How To Stop Selling and Start Compelling

How To Stop Selling and Start Compelling was the title of the presentation given by Jason Bax for the Vancouver Business Network. The meetup was held at the ING Direct lobby in downtown Vancouver and centered around what Jason calls Demotainment.

What Is Demotainment?

A demo is a method of showing by example rather than simple explanation. Entertainment is providing passive fun, enjoyment and laughter. Demotainment equals Demo plus Entertainment.

Less Selling, More Compelling

According to Jason, the rules of the sales pitch have changed. In this age of short attention span brought on by increased technology and social media, people can easily avoid a sales pitch. To attract today’s new customer (or blog readers) you need to focus less on selling and more on being compelling. This is where Demotainment comes in.

Jason showed many examples of Demotainment videos that does a great job pitching without pitching. Here are a few.

All the above videos were huge successes for their creators and in the case of Blendtec, it came out of nowhere to become a $200 million company. And it was largely thanks those “Will it Blend?” videos. Those videos don’t do any selling, but they are extremely compelling.

You don’t need to be a big company to use Demotainment. Any blogger can use it to help his blog stand out from the crowd. The acronym D.E.M.O.T. will help you remember the rules of the new pitch:

  • D = Demonstrate. Show us don’t tell us.
  • E = Entertain your audience using fun, shock or awe.
  • M = Make it short.
  • O = Original and outstanding.
  • T = Tell them exactly what to do next

You can see more examples of Demotainment videos and get advice on how to create your own at Jason’s blog, Business Unusual.

Jason’s presentation was very compelling and entertaining. I took away some key points that I know will help improve my blog. There was a video recording made of Jason’s presentation. I will try to get a copy to put on YouTube.

50 thoughts on “How To Stop Selling and Start Compelling”

  1. fazal mayar says:

    Jason knows what hes doing and talking about, looked like great stuff, will watch it again for sure.

    1. Jason is the new man on the block to learn from!

      1. it makes sense,its always fun to see people come up with new ideas and implement them for the rest of us.

        1. We welcome new, innovative and workable solutions anytime!

      2. Jason Bax says:

        I’m glad you said ‘man’ not kid.

    2. Jason Bax says:

      Thanks Fazal. Thanks for checking it out.

    3. Hey John,

      I agree that Jason is doing a great job. On the other hand no matter what you call it and how entertaining it is, demotainment is trying to compel people to a buying action and therefore it is still selling in disguise.

      1. Jason Bax says:


        1) Let me know who isn’t selling something, OK?
        2) One of the case studies I use has 56K subscribers to their YouTube channel all signed up to watch entertaining pitches. (I’m sure you’d appreciate that being an email list builder who likely uses free reports, tips and books to get people to signup on a list and then send them offers. Am I wrong?)
        3) People don’t have a problem as long as it offers MORE entertainment than pitch…
        Example…Would you watch a TV show if there were MORE commercials than entertainment? I doubt it
        FACTOID – In TV land the commercial is called “content”
        4) Let’s just let the results of these video pitches speak for themselves. Check out the view counts they’ve gotten on Youtube.

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  3. Awesome video John, Glad to see this.

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    1. Bikes are lovely..but I prefer cars… In the case of minimising the impact of road accidents! hahaha

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  7. 2nd video also interesting which consists of Bled discussion..

  8. the video presentation is really cool. Always do these kind of presentations, which will enhance the visitors to stay long time in your blog.

    1. Videos nowadays work better as it gives a more personal touch and you are able to relate to the person better as you can see him physically!

  9. A lot has really changed since the early days of Internet Marketing. I like the D.E.M.O.T. method and if well put to place, there must be good results

    1. Jason Bax says:

      Please share your new pitch when it comes out. I’d love to see it.

      In fact, if ANYONE has an entertaining pitch I’d love to check it out and share it…

  10. Erwin Miradi says:

    Yeah it makes sense. The entertainment factor is a lot more important. I like the video of that mad scientist trying to blend an iPad. His smile is kinda scary though.

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        Yeah it is.. In a scary way. 😀

  11. fas says:

    These marketing ideas cost alot to implement.

    1. @Fas, sometimes investments are worth it 🙂 As a former financial specialist, I will advise you to look at the net present value of the investment and see if it is worth it though..

    2. Jason Bax says:

      Expensive compared to what, Fas?

  12. Yes they can cost a lot to implement BUT what counts is what you get back from them.

    A smart marketing exercise will have you recuperating lots more than you spent.

    1. Well said Audrey. You really need to sit down right from the start and think about how you are gg to launch a marketing campaign.

  13. Brock Blohm says:

    This is so true. I usually inform people of the ‘like and trust’ method. Quite similar to what you have mentioned above.

    We no longer want to be ‘sold’ on something. That ended in the 70’s! lol. We are becoming more aware of how marketing works, as a society. People know a sales pitch when they see one – it’s quite obvious. Therefore, we must change the way we run business. Stop selling and start compelling! Couldn’t agree more.

    Good stuff!

    1. You are learning the tricks of the trade well, Brock! Well done and keep on going!

    2. Jason Bax says:

      You’ve got it, Brock!

      You can read more about my pitchless pitch approach by following me at

  14. Sales pitches after sales pitches just do not work… it is definitely more important to gain the trust of your potential customers..rather than showing them the greedy money face of yours right from the start.

  15. Jason Bax says:

    Thanks for compliments everyone.

    Fas, “these ideas cost a lot to implement” compared to what?

  16. Essays says:

    It is very important that, make it short because people really don’t have time for long presentations.

    1. Very true man cos my patience can be quite as short as reading just the headlines of a salesletter!

  17. Jordan Chiang says:

    It was a brilliant night to have met the audacious John Chow and fruitful insight from Jason Bax on sexy’n up marketing strategies for today’s media-hungry generation. Demo-tainment is really what catches on to people, as the phrase ‘a picture is world a thousand words’ goes without saying for the video aspect!

  18. Amani says:

    entertaining and funny advertisement will definitely catch people eyes. it just hard to create advertisement like these.

    1. Jason Bax says:

      Hard compared to what?

      Hard work is creating advertising and marketing that blend in, pollute the world with noise and get no response. That’s hard and not too bright.

  19. Pam Britton says:

    Thanks for sharing Jason’s “DEMOT”…I’ll definitely be integrating this style into my new posts. Much more work, but from time to time it’s doable.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I agree. I really like DEMOT – I learned a few things from this post.

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  21. Jason is the man. Thanks John for sharing that with us. I saw a couple of Jason’s presentations in the past year. I have been blogging for a few years now and I have always been demonstrating. I just did not know that it was “A way of doing things”..

  22. Nick says:

    This is a new way of thinking. I love this idea. I have an online store selling wenger backpack . You remind me some important things. Thanks for sharing.

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  24. PPC Ian says:

    Very helpful tips. It’s all about “what’s in it for me” these days. Provide overwhelming value, and people will buy whatever it is you are selling. Try a hard sales pitch, and you are likely to fail.

    1. Jason Bax says:

      Bang on! You got it, Ian.

      In the examples I give in my presentation and on – the successful pitches usually have more entertainment VALUE than pitch.

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