How To Do Affiliate Marketing Launches with Facebook

Most launches these days come with tools for their fellow affiliates. I’m in the middle of a launch right now where they’ve given me eBooks to giveaway, swipe copy, and banners. You’ll be wise to take advantage of those tools. Today I’m going to talk about how you can use Facebook during the next affiliate launch you participate in.

Step #1 – Use the swipe copy

You’re going to want to set up an email campaign for this launch. Think of the product that you’re promoting. It’s of interest to a particular group of people that are interested in similar things. It’s best to create lists that are centered around a single interest.

Step #2- Create forms

If you’re using AWeber, then it’s quite easy to make a form and install it on your Facebook fan page. There are two reasons for doing this: first, get people onto  a targeted list by giving them one of the free eBooks that are provided; second, we’re going to run Facebook ads that use the form as a landing page.

After you’ve put the form up, you’ll want to add a custom image for the tab. You’re going to generate leads and re-market to those leads. Not every person exposed to the product is going to buy right away.

Step #3- Create Facebook ads


There are two types of ads that you’ll want to take advantage of during an affiliate contest; sponsored stories & 308 by 308 pixel ads. If you don’t already know, sponsored stories show up primarily in the newsfeed; however, they can often appear in the right sidebar as well.

The reason for running sponsored stories is that you can display social proof. These types of advertisements show Likes, Comments, and Shares; whereas, 308 by 308 pixel ads only show Likes.

When you’re creating 308 by 308 pixel ads, you’re given a variety of other targeting options. Make sure you dial down on your ideal customer for this product. Make sure you know the answer to this question, “Who needs this product?” You’ll then want to create custom audiences by extracting the ID’s from the people you want to target. Use the FB power editor and social lead freak to make this all happen.


When you take advantage of the swipe copy, banners, and free eBook giveaways, you will come out on top in the next affiliate contest you participate in. You’ll generate leads by giving away free eBooks and re-market to them on the back-end through emails. Have you guys used Facebook in any of your affiliate contests?

27 thoughts on “How To Do Affiliate Marketing Launches with Facebook”

  1. I am new to this product pre-launches and you provided me a way to do them effectively and efficiently. Respect 🙂

  2. Great advice John. Haven’t tried it on facebook yet but will plan something out to test.

  3. Alex Shaikh says:

    How to Make Ads to Split Test, any Suggestions on what would parameters would be ?

  4. Awesome Tips Mr. Rampton. Thank you very much for sharing with us!

  5. Nino says:

    Hi John, Thanks, now I have Aweber form on my page… 🙂

  6. Keenan Handy says:

    I guess facebook is where the traffic is. I never thought to use a fanpage for a jv pre-launch that beats setting up a wordpress blog anyday.. Thanks for the share. I dont have a lot of knowledge with facebook ads. John so you have a good source of information to give me up to speed?


  7. Great tips John! I haven’t tried this yet so this is really valuable information.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Susan Velez says:

    I tried product pre-launches once without any success. Maybe I should give it another shot using Facebook. Great tips…thanks.

  9. Thanks a ton John for the info, I have recently gone for amazon and godaddy. I am waiting to lat hands on my very first Adsense cheque.

  10. David Pegg says:

    Good points John, it’s easy to use Facebook for affiliate launches but doing it right is a whole new ballgame.

  11. Few of my friends are earning quite well with Facebook Ads and CPA offers. Though, I know the strategy but CR in my case is quite low. Hope, I will improve by my mistakes like everybody did.

    Thanks for the post 😉

  12. faisal says:

    facebook has become the go to king..

  13. I. C. Daniel says:

    I think it works! Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  14. Edson Hale says:

    You are right; this is an age of social media and we think about it beyond simply sharing and marketing; we just need to explore maximum options to take their full benefit

  15. Great article, John, thanks for sharing!

  16. Nicole Patel says:

    Gret advice! What s your opinion of promoted pts on Facebook? Do these really provide any benefit?

  17. Emmanuel says:

    Gotta try it out too

  18. I use Facebook ads to get a ton of leads with this strategy, it’s great.

  19. Good say. I’ve been trying to pull traffic from FB but failed. My most common tactic was to use a beautiful girl’s photo and add my link there. It worked wonders!

  20. Lenox Khan says:

    Will definitely be giving this a shot. Will save on domain and hosting fees too!

  21. Bashir Ahmed says:

    Great Advice Rampton,

    I’m going to try out and see how it works.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  22. Quang Truong says:

    I have affillite with facebook but not effective and here is good article help
    me enhance my results business

  23. David says:

    I have been looking for ways to promote my next product through Facebook. Many thanks for this article. Will definitely try out AWeber.

  24. Thanks for sharing! Looks like I’ve got some research to do regarding utilizing Facebook ads. It’s been on my to-do list for some time now.

    I had not even thought of putting an AWeber form on my Facebook fan page.

    Thanks again,

  25. Brad says:

    John – Affiliate workups are always a challenge and your approach with Facebook makes great sense. We have a lot of different forums available and the more streams of income flowing the better.

    Using response forms and including AWeber auto response can speed up reaction to each new possible customer. Interaction has been the basis of successful internet sales – the more frequently we have useful interaction the greater the chance the customer will develop trust in our service and the product. Thanks for the post.

  26. Peter Demel says:

    Facebook profile is very important. Very interestig post. thanks for sharing this.

  27. Geoff Todd says:

    That is a great way to get targeted traffic to build a list and then promote the product. That’s much easier then buying a domain and trying to rank it in a short amount of time. Thanks for the tips.


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