How To Video – Using Keyword Winner

I have been using Keyword Winner for the past few days and so far I really like it. I’ve also received a lot of questions about the new WordPress plugin. Most of the questions deal with exactly what the plugin is and how it works. The best way to answer is by creating a screencast to show Keyword Winner in action. You can watch it below.

Keyword Winners helps you get more search engine traffic by allowing you to target less competitive keywords and keyphases. The information is available right in your WordPress editor panel. There’s no need to go back and forth between two or more programs. After you enter a few keywords in the WordPress title field, click the suggestion button and Keyword Winner will tell you how many searches those keywords get each month and make recommendations on other related keywords to use.

By targeting less competitive keywords, you stand a much better chance of ranking on page 1 of Google than by going after keywords with millions of searches each month. Lets face it, unless you’re CNN or Wikipedia, you’re not going to rank for the really high volume search keywords. Targeting the lower volume niche keywords is the key to getting search engine traffic and Keyword Winner allows you to do just that.

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45 thoughts on “How To Video – Using Keyword Winner”

  1. Abhik says:

    Thanks for video John..
    I was thinking to get the plugin to test it out for one of my poor performing blog.
    Checking the video out.

    1. Hey John,

      Seeing the video is helpful in deciding whether to use the plug in or not.

      I’m still debating it.

  2. Is it a whole lot different from the free WordTracker Firefox tool?

    1. Jeff Caceres says:

      Yep this is much different, easy and can save you tons of time to determine which keyword you want to use for your blog’s headline.

  3. I’ve been checking it out & it seems like a great plugin. The big plus is the fact that you can do everything from the admin panel. That saves a lot of time.

  4. Heather Todd says:

    Great plugin ..I am going to install it..

  5. d3so says:

    I used it myself. It seems interesting but not sure how effective it is.

    1. Interesting. Was going to give this a try. Why don’t you find it effective?

    2. Abhik says:

      Did you purchased it out??!!

      1. Hey D3so,

        Have you bought the plug in recently? I wonder How many posts you’ve used it with so far.

        You were curious to see what kind of logo I’d come up with. It’s up now so you can have a look and let me know what you think.


  6. Rajnish says:

    This is a great plugin for seo. Putting googles keyword tool in wordpress.

  7. Jeff Caceres says:

    Nice video John. I have my own video too about the sneak peek on using Keyword Winner to my blog. Hehehe! Loved it. πŸ™‚

  8. Iman says:

    OK! Here is the first mistake everyone does… It’s not connecting your wordpress to Google keywords tool, the number it shows is not the number of searches per month, it’s the number of results in Google search which shows the number of competitors not the demand on that keyword.
    It’s awesome to have a keyword with less competitors because you can go to the top of search engine easier and faster
    #1: There’s a chance that no one is actually searching for that keyword and that’s the reason that it has less competitor.
    #2: If a product is absolutely new there’s no history of search and competitors available, so it’s not useful to rely on the number of competitors at that time

    Conclusion: Using this plugin which is a great plugin doesn’t remove the hassle of searching in Google keyword tools ( personally I never recommend doing it for a blog ) but it gives you an idea of the number of competitors you have for each sets of keyword/key phrase

    (actually I could make a blog post out of this comment :D)

    1. Hi Iman,

      I like your comment because it makes a lot of sense. Ranking for something that nobody is searching for is kind of useless.

    2. Dan Lew says:

      Hey Imran,

      Keyword Ads tool is overrated, listen – to find number of searches per month is not always good because searches vary too much each day or month one month can be high and the next day or month can be low, but regardless even if you target high searches it is too competitive.

      1. Better you target low competition pages and compare using google insights which tells you the overall percentage of searches on the current month and add this up with google trends to see how popular the keyword searches are over a period of time.

      I have made lots of money by targeting low competition keywords just when products launched before they were highly searched, absolutely dominate and maintain position, much easier then trying to get top position much later.

      2. Well this is where you a wrong, I will give as an example, you can target Clickbank products that have just launched and have no searches and watch their gravity increase, so you know it will be a big hit and later highly searched because it is being promoted in other forms such as email or whatever.


      That’s what Keyword Winner does! It saves you time by comparing information and rather then opening different windows in your browser, it quickly suggests up to 10 different headlines all from the dashboard and gives examples of low or high competition headlines to use all colour charting them! and gives you all the necessary stats you need for SEO purposes.


      1. Abhik says:

        This is a nice plugin indeed and I’m surely gonna check it out.

        BTW, did you coded it yourself or it’s a joint venture?

  9. MaxR says:

    Looks like a fantastic idea for bloggers. Much more convenient than going back and forth using other softwares.

  10. PPC Ian says:

    John, thanks for sharing. Seems like a great SEO plugin. Seems even better that it has your seal of approval!

    1. Abhik says:

      Yeah!! Seems like a great plugin to analyze keywords inline.

  11. Dino Vedo says:

    Great plugin and definitely worth it!

  12. Abhik says:

    It says useful for autoblogs, but what I can see from the video is that the title has to be configured manually.

    And, It also says “Data comes from 1. Google Insights 2. Google Competition 3. Google Trends”. Don’t we have to enter captcha to go on?

    1. Iman says:

      Checking Google competition needs to enter captcha (if it’s going to be from Google keywords tool) however it’s not clear statement where they want to check the competition.

  13. fas says:

    This is a nice plugin and its value too.

  14. Anil says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    Seems very useful for any blog writer. Also if possible, would like to know if comments made by Iman above make correct or incorrect interpretation of this plugin.


    1. Iman says:

      It’s easy to check, look at John’s video and check the keywords that John is typing on Google ( search those keywords on Google ) You will see the same number that John is seeing in his Video is the number of results in Google.
      Though overall I don’t mean it’s a bad plugin, I liked it and I will use it ( simply it’s cheap and shows the competitiveness of the keyword ) BUT it’s not guaranteed what this plugin suggests drives visitors to your blog.

  15. PPC Ian says:

    I really enjoy Dan Lew’s blog and it’s great to see him launching his own product.

  16. This looks like a great plugin for keyword search, and I am sure it will be successful.

  17. i will be testing this , looks a great tool, found it simple a wonderful idea for bloggers with no doubts !

  18. Tom Weyers says:

    Ok, after seeing this plugin in action in that video, I already picked up one serious flaw in the plugin.

    and that is… wait for it… The permalinks!

    in the video it’s clear to see that keyword winner does not change the permalinks of the post. This is a big part of ranking well for a keyword or keyphrase.

    If they sell it as an SEO plugin, then they should take on board all (on site) SEO factors. these factors are simple:

    1. URL (permalinks) – The keyword should be in your URL
    2. Title – This should be your keyphrase
    3. H1 tag – This should also be your keyphrase

    and of course unique, keyword rich content, but for the sake of this argument we’ll ignore that one as Keyword winner cannot write your post for you πŸ™‚

    Keyword winner only do 2 out of the abovementioned things. The funny thing is, on their sales page, they use an example of a site ranked high in a certain keyphrase and the images show the URL’s underlined to draw attention to the fact that the URL itself is responsible for the high ranking, yet Keyword winner does not do that.
    (you can view the image on their sales page.)

    I still think it’s a great plugin, and could save you time, however I think the way they market it is a little deceiving.

    Just my 2 cents,


    1. Hey Tom,

      Right on. The plug in may be helpful but it’s not what it’s portrayed to be.

      I’m sure they can improve it but until they do I’m moving on without it.

    2. Dino Vedo says:

      Dude, you can change the permalinks yourself manually if needed. Its not up to them..

      1. Tom Weyers says:

        I know you can do it manually, but it’s a feature that should have been built in. I’m sure a lot of people will forget.

        1. Lol, it’s something a lot of people forget to do without the plugin

        2. Dan Lew says:

          Tom, have you actually tried this plugin to make such claims?

          NUMBER 1 – It already is in there, after you click suggestions and then click “save draft or publish the new permalink gets updated automatically!

          NUMBER 2 – The title is your keyphrase or whatever else you would like it to be, it gives you suggestions its up to you to use those suggestions a long tail or short tail.

          NUMBER 3 – Again, you can add it just underneath no biggy, the plugin is not designed to clean bums πŸ˜‰

          The image I show is for real, you can type in both the full headline or shorter headline to see they both rank on 1st page, the shorter healdine “shoemoney system affiliate” is just an example that you can even sometimes rank for lesser keywords of the original headline as well!

    3. Soren says:

      Hi Tom,

      The permalinks title do get picked up the moment you hit get suggestions.

      Furthermore the screen shots are just small examples of how you can rank for the url title headline and for shorter title headline as well, you can really hit 2 headlines at no.1 spot each post.

  19. Tom,

    Great point- I noticed that too. I thought that had a major impact on SEO.

  20. Thanks seems like a good plugin. Thanks for the video too

  21. I think it is an excellent plugin for content creation as it suggest so many keywords which you have no clue about and u can write great deal on it and target different keywords.

  22. Dawn Le says:

    It seems like a good plugin but how about other SEO plugins? They have this feature already.

    1. free ipod says:

      All in one seo and platinum seo don’t have this feature, I dont think!

  23. Looks like a really good plugin, can’t wait to test it out!

  24. Really a fantastic ideas for blogger.

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  25. Jen says:

    This plug-in is absolutely phenomenal! I don’t have to waste all of my time doing keyword research, jumping back and forth from site to search when the plug-in does it all for me while I blog. This is the best plug-in of 2010/2011 in my opinion. It was worth every penny I spent on it, a must have for any SEO.

  26. fas says:

    Thanks John, i had to come back to see how to use it.

  27. Thanks john it may be a helpful way to make some video for my post promotion atleast, and will try to do some change in my video planing as soon as possible.

    Your video making tools and articles really attracts me because that is very scopic to work with a very less number of competitors.

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