How to Work with Virtual Assistants to Help Build, Grow and Monetize Your Blog

My first session at BlogWorld Expo in LA was from my friend Chris Ducker of Virtual Business Lifestyle. Chris did a great presentation on how to work with virtual assistants to help build, grow and monetize your blog. Chris is a good person on speak on the topic. He runs a company in the Philippine that offers virtual assistants.

Chris went over the advantage and disadvantages of using a VA, why you should use one and, most important, how to work with me to extract maximum return on investment.

One of the best advice Chris offered in working with a VA is to use video and chat to train them. From experience, Chris finds that most VA don’t like written instructions. They much rather sit with on a Skype or screencast session to receive your instructions. Chris also recommend you don’t micro manage your VA. The reason for a VA is to reduce the amount of time you spend on a project so you can live the Dot Com Lifestyle. You can’t do that if you’re always checking up on her.

Before Chris started his session, I cornered him and asked a question that every American would want to know from someone who’s offshoring jobs that could be done in the USA. His answer was typical Chris Ducker.

BlogWorld Expo LA 2011

BlogWorld Expo LA 2011

28 thoughts on “How to Work with Virtual Assistants to Help Build, Grow and Monetize Your Blog”

  1. Keith says:

    That was funny! Occupy This!

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Very funny indeed, I like it when John said “Occupy Blog World.”

    2. And what was that question Mr Chow ?

    3. Oh yeah well said dear….!!!

  2. PPC Ian says:

    Awesome stuff. These are very helpful tips. Don’t have a VA right now, but thinking about getting one.

    1. Yes if you want to be successful and want to have more time for yourself than you need to outsource your work or need VA.

      Believe me this will increase your revenue in multiple times.

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        Yeah you better have one. Just make sure that your VA knows English good.

        1. A friend uses it but he has the people in Gambia Africa, a lot of low wages and they speak perfect English.

          1. And how we are going to find them …

            Any source my dear ?

          2. Erwin Miradi says:

            @P. Marbella: Now that would be the perfect VA. Where can we find them anyway?

  3. Hi John

    Thanks again for popping in and spending time at my session today, here in LA. Even though you did corner me a little with that question, as I mentioned later on in the presentation, it really is a PERSONAL choice to make, in regards to whether you work with domestic-based VA’s, or overseas VA’s.

    As I mentioned in your clip above, which will now no doubt simply be known as ‘Occupy BlogWorld’, entrepreneurs are, by nature, bootstrappers. So, finances are always an important issue, and therefore working with a VA overseas kinda makes sense.

    Saying that, I know plenty of great US-based VA’s that also provide great services for their clients. It’s all relevant and all a personal choice…

    Thanks again for dropping by, buddy!


  4. Gina Reedy says:

    Something I heard in the simpleology program was that your time is always exiting. You run out. But you can make use of other peoples time. Elance may be a good source for finding freelancers/virtual assistants.

    1. Yes there are many similar kind of websites … you can also go for the reputed forums as well.

      You can see their itraders and according to that you can hire them.

      1. Risk of scam at the forum is huge

  5. Newsraid says:

    i really need some Assistents… its quit hard to do all the work alone, thanks for the information

    1. Search international and you can find it very cheap in India and Africa.

      1. But before you hiring any one for long term project make sure that they satisfy your line of requirements, by giving them small projects.

        Always ask for their turnaround time because VA is always lazy in maintaining the time.

  6. TV Rockstars says:

    Great talk.I love watching videos and learning instead of having to read.

    1. Yes that is the reason why youtube is getting so much populari

    2. Yes that is the reason why youtube is getting so much popularity in mere few years.

      We simply love visuals instead of texts.

  7. Cheolsu says:

    That was a funny question to ask Chris on the video. Outsourcing with proper quality management can increase profits.

  8. Great piece of the video & I love lengthy video but that is consists of 58 sec however i liked it.

  9. & i liked the all advice’s Chris…
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. fas says:

    Possible but its difficult as you have to be too accurate.

  11. Thanks for share.
    Very good expo for bloggers.

  12. “Occupy Blogworld” LOL… My main gripe with VAs is that if you are broke it’s not a good alternative. I think the number one thing people who preach the use of virtual assistants should caution people about is that → you should, and must have a plan of attack…

    Because if you are shooting the ish… not only is your VA not going to have to much faith in you, but yuorself, you’re going to be paying someone for doing nothing – so maybe you should have a little bit of experience first before you even try to hire a VA in the Phillipines or elsewhere… Another good guy for outsourcing secrets is John Jonas

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