How To Start An Internet Business with Only $500

In this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog, I show you how I would start a new internet business with only $500 of start up money. I also give my answer to someone who asked me for $500 to buy new shoes.

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14 thoughts on “How To Start An Internet Business with Only $500”

  1. Evy says:

    Good Afternoon Mr. Chow!

    Love your genuineness, cool personality and marketing intelligence! Thank you for all the value you share!

  2. Dee Samuel says:

    I have a concern: I am want truly to join your team of MOBE. I am wondering How much I need to get my feet in. I want you to be honest with me.

    1. Royce Kemp says:

      Hey Dee,

      All you need to get your feet in the door is a one off $49 USD payment for the 21step business program. This will help you begin your journey. Download John’s e-book if you haven’t done so already, this will provide you with some really great bonuses to help you out once you get started. There are a few upscale upgrades on offer along the way for extra $$ but there is no obligation to buy these to complete the 21step program. And if you find it’s not for you simply apply for a refund. Hope this helps answer your question. Good luck to you and your journey.

      With Regards

      21step newbie
      Royce Kemp

  3. Hey John!

    That’s crazy the fact that people would just email you out of the blue asking for money. And they are not afraid to ask for expensive stuff!

    I bet you get such emails every week.

    hahaha I like the end of your video!

    Yes, that was a dumb question to ask!

    The other question, though, is a good one.

    Thank you for sharing your honest answer!

    Best regards! 😀

  4. DNN says:

    Why would anyone ask another person to spot them $500 for a pair of those that cost that much money? That’s really stupid of someone to peddle another for $500 just to buy shoes with. $500 can be used to do alot of things that’ll turn the $500 into millions. People…I tell you…lol

  5. Datadot says:

    Nice Blog….

  6. Wes says:

    “Energy and Persistence Conquer ALL Things.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Great video John!

    Have a DYNAMITE day and week!

  7. Gwen & Roy says:

    Good morning John you are just awesome ,I appreciate all your advice and as we are new to MOBE we learn from some of your stragedies . Thank you again for your free help.

  8. Aimee says:

    Thank you John. Love your videos, very inspiring and genuine. It seems like you are just talking to a good friend.

  9. Graham says:

    Hi John,
    Great points as always and yes there is a world full of DA’s out there, but my question is this, if it takes a while maybe 6months+ to get your blog established what would you do to survive? Let’s say you needed to make a $500 a month survival fund, would you do SEO for local companies, sell physical products on Amazon or sell digital affiliate products on FB to create momentum and break away from your JOB?

    1. John Chow says:

      You would continue doing what you’re doing to make money. The internet business is built part time. You can quit your job and live the Dot Com Lifestyle when the business over takes your job income.

  10. DNN says:

    When you’re struggling, your mental health will be tested when someone tries to wrongfully shame you in front of others. I feel that’s when the true character in you whether it be positive or negative. Moreover, your mental health is everything because it can affect your earning potential in the future.

  11. Jon says:

    Hi John,

    I like that you mentioned an autoresponder as an essential tool when you start out.
    Collecting email addresses from the beginning is the best strategy as your traffic is not wasted on attempts to make one off sales.

    When you start out if you don’t have a funnel with several products, you should promote residual affiliate programs as the best alternative.

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