How To Write Quality Content In 5 Simple Steps

Too many people who talk about quality content don’t even know what it is, or how to write one.

In order to survive as a blogger, especially in this age of stiff competition, you need to write quality content.

I want to clearly explain to you what this type of content is and how to write it.

In fact, content marketing begins with the understanding of what good content is. Of course, you can’t be perfect 100%, but there is room for improvement.

You’ll need to work on your writing until writing becomes second nature to you. And one of the best ways to do that is to WRITE, WRITE and WRITE!

What is quality content?

It’s that type of blog post, press release, video, podcast, product review, interview or presentation that solves a definite problem for YOUR people. The word “content” goes beyond mere articles for your blog.

There are many ways to add value to people’s lives. You see, if what you’ve just published is a rehearsed form of another piece, the chances of helping someone in need is less than 1%.

Therefore, in order to write the best content for your target audience, there must be knowledge. As you read along, I’m going to throw more lights on this.

Your blog post needs to help someone with a need. No, it doesn’t have to help everyone. If you try to solve everyone’s problem – the “quality” status in that content would be gone.

Trust me; human beings behave and aspire differently. Find out how your readers behave. It can help in creating the best content, which is suitable for them.

They’re all looking for “exclusive content” that has a human touch. Why? Because they’re humans. If your content lacks “the” character, readers would assume that a robot actually wrote the content. They may not say it openly, but their attitude will show it.

Without much ado, here are the 5 simple tips to make your writing fun and rich:

1.       Study your target audience

target audience

This is for you. If you truly want to write quality content from henceforth, you need to study your audience. Keyword research falls into this category. Keywords reveal a lot about your prospects and how desperate they are in solving their problems.

Truth be told, if you don’t know who you’re serving, how on earth, are you going to serve the right meal?

Here’s a simple illustration: If you knew that your grandmother doesn’t like shopping during the Christmas period, there would be no need persuading her to come with you. It doesn’t matter what you want to write about, it could the the latest Kindle Paperwhite or the Canon Powershot Camera. Always make sure you understand your target audience first.

Whatever your target audience likes, is what you’d serve them. And that’s how your rankings in Google can improve. Hang out with prospects. If you sell a product on your blog/site, find out where potential customers post their questions.

I’m talking about discussion boards, answer sites like Quora, Yahoo and the rest. If you can understand the demographic (what age bracket, sex etc.), nothing would stop you from writing excellent piece that meets their needs. But there is more…

2.       Attract a select group of people

Remember, we’re talking about quality content and how to write it. You’ve to be conscious of a select group of people.

Isn’t it high time you send out a short survey to your email subscribers? When you do this, getting to know their demographic location would be easier.

I discovered a long time ago that Alexa is good enough to reveal your traffic data. More importantly, how visitors came through to your blog, if they understood your grammar. Also, the top search queries they’re using to reach you.

To attract the right people, you MUST write an attractive headline. As much as you want to sound professional, don’t forget to include figures on the headline. You can learn from these 100 headlines ideas – steal any one of them and run to Freetown. He he!

3.       Connect emotionally

Don’t be deceived, quality content would always connect emotionally. Aha, I got you right there – storytelling is the bedrock of any content that went viral, generated a lot of buzz and made the author rich.

If you desire to become a renowned blogger, you can’t afford NOT to tell stories.

Life is full of good, bad and ugly stories. Even a bad story can go viral if you’re a creative marketer. Thanks to SEO copywriting. Because it can help you place the right words where they should belong.

When you tell a story, the personal touch will become real and somewhat tangible to the reader. “Oh, I don’t have a good story to tell.” You say!

Don’t allow your mind to lie to you, because you do have the best stories in the world to tell. Right from your Elementary school, till now, you could blow your readers’ mind with the issues you’ve dealt with.

Just find a way to bridge the “DIVIDE” between your story and your subject. Did you know that when you quote an author, that you’re telling a story? I challenge you today with these 3 words – GO AND READ!

4.       Use simple and common words

And the fourth tip is very important. No matter the tertiary institution you graduated from, if your words and grammar aren’t simple for a 2-year old to grasp, you’re making a mockery of your writing genie as a blogger.

Don’t let formal education creep into your blogging and writing life. Well, I’m talking to those who wants to make money from their blogs.

Use simple words. There must be a synonym for THAT big word. You could look up the word at Thesaurus to find the best, simple option that means the same thing. A blog is not a novel with 100s of pages. Be brief but don’t hold back vital information.

There is no time to rant about, except you can bridge it creatively. Successful bloggers have mastered the art of simplicity. So, use (tiredness, weakness) in place of “fatigue.” Don’t use famish, use (hungry) instead.

5.       Call to action quietly

Do you tell readers what to do as they read in-between the lines of your content? If you fail to do that, it doesn’t matter how good the content is, it’d lack value.

Yes, it may be informative, helpful but since you didn’t include an instruction at the beginning, the middle or end, you’ve missed out on the benefit.

Why do we write quality content in the first place? Can I hear you say, “TO GET RESULTS?”

Oh yes, without benefiting from your blog post, the purpose of research, writing a clickable headline and including facts (screenshots, video, images et al) are defeated. Call to action is vital because it proves that you’ve much more insights reserved somewhere.

Asking people to buy your product through an affiliate link or personal link is a great way, but not the only way.

You could ask people to subscribe to your email list, leave a comment, tweet, like, pin, digg or print the content out for a better study. Just do it!

Take this home

There you’ve it, the 5 simple tips to write better content for your audience. I’m confident that you now know what quality content is.

Don’t forget, knowing who would read your content in the first place is the ‘core’ aspect of effective content marketing.

It can grow your blogging business, generate leads and bring in sales in droves. That’s what I do for my clients – see my freelance blogging service.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, please leave a comment below. See you ahead!

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37 thoughts on “How To Write Quality Content In 5 Simple Steps”

  1. Dario Izaks says:

    Very good article,Being yourself and writing your own stuff and opinion is your big key

    1. rakesh kumar says:

      Emotional connection with your readers is one of the best way to write a better content as you know how they will react on your piece of hard work. if you are connected like this you will always research well before writing even a single word on any topic.

  2. sapna says:

    HI Michael,


    I think you have really conveyed the right message to your target audience. You can always connect with the readers through the stories and that is the perfect medium to make connections.

    Thanks for this share.


  3. Yes Michael , this is what i’m looking for.I want to increase my writing quality.Hope thus 5 tips will help me. Thank you 🙂

  4. Alberto says:

    There is so little quality content around. Most of the stuff found online is rehashed or just made up. I mostly leave in disgust or just wonder where the heck the notions described have come from. It is almost impossible to become a good writer if there is nothing well written or reliable to read about. Clearly too much choice is counterproductive and degrades quality. That is why I do not waste my time and come straight to this blog. Simple, useful and reliable content. That is exactly what makes it great. Thanks!

  5. zubin kutar says:

    I would add tip number 6 as being persuasive in writing but not pushy..Its a skill that all bloggers need to acquire

  6. Walter says:

    Thanks for the reminder Michael. Trying to pretend writing like a best seller author is way too hard, waste of time and lots of headaches. Be yourself and write like you talk is the best way to go.

  7. Writing great content is always a great marketing strategy. At our focus is to provide fresh and great content to our readers and we have started to see many repeat visitors as a result.

    Thanks for tips John.

  8. Tim Mes says:

    Writing great content is now the new SEO.

    Thanks for the tips John.

  9. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    good content is the key factor to mine and yours success. Thanks for the good tips but the first one is tricky. We must know our audience but thay may come for different background so I personaly would tell a great stroy and don’t concentrate on specific audience unless your niche is very selected.

    Thank you

    And see you on top. And I ask you to check my blog if it has quality content.

    All the best.

  10. Buddy Tripp says:

    More good stuff. I don’t even curate content yet. I may when I find something I really like but so far I have enough up in my head to write all original content. I hope my readers find it interesting and more importantly, useful.

  11. Edson Hale says:

    The last tip Call to Action quietly has no match now time has come instead of shouting you have convey the call to action silently because here purpose it to make people act instead of just fulfilling the formality.
    Another great post by Michael Chibuzor; thanks for sharing

  12. faisal says:

    Nowadays its best to call to action straight away.

  13. dan says:

    Wow! I love the tip 4….. and I really like your introduction.

    Nice one on that!


  14. As a retired TV station Engineer and trained media journalist, I have a wealth of stories related to my working International travels and even my own media experiences here in Australia. People would be fascinated, without a doubt, – and highly amused as well, BUT – I see no way to MONETIZE that activity unfortunately ? I am, – in retirement, also an online Law student, with an enormous interest in “Social Justice ” issues.

    I even went so far as to register a domain name of ” How the F*** did we let this happen to us ?” — ( a frequent TV newsroom phrase) but eventually gave it up when I realized that It ultimately had NO Commercial Value.

    I would have NO difficulty finding endless ongoing amusing stories to tell from my work experiences, — but related to — WHAT — ? at a commercial level ? — Not Weight Loss nor Health niche, or Dog training, for sure – Acne relief – No way ! — so WHAT then Eh ?

    I have personally got myself off no less than 4 — ” Radar Detected” speeding charges – in Court. They will NOT let me back there any more (in Court) cos I cause too much havoc I DO know just how far I can PUSH, to just barely avoid Contempt of Court charges. I am very good at bullying Used car firms who have dudded my friends, Insurance companies – who have ATTEMPTED to rob ME — and Municipal Councils likewise, who ATTEMPT to extract unwarranted FINES from me – and those close to me.

    I write a really MEAN — Nasty letter. you get a Nasty letter from ME, you will WISH — it WAS from a Lawyer, whom you know – MUST play by the rules — but I DON’T have to — That is MY big advantage !

    Nup — I don’t need coaching or training in Blogging, just a worthwhile PRODUCT or Service to promote.

  15. Have you ever sat around in an International airport far from home and found yourself without a good book to read and no airport WiFi connection available for your laptop or tablet, or whatever usually floats your boat ?

    This is where your Imagination comes into play and CAN ( believe me ) entertain you for endless hours if need be. I have been told on numerous occasions, ( right from Primary school in fact) that I have an Over Active Imagination, which may or may not be true, nevertheless, it HAS served me well on such occasions as I formerly described and it CAN work well for YOU too, if you only let it do so.

    Simply observe the passing parade of humanity thru any international airport and possibly concentrate on COUPLES primarily, with or without children, – dosen’t matter much really. Just close your eyes and TRY to imagine the possible circumstances of their living arrangements. How they appear to relate to each other – where they MAY have come from and where MIGHT they be going – and for what purpose ?

    How do they behave — related to YOUR expectations of how such people SHOULD behave – as Muslims, Sikhs, Arabs, or whatever Cult or apparent religious denomination that their dress and demeanour indicate to YOU and your previous personal experience with such individuals in your past life, ordinarily go about their normal business ?

    Just YOUR personal thoughts and casual musings are worth a MINT of money, if only you can document your take on THIS situation and possibly add a small twist of humor to it here and there, even if it borders upon slight exaggeration to some extent, always provided that it remains basically sensible, rational and ultimately plausible.

    Go for it — just DO it !

  16. mohd akbar says:

    Hi Yes, I agree with you, Good content is very important for the blog and If we write quality content for visitors then they get interest to read…!

  17. Another informative advice. Having good content determines how your blog will go for the long term. Quality content is equivalent to quality visitors.

  18. Paul B says:

    “Too many people who talk about quality content don’t even know what it is, or how to write one.”

    This has to be my favourite opening line to any article about quality writing ever! Seriously WTF.

  19. All ways are good for creating a good article and get more readers. I always say that skirv as you speak and write not academic for it bothered no one to read.

  20. sandi says:

    Another informative article. I love the 3. tip – Connect emotionally.
    Quality content definitely attracts more readers and more traffic

  21. NOT hard to write good quality content — Easy Peasy — but HOW — do you keep it relevant to the product that you are promoting — on an ONGOING basis — every Day – or even every Week ? No one — but NO ONE — teaches you HOW to do THIS !

  22. Andre Somov says:

    Connecting emotionally with your reader should be easy if you are passionate about the subject. So many of us try to write to make money; and yes, it’s important, but if that’s the only reason for writing… well it will not read well.

  23. DuVäl says:

    This makes sense.
    I’ll try them out and see what comes of it! 🙂

  24. Pam says:

    John, I just got your product “Blogging with John Chow” last month and I found the content to be world class. It’s so organized and I loved how you focus it all about content and your audience, just like this post.

    I’m very happy for your success. You deserve every bit of it!

  25. Glenn says:

    Thanks for the great post, this makes some essential points. It’s so important to not approach your blog-writing with the attitude, “How can I sell to people today?”, rather an attitude of, “How can I connect with people today? What are their needs and questions? How can I meet those needs and answer those questions?” Connection with your audience should come first and foremost, making money should come second.

  26. When writing it’s also important to find your own voice and style. Something that makes you stick out from the crowd. Copying other styles will just add to the white noise.

  27. Tony Nguyen says:

    To me, I write like I talk to them personally. I always try to be very straight to the point about what I’m trying to talk about. I do my research carefully when I really want to write about a topic. Just my personal experience. Some good points to bookmark and implement to my blog 😉

  28. Faisal says:

    I’m really loving this article, you beautifully elaborated the art of writing the quality content,

  29. lanie says:

    Great info thank you john 🙂 GODBLESS 🙂

  30. trevor says:

    In your call to action tell your subscriber or visitor exactly what they’re getting when they click on something and make sure what they’re getting is the main benefit of the product you’re promoting. Thanks for your interesting article.

  31. Razvi says:

    It is very bad that so many people write so much complex content to understand. Easy words are the best way to generate traffic instantly.

  32. Vishwaraj says:

    Quality content is the key of success and it provides best visitors as well as users for all bloggers.

  33. Bharath says:

    John, Thanks for providing quality writing tips to increase blog
    s presence for all types of traffic. it is the best way to get quality traffic as well as best conversion.

  34. Logan Wenger says:

    It’s articles like these that really get my attention: informative, valuable, and actionable. Content I can use and be grateful for reading or simply let it pass me by, I choose to use this information.

    Although the “rules” are simple, I feel it’s much harder to accomplish. I imagine with time, these rules come second nature.

  35. Ryan Bruno says:

    Some quality tips. I like the one about making your articles as easy to understand as possible. As sometimes when I get into the flow of writing I start using words that sound great but I do wonder if it puts some people off and harms the traffic on my blog. I don’t think people will return to a blog if they have some trouble understanding the language.

  36. shanmukha says:


    The guidelines are really worth full to a Starter. I am very thank full for your experience words. I follow and improve on the above 5 steps.


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