How To View Google SiteMatch & Contextual Stats

Steve over at Ramblings from the Marginalized recently sent me this question.

I’ve noticed your AdSense revenue has been looking very good as of late. I’ve also noticed a lot of the same ads showing up on your site.

Is this because you are getting more people paying for CPM ads on your site?

I’m just curious what percentage of your AdSense comes from CPC as opposed to people paying for impression based ads.

To find out the answer I need to log into my Google AdSense account. Many webmasters don’t know this but the Google stats can show the breakdown between normal contextual ads and SiteMatch ads. For those how don’t know, Google SiteMatch ads are CPM ads purchased directly to the site instead of having Google select the sites for you based on keywords. How do you know if there are any SiteMatch ads running on your blog?

Go To Advanced Reports


In your Advanced Reports AdSense stats, you’ll see a drop down menu that say “Show data by.” By default, it’s set to show data by page. Change this to Individual Ad. A check box will appear that reads, “Show data by targeting type – contextual or site.” Make sure that box is checked. Then select the channels you want stats for and hit display report. You will get something like this.


The blog served 554,708 Google 300×250 ads last month. Of those, 110,945 were SiteMatch ads. However, the SiteMatch ads accounted for $344.06 of the $1,077.63 ad income. In other words, SiteMatch ads were 20% of the inventory but accounted for 32% of the income. Are you getting any SiteMatch ads on your blog? If so, how much of the total AdSense income do they account for?

If you wish to buy a SiteMatch Google ad on this blog, you can do so here. Remember to bid high or your ad may not show up. 😈

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  1. This blog entry highlights another way to get blog linkbacks. I think John’s written about this before. Write critiques or suggestions about someone else’s blog/entry and get a blog ‘conversation’ going on. Great linkback for Steve, great idea for content for John. Win-win, that’s the way to go!

    1. santosh p says:

      They both are Evil 👿 yeh suggestions or critcs leads to a link back..
      John may be you should start with another keyword ”after root of evil” and ”make money online” 🙂

    2. Chino Yray says:

      they are both evil. 😈

  2. Great post man! Never even knew about that feature. Cool to see that people supposedly chose to advertise on my site of all things! Thanks for the info. :mrgreen:

    -Sam from

  3. SEO Blog says:

    Bah, who needs adsense… ok sure I’m just bitter because I was banned but you would be too if you were innocent and yet still banned.

    YPN ftw! 😈

    1. Matt says:

      Phh, YPN’s only available in the US. So, Adsense beats it. 😛

      Not that I’ve tried YPN (since I’m Canadian). 😛

        1. Eric says:

          “I was banned also”* not again, haha

      1. just dont click your own ads.

      2. Marc says:

        Yeah, YPN shutting out Canadians is a shame. I’m not quite sure what their plan with that was…

    2. Hey your blog is really interesting, i recommend all others here to have a look at it.

      1. Eric says:

        Are you talking about Matt’s blog? If so… I agree, very interesting content, and a well presented site.

        1. Matt says:

          Thanks for the compliment. Although linking to your site with the text of “Matt’s Blog” is a little odd… 😛 No offense.

    3. Shaun Carter says:

      I can’t earn much of anything with YPN… the targeting is absolutely abysmal.

    4. Chino Yray says:

      just dont click your own ads.

  4. good tip johnny boy…is it okay for you to post impressions and all that on your blog 😕

    1. Marc says:

      Impressions and totals are cool, just not CTR and CPM.

  5. David Mackey says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the advanced report

  6. I knew about that tool, but it is useless for me, as I barely have site impressions 🙁

    1. Eric says:

      How did you get approved for reviewme without site impressions? I’m averaging like 3,000 page impressions a week, from around 1,000 unique visitors and I can’t get approved for my life! Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that my blog has only been up and running for about 2 and a half weeks?


      1. Yeah, I think they’re in it for the long haul — so just sit tight, you’ll get that approval.

      2. Marc says:

        From their FAQ:

        “To be accepted into ReviewMe, a blog must meet a minimum number of citations, subscribers, and traffic.”

        You need Alexa Rank, Technorati and RSS subscribers. So it’s not just visitors, there’s more to the formula.

  7. digitalfans says:

    thanks,this is the first time for me to know check adsense static,maybe I have the CPM ad too 😛

  8. Matt says:

    Woot, a whole $0.05 (for the whole time I’ve had ads on my blog) from SiteMatch ads… That wasn’t even for a click either, it was for page impressions. Contextual Ads aren’t doing any better though, only like $3. 😛

    1. Eric says:

      Matt… what kind of stats is your site getting right now? Unique visitors/week, page impressions… etc…

      1. Matt says:

        That page has the basic Statistics…

  9. SELaplana says:

    the 😯 figures are very interesting. i really love to have that…. can you 😈 please help me

    it really made me realized that evil tips are precious… gonna follow what john did.

  10. This was new to me. I didn’t expect that someone would buy an SiteMatch Ad on my site. Thanks for this info.

    1. Marc says:

      I wouldn’t have thought so either. Nobody’s bought any for my blog, but some people have for a smaller site of mine. Very surprising indeed 🙂

  11. Shaun Carter says:

    I had a previous site that was generating more revenue from site matching than content ads – but it didn’t last for very long. I think the advertiser was experimenting and didn’t get much of a ROI.

  12. green says:

    Thanks for sharing nice tip, i havent known this feature, actually where to control if exists. 😉

  13. Michael Kwan says:

    Nice tip John. I’m surprised that I have any SiteMatch ads at all. Last month, I got 474 SiteMatch ad impressions (compared to 50k+ contextual)

  14. Thanks for pointing that out, John. I’m sure a lot of us learned a new thing or two about SiteMatch.

  15. the both of them are evil.

  16. Sebbi says:

    How can you get 500k+ impressions of this 300-rectangle if you claim to have had 260k page impressions in april? I can only see one rectangle on each site … *scratches his head*

  17. TheBeginning says:

    Not sure i’ve got any site targeted ads yet but i’ll check it out, thanks John.

  18. James says:

    I have no need to pay that much attention to Adsense stats like this yet, but it will come in hand in a few months. Right now I have other stats that are more important.
    I suspect a lot of what some people assume is smartpricing is really CPM ads.
    Great post John.

  19. Ankur says:

    Hah, my site has not even got a single CPM ad 👿

  20. web600 says:


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