeber offers plenty of other email metrics that you can use to make your campaigns as profitable as possible. But you’ve gotta start somewhere. And there’s no time like here, and now.

51 thoughts on “How To Set Up The Most Effective Email Follow Up System – Part 6”

  1. Jon says:

    Hey John, That was a heck of good lesson, I’m Thankful you put the effort in to Share. Have a great day!

    1. I’m gonna have to agree with you here. This has been a good series. I know from experience that email marketing can be super profitable and this was definitely a good guide to go off of.

    2. Review is the most important feature of any email marketing campaign, you must know how many people open , how many click and what is the success rate.

      somewhere in between one must know where campaign is heading. Great tip john

      -Shanker Bakshi

      1. Knowing where you are and setting goals. It sounds like aweber is a stats junkie’s dream.
        Making one change and seeing the results is probably the best way to optimize your e-mails. If you change too many variable at once, you won’t know what worked and what didn’t.

  2. How do you keep people on the email list after they’ve opted in for the free gift. I have found some people sign up, get the link to the free ebook and then sign out.

    Are these kind of subscribers changeable?

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      That’s a good question. In the case of John, I’m also wondering about it. I noticed that sometimes john’s subscriber list increased and decrease. I think john has the ability to keep subscriber on his list because he offers good content and people want to keep updated with his blog news.

    2. LetUpdate says:

      You must offer something really useful in email if want people do not sign out. In others hand, never give spam email, it certainly make people sign out.

      1. Yes absolutely ,as john said you must have something in it for your subscriber,

        -Shanker Bakshi

    3. They are not useful otherwise also, my experiance say only 2 to 3% people do that. All we can do is to forget these sort of instance, or there is anything else we can do about it John?

      -Shanker Bakshi

    4. I don’t know from personal experience on the e-mailer’s side, but as a subscriber, It’s all about content.
      If your ebook is subpar, I probably won’t want to stay subscribed to your e-mail list. If you send me too many emails, I also won’t want to stay on the list.
      Write an eBook that makes me beg for more and only send me an e-mail once in awhile (and make the email spark interest) and you’ll have a subscriber for life.

  3. Even more importan tthan the open rate is the delivery rate. If the email doesn’t reach the prospect, there is no chance to open it.
    IMHO, a clean email database is an absolut must. Get rid of old addresses that are not valid anymore (use an email checking program and delete all mails that return a 550 error (where the error description tells you that the user is unknown).
    Also make sure that your sending domain is not blacklisted.

    Btw, it is just 93 days to christmas – have you prepared your site for the holidays?

    1. Thanks for reminding about old e-mails. They put effect on the open rate very much, and as a result you can’t trust it.

    2. LetUpdate says:

      Oh, you have the point there. I agree that the first thing is ensuring the email reach.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        I’m not sure but AWeber is well-known for using a technology that make sure all your subscribers receive your emails.

      2. Sahil Kotak says:

        Awber is very good for that thing and many of bloggers use it.

    3. Almost all email marketing software have this feature, they automatically cleaned up email addresses which get bounced.

      -Shanker Bakshi

  4. Volksphone says:

    Thanks for sharing this great email marketing information. Nice series.


  5. Blogging says:

    @Christmas is here (almost)
    Thank you for reminding us of that 😉 I mean to clean out our email lists / address books. Good tip! SY

    1. Volksphone says:

      me, too 🙂


    2. Just saw an article on clickz about tracking email campaigns. The is a download link to a whitepaper by pivotal which mentions that the rate of undeliverably emails is a big fact iin calculating a senders reputation. IMHO a very good read and important when you wan to get the most out of your email list.
      An other key point they made was that ““Reputation is still within your ontrol and will remain so. You do not need to pay someone to have a good reputation …”

      Btw, it’s 88 days until Christmas, did you start planning your Christmas Vacation to get away from familiy and friends?

  6. DJ says:

    I never thought about people opting in for the gift then just opting out afterwards. I will have to keep an eye on that. I think Bejamin Cip is correct in saying that if you put up good content people will stay. Great info as usual John.

    1. I think the quality of the free content and the number of e-mails you send out afterwords has a lot to do with it.
      1) If the ebook is good or bad will determine if the reader is even interested in staying on the list.
      2) Following up with too many e-mails right away can come across as spammy. John doesn’t start his e-mail followup for 3 days, then 7 more days I believe.. That’s enough space to not feel spammed, but still remember he is there.

    2. nathan says:

      Some people may change their minds if they don’t get what they are looking for after they have signed up for an email campaign.

  7. EarningStep says:

    amazing… seems like you need to create one ebook and include all part in one.. i will very happy to be the first one to download it.. thanks john … your informations are worth to thousands of dollars

  8. I suck at email marketing.

    I mean I have run a couple of small lists, but I have only recently started to try and build an email list on my blog. I was really inspired by a post on this blog, the one that contained John talking about how he got his blog to 40k USD a month.

    The business model struck me as being really smart and a lot better than just relying on advertising. With advertising you are counting on getting high traffic or good PR. If you start afresh, this can be difficult to do at first.

    John’s approach is an excellent one that is acccessible to anyone with half a brain, which is why I am giving it a crack of the whip on my blog.

    My metrics at this time are pretty poor, but I am getting by on them. This has given me some stats and figures to shoot for.

    Cheers John

    1. Brad says:

      I’ve been trying to grow my list too,
      Hardest part is when everytime you send out an email, – you get people unsubscribing from your list.
      I hate that feeling.

      1. How often do you send out e-mails?

      2. This is something to do with

        -Campaign you send
        -And Interest of your opt in subscriber

        may be that is cause why people are unsubscribe every time you send out mail.

        It is something to do with the kind of campaign you are running,
        the campaign should not look like you are spamming or something.

        Frequency is not the case.

        I receive e-mails from MaxblogPress almost everyday and i never subscriber as it always have something in which i am interested.

        -Shanker Bakshi

      3. Nick Aviles says:

        In my opinion, don’t send out emails just for the sake of sending them out. Have something interesting and appealing to say, starting with a creative subject.

  9. Knup says:

    Thanks for this series John. Email Marketing has been a great challenge for me but I’m working to improve conversions! Thanks!

  10. LetUpdate says:

    I like this post john. You tell us how to measure email success and also how to improve if email success at low rate.

  11. One more regardign deliverability:
    I mentioned checking for blacklists in my above comment. Go to dnsstuff com and register for the 7 day free trial of the ‘Mail Server Test Center’. It reveals a lot useful information when sending via your own servers 🙂

    And don’t forget – Make Your Site Ready For Christmas

  12. shuvo says:

    Great post john.Great work.

  13. Brian Carr says:

    Great post, yet again. I’ve learned a lot about improving my opt-in throughout this series, although, sadly I have yet to see a jump in opt-ins. One day soon!

  14. Great points once again. We can never have too many email addresses, IMO. We just have to know when to push market and when to just collect contact info.

  15. fas says:

    Analytics are a important part of the game, a must check.

  16. Loving this series, for reals. Quality content.

  17. Congratulation JOHN for Hitting 60k feed subscriber Mark.

    -Shanker Bakshi

  18. shuvo says:

    As always great article john.

  19. Elcoj says:

    Hi there,
    Can i get a one small picture from your site?

  20. Brian says:

    I followed your advice from a previous post and picked up the action comments plugin and bought the Ulitimate Footer Ad. In both instances I can’t get the product to work. I’m pretty bummed.

  21. Hey John!
    It’s kinda post that does it all yet doesn’t give it all. In it’s simplicity, few critical questions are missed & it is not enough to give an action plan or game theory to blogger, however, it certainly does give few rocking areas to think about in general about email marketting.
    I am sure the readers, who are smart enough to figure it out, will get that & produce some powerful results.
    Kinda unforgettable impact! Loved it.

  22. I have one question on your blog that what the technique you use for rank your blog for keyword “make money online”. Really its a big win.

  23. Thanks for providing all the info, really appreciate it and helped me a lot

  24. I started from part 1 and ending here and it was just really awesome

  25. gaban says:

    it is a great article john

  26. The problem I had was retaining subscribers, but I think I have to use your strategy to help keep them without opting out.

    Thanks again for this awesome tip 🙂

  27. Money-Era says:

    John, any idea if AWeber would run a campaign or promo soon? I am for sure signing up. If you knew that a special is coming, please let us know 🙂

    1. Money-Era says:

      I have just learnt that AWeber first month of service is just $1! With 30-day money back guarantee this is a good deal. Need to prepare a campaign for my blog though. Perhaps I will use some of the tactics of most successful bloggers

  28. JoshuaElliot says:

    I realized that Aweber is a much friendlier 3rd party email company than GetResponse.

    As Aweber has the feature build in, where Get Response has to upgrade to have that feature.

    Anyway, if any of you are looking into GetResponse, forget about it, and go for Aweber instead.

    I recommend Aweber.

  29. Hey John,

    I must say the three steps that you have mentioned are great. The main emphasis should be on the CTR as they are the only beneficial clicks that we all look out for.

    And CTR can help you out in making a perfect list.

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