How To Stay On Top Of Your Blogging Game

Let me start off by asking you this simple question – do you still think you are that top seller in your market? Are you really feeling the impact of this saturated market called the “blogosphere?”

Maybe we will trash this out later in comments, but before then I would say you keep reflecting on the question which the title of this post begs…

I will like to focus this article on business blogging, so it’s going to be real business and marketing talks!

As the blogosphere becomes more and more saturated, business blogs are created and believe me what every blogger be it a business blog owner or passionate blog marketer wants is to attract real time visitors and also to generate new leads to his business blog.

In this challenging and competitive time of business blogging, one thing never seize to leave my mind and what could that be if you may ask? That will be running a business blog that will stand out from the massive blog lists which have filled up the spaces in the blogging industry – the market place of blogging.

The truth is that no matter how saturated the blogging industry has become, a handful of smart business bloggers are still writing a huge income statement and drinking up the juicy benefits that comes from business blogging, believe me this is nothing but the truth…

Based on my 3Es Rules of Blogging – exposure, experience and expertise, I have been able to narrow down 3Rs simple practices for staying on top of your game with a strong voice even when there are millions of competitors out there in the blogosphere.

So without wasting much of your time, let’s see a list of 3Rs simple practices to standing out with a strong voice in your business blogging career:

Re-Discover Your Own Paradise

Now I want to believe you had already discovered your own paradise where you happen to be the king of the jungle… but how about rediscovering it again? Is it something you can do?

Your own paradise is that business blogging strategy or marketing style which you use to make your voice sound intimidating and stronger than that of your competitors.

Now let’s say you have been blogging with this strategy for over 3 to 5 years and in all these years more of your competitors are covertly running around you learning the things you know. In other words they have been acquiring your blogging secrets, and selling skills and putting up new strategies to hit the same market where you are the king. What do you think will be the outcome?

No matter how timid or small they may look, the truth is that they will certainly take some part of your space in that market and if you ask me that may not go too well…

You need to stay on top of your game by rediscovering what you had already discovered and then make it a new born again in the eyes of your audience, that way both your audience and your competitors will keep seeing new and unique products springing up from your blog.

This will also keep your competitors thinking and wondering how you keep pulling the stunts, hence giving you a better space to stay on top of your game and keep dominating the market!

The blogosphere is getting real big and saturated so it’s time to look further and beyond the walls my friend…

Re-Visit Your Blog About Page and Set Up the Fire!

In few blogs where I have guest posted, I always try to remind the readers of the need to treat their About me page as a Virtual Sales Pitch…

The “About us” page is one hell of a page in your business blog that connects you directly with the new visitors to your blog and then directs them to the other pages or parts of your blog.

Did you notice the flow of connection here? First they will get to know you and then get to know what your blog can sell or offer them.

This is exactly what you need to stand out tall and make your voice strong at all time irrespective of what number of blogs are created daily in your niche!

Most business blogs are totally out of the game when it comes to writing an About page that converts. In this time of flooded blog market, another thing that will help distinguish you and help you convert every single visitor into a client, reader or buyer is your About us page.

I like to call it the “King of all Pages” and truly it’s, you just have to use and position it as a converting and driving tool on your blog and the result will call itself.

But how can you write an About page that converts? I have a few suggestions for you!

Let’s briefly see a list of features which an About page built as a Virtual Sales Pitch and Converting tool has:

  • It shows off your picture, human presence and passion to connect with visitors and clients
  • It tells a brief story about how your products and services were created
  • It sells the benefits of your blog even to the least visitor
  • It skips and filters away all those industry jargons and business blah blah blah
  • It keeps visitors busy clicking on targeted products links tailored to solving their first hand problems
  • It backs up your business dealings with success stories and testimonies
  • It doesn’t promise a great customer experience, but specifics on what your blog can do to solve their problems

And I can keep listing them…

Re-Package and Spice Up Your Products and Services with the Today’s Digital Marketing Tools

John Chow, is one blogger and marketing icon who I respect so much. He is a guru at this and has already been re-packaging and spicing up his blog products and services with eye catchy digital marketing tools.


Every market has a thing which its buyers want. As a business blogger, I assume you already have products and service which you sell or markets. These are products that either distinguishes you or common in your market.

Since the market is getting flooded, it will be a great time to re-examine these products and services and rebrand them with a compelling look and most importantly present them in formats which stands out.

Today, not all business blogs have the capacity of selling or marketing their products with digital marketing tools, not every business blog can shoot a video or do a podcast, so I say this can be an edge which your blog can have over such business blogs.

You can go beyond the walls by doing a video version of your most popular posts or even create entirely new ones. These days, internet users are always in hurry to leave and many are beginning to enjoy watching live shots in videos than reading long articles.

Also launching new products in the forms of CDs, eBooks and Webinars are great ways of staying on top of your game.

What more can you do to stay on top of your game in this crowded and saturated market called the Blogosphere?

Just Listen and keep listening… yea that’s the last thing I will tell you. Just keep doing what you know best but while doing so try to keep your ears open and know when to increase your speed…

Over to You!

Alright back to the questions which this post begs:

Do you still think you are that top seller in your market?

Are you really feeling the impact of this saturated market called the “blogosphere?”

This is the perfect time to hear from you! So let’s get the discussion started…

Jackson Nwachukwu is the lead blogger and writer at Jackson is interested in content writing and blogging. Need tips to apply and get results? Visit him today for more on how to write for traffic and money. Twitter: @dailytipsdiary

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  1. mrsamdp says:

    really nice article, thank you soo much :)))) motivated me ;))

    1. Hello Mrsamdp

      I am glad you got motivated by this article. Cheers!

  2. FERNANDO BIZ says:

    Great post and good to get reminded about the usefulness of considering a epic About Us Page.

    1. Hello Fernando,

      Epic About Us Page is very key to a successful online presence. Do it right and you will certainly be on top of your blogging game.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Susan Velez says:

    I am in the process of launching my own products, while keeping up with my blog. I never knew how much hard work was involved.

    Since I started blogging I have realized there are so many blogs around. But that can only be a good thing. If there weren’t a lot of blogs, then it may mean that blogging does not work?

    Thanks for the post I always pick up something valuable when I visit your site.

    1. Hello Susan,

      It’s great to know you learn new things here on

      John is an innovator and he has it as his priority to bring new things for a better online presence.

      Thanks for an awesome comment.

  4. sameer says:

    Great tips.After reading this am thinking about my about us page,really i want to change it.About us page is virtual reflector of yourself.Thank you for such great tips.

    1. Hi Sameer,

      I am glad you enjoyed reading and especially taking up a call to action.

      Cheers buddy!

  5. faisal says:

    About page is important but content is important then only people will visit about page.

    1. Vin DiCarlo says:

      I agreed With You. I also think without great content no one will be interested to visit about page.

  6. Great blog on the importance of a good about me page. I going change my page make it ten times better. Glad I stopped by today.

  7. Carol Amato says:


    Very interesting article. Never in my life have I heard the recommendation to use an About page to convert…. Simple, but truly have never heard this perspective. Must have been hiding under a rock. LOL

    Will be implementing some of the suggested methods above, thanks so very much!

    Carol Amato

    1. Hey Carol,

      Wow! I am glad you heard this here on, a new dawn in blogging…

      So now is the time to stay on top of your blogging game!

      Thanks for reading.

  8. Hi Jackson,

    You have spoken well, about page is one of the most important aspect of a blogger to tell his/her visitor what his/her blog entails and give a brief description of him/herself.

    1. Hello Adesanmi,

      Thanks for reading and dropping an awesome comment.


  9. I. C. Daniel says:

    Pages with high traffic from Google must be revised to improve earnings in my opinion.

  10. Good topic!. Yeah it’s a good thing to always update and more improve the about me pages to get you going in this kind of industry.

    Thanks for the good Idea Sharing ^_^

    Jessie Caturan

    1. Hello Jessie,

      I am glad you enjoyed reading the post.


  11. Bryan Hee says:

    Fresh content that readers interested is vital to attract readers re-visit your blogs for new content.

  12. matt says:

    Nice article very helpful updating keeping up on your game helps

  13. Hi Jackson,

    Thanks for a great post! I thought the advice about an epic “About Me” page was particularly useful. I also haven’t really thought of it from that perspective before.

    Thanks for sharing!


  14. Ugee says:

    Thanks for these tips. They were really helpful

  15. Maybe you are right. I’ve not touch up my About Page for most of my blogs (in fact all) for a long time. Time to re-ignite back!

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