How To Turn Free Traffic Into Money Right Now

Traffic has to do with people coming to your website, not some pieces of scripts or bots called search engines.

Oftentimes, if you don’t convert your free traffic as quickly as possible, they’d start to perceive you as not being serious and a joker. Aha! You don’t want that to happen!

When I first started building my email list, I didn’t promote any affiliate offer to them and when I eventually did, 12% got angry and unsubscribed. Oops!

Wow, these people have forgotten that real marketing deals with sales.

If I don’t promote premium products to my visitors, how can I sustain my online business in order to meet their needs consistently? Seriously, you need to start monetizing free traffic before it gets too late.


In this post, my aim is to share the 2 tips you can use to turn free traffic into money right now. But there is a caveat you must understand.

People will get angry

The truth is that when you’re not doing anything to make money off your blog and the efforts you put into it, some of your readers are going to love it. Did I just say that?

So, get ready to lose a lot of free visitors and blog readers. Some will get angry just because you asked them to check out a product.

Sure, you’ve to take things easy and focus on engagement and value, but that shouldn’t take the place of sales.

All the articles, videos, podcasts, e-books and special giveaway you’ve been doing are integral aspects of marketing – but it doesn’t put money into your bank account.

The only way to make money is to channel free traffic into your sales funnel and get them to buy the product you’ve.

If you’ve an email list, when you send a special product to them to check out, you’ll get a bunch of people opting out – don’t be discouraged. It’s normal.

If you own a blog, then you’re a leader and leaders aren’t discouraged by what a certain group of people do. According to Jeffrey Bartel, “throughout one’s career, you’re faced with decisions.”

The 2 simple tips you can use to turn free traffic into money is:

1. Get them to talk

Yes, when you ask the right questions, your readers would reply and open up to you. They can share their deepest challenges and how much efforts they’ve put into solving them. All to no avail.

Even if you don’t have an email list at this point, write a special post that’s focused on extracting information from your readers and target audience.

Truly, when people tell you what they’re facing right now, you can easily craft the right solution for them.

A friend of mine that runs a photography blog used Survey Monkey (here) to generate product ideas and today, he’s made over $4,000 from the product sales in 3 months.

You should do the same thing. Send a newsletter to your list members and ask them to tell you what problems they’re facing. Tell them you’re willing to help – just be courteous and think like them.

2. Recommend a free-trial program

One powerful way to earn recurring/passive income from your free traffic is to offer them a free-trial program or product. It could be a membership site or software.

This means that in the first 7 – 30 days, they can enjoy the awesome services and treatments as though they’re staff members. Who doesn’t like that?

Remember that we’re talking about free traffic here. These people are already used to free stuffs, and approaching them with the same language can bring in more money for you in the future.

We’ve autoresponders and web hosting services with 30-day free trial periods. You can join as an affiliate to promote them. Don’t worry about the initial commissions. Focus on the backend where the real money is.  

Free traffic is valuable

If your niche can’t be monetized with affiliate offers, you may want to look through Amazon for physical products. Google AdSense is still a money earner for some people.

Just position the Ads where these free visitors can easily find and click them – you’d earn consistent income without selling any product whatsoever.

Are you converting your free traffic to money already? The comment box below is yours. Feel free to share your traffic generation tips with the community as well.

If you need quality content that can generate free traffic and money for you, check out my content writing package.

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31 thoughts on “How To Turn Free Traffic Into Money Right Now”

  1. Liton Biswas says:

    I agree with you Michael. If some readers get angry that is their fault. They should think that you are working hard to give them valuable information. They should pay for your hard work. In another word you should demand for your hard work. Everyone do this. If you lose some readers then they are not your target reader. Either they don’t need your product or they are not mature enough to pay.
    I run a blog about civil engineering and construction ( Some of my readers aren’t civil engineer or professional in this field. They come to get some information sometimes. If they get angry, if I promote something then i won’t mind.

    Thanks for your post.

  2. Thank you for the great post Michael. At the moment I am only using one banner to send my free traffic to my website. I don’t want to use many ads because it may channel my traffic somewhere else. Please advice if I am doing the right thing.

    1. You mean you use one banner to send traffic to your landing page or affiliate offer? If that’s the case, less can be more if you do it right. In other words, make sure that the banner is positioned at a vantage position where it can attract the most clicks.

  3. Muhammad says:

    You are right Michael, there are several niche where Affiliates offer quite less to sell but Google Adsense is quite good for them and direct ad sales is another good option. To do the practice of get them to talk one can use social media first to place images with questions about any burning issue and same tactic can be applied on blog

  4. John Gibb says:

    hi Michael

    I was expecting another great post from you…

    This one is no different!

    Would you like to add some salt and pepper to your content? I suggest you use some case studies or personal stories from within your business. We both know how genuine PROOF is the name of the game.

    For example, my business is about helping people rank sites in Google, and making $ with affiliate products (real products, not ebooks or virtual stuff)

    The best proof I have is my actual rankings on Google for different key terms and money keywords. Customers want my coaching and services because they see I am an active player in the game, not someone who just make claims or invents stuff…

  5. Sunday says:

    Sure, its important that free traffic be converted. I am never advocate of blog or site with streams of traffic but without sales. It doesn’t make sense to me, especially if the blog is for business.
    One undeniable fact is that many people are not sure of how to convert free traffic but I guess these two tips will open up floods of ideas for them.

    In the Internet marketing news aggregator site – this post was shared and the above comment left.


  6. Susan Velez says:

    HI Michael,

    I am actually working on improving my squeeze page for my main site. I just finished creating my first product and working on a sales funnel.

    Would you recommend putting a sales funnel on the main blog and get people into the sales funnel to begin promoting my first product?

    Right now I just promote a free ebook that I wrote, because I did not have my own product.

    Still learning how to set up my funnel but I have heard so many people talk about how useful they are. There’s so much to learn, but I seem to be getting it down.

  7. Geoff Todd says:

    I think a 12% opt-out rate is extremely high, unless you have a small list. You do have to expect opt-outs with every email you send. People typically sign up to a list to get something for free in the first place, so you really need to build and nurture your list in order for it to be a good money maker.

  8. faisal says:

    Traffic=Money, simple

  9. Myhox says:

    I also agree with your two point which encourage to sell online product and increase the PPC rate on Google Adsense. i like your ideas – share free trial option to your email subscribers to increase blog readership and increase sales volume.

  10. Great article Michael, you mentioned a lot of true information!

  11. Gugulethu says:

    This is why most of my squeeze pages have headlines like:

    “Spend $$$ to make $$$ in the next 30 days…”
    “Download this free report that reveals the best ‘PAID’ traffic sources…”

    I just hate freebie seekers 😀 They’re not easy to convert. But these are great tips I’ll try them. Thnx.


  12. Hi Mike,

    I seriously think the first step in monetizing your online efforts is to come to terms with human psychology. Humans respond from greed and fear alone! If one does not work, the other will or their combination will ensue.

    It is my suspicion that when you started promoting your affiliate links to your email subscribers, neither fear nor greed was employed…To properly understand this, I recommend The Prince by Niccollo Machiavelli.

    Your piece was great, nonetheless!

    – Terungwa

  13. I. C. Daniel says:

    Trials are one of the kind. Best regards!

  14. I think I need to use better squeeze pages, and start using free trials. Cheers for the insight John.

  15. Hi Michael,

    These are great points, I’ve definitely noticed that whenever I send out an email where I promote a product, I get some unsubscribers. At first I used to get a bit worried about it but then I realised that it’s actually good that they go. I would rather build a quality list of people who actually are interested in what I’m sending them than have a lots of uninterested people in it just for the sake of numbers.

    Thanks for sharing!


  16. bum says:

    I’m doing most of what I read on here from Michael and John but seem to be getting very little traffic, let alone buyers. I have a popup for a free ebook and all kinds of other optins but it’s extremely slow, talking like one new optin every 2-3 weeks! haha. help? :/

    1. bum says:

      I even removed all of my page ads per John’s “Driving with John Chow” vid. “When to monetize your blog”. I need EYEBALLS!

  17. Cole Wiebe says:

    Good post Michael,

    A few years back I had a client that demanded that we remove the short call to action forms at the bottom of most content pages. I thought they were very tasteful, each featuring one of the staff with a cheery request to send out some additional information. Someone had emailed my client to tell him they were vulgar and offensive. I tried to discourage him but he reminded me that he paid the bills, and he wanted those “offensive” forms gone. About two weeks later he called me, very upset, demanding to know why they weren’t receiving the fifty or more daily emails from the website. “Ah yes… about that.”

    Suggesting that someone buy something or take action is always going to offend someone. Not much we can do about that.

    – Cole

  18. Metz says:

    Increase the PPC rate, yes! I agree to that and also about selling online products are good. I also suggest ‘Recommend a free-trial program”,free trial programs are good and many will surely give it a try. Well, here are tools for generating more traffic. contributor

  19. Hi Micheal,
    People like that are free and free to try, see how all the major anti-virus, anti-spam program sales are made, you get it for free and then you want to keep it for 30 days free trial.

  20. MikeChiong says:

    I would have to correct you in that No Traffic is Free.. it is either paid for in Money or Time (time that you put in to work on your blog, post up content and so forth) so take advantage of any traffic you get and mix it up in your email marketing with informative stuff and also affiliate offers – calls to action that will make you money.. you could also use ppc like adsense, chitika ads, skimlinks, I also have an amazon store and clickbank store linked from the main domain blog which helps me earn some more money and it runs on autopilot if you get the right wordpress plugins. I would not remove all ads as someone said earlier – just keep posting quality content and promoting in all of the social networks, forums, groups you can.. traffic will come..

  21. Adrian says:

    I think there is no ‘free’ traffic, every traffic took your time to get it. I agree with you in start of blog post, because I spend too much money on Adwords to promote my blog. I don’t get results, can you help me, do I need to pay Facebook ads or Chikita ads*?

    1. Adrian – what I meant about adsense, chitika ads, skimlinks is that you can use all of those and there are others like infolinks, viglinks, buysellads and so forth that you put on your blog to make money from the traffic with ad impressions and clicks so you don’t pay chitika they pay you when visitors see ads or click them similar to Google adsense – of course you would need traffic to begin with to earn money from those clicks but I wouldn’t pay for traffic.. use SEO plugins, try to register your site with as many blog directories, forums and promote individual blog post links to as many public sites related to your niche as possible.

  22. Clay West says:

    Hello and im am very thankful i read this because it has opened my eyes to how much money there is actually on the internet!!

  23. Converting free traffic to cash is the reason why I’m doing my internet marketing stuff. But by balancing traffic, interest and money, it’s another huge topic to discuss. You definitely don’t want to piss your readers off by selling them too much. Make the right balance and it’ll be fine!

  24. I think trafficing your website via email is a risk. This is because we barely check those mails, resulting in no one actually knowing about your website. 🙂

  25. John Mac says:

    I can’t get quality traffic for free. If you are doing affiliation or promoting products, the effective way is paid traffic. After that comes the conversions rate what depends on the quality of your product and the quality of your sales funnel.


  26. Good post. I have this one site that’s gets a couple of thousands visitors a month, but somehow I never have the time to monetize it properly.

    I think I will do adsense for now and come up with a good freebie to get them on my list.


  27. I’m a huge fan of affiliate marketing and would love to have an income producing website. Thanks for the advice! Hope one day I can accomplish this goal.

  28. ram says:

    How much traffic is the right traffic for implementing earning options in a curated news blog?

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