How Working Out Is Like Blogging

Every morning, I go to the gym for my workout. I workout six to seven times per week, doing weight training on even days and cardio on odd days. Because I exercise during a time when most people are at work, I pretty much have the gym all to myself. This gives me a lot of time to think about blogging and ways to increase Internet income. I find I think better when I’m working out. I also discovered that working out is very much like blogging and the principles for workout success are the same for blogging success.

It Requires Efforts

The mantra of bodybuilding is no pain, no gain. In other word, if you want to get in shape, it’s going to require some effort on you part. The same can be said for blogging. The blog isn’t going to update itself (unless it’s a spam blog). You need to put forth the effort to build it and take care of it during its growing stages.

I personally feel that working out requires more effort than blogging. Some will disagree and say it requires a different type of effort – exercise requires physical while blogging requires mental. That may be. However, you can hire someone to blog for you. You can’t hire someone to exercise for you. Well, I guess you can but that kinda defeats the purpose.

You Have To Keep At It

In my post on How To Make 2009 Your Best Blogging Year, I said that having a consistent posting habit is the key to blogging success. You can’t be an on again, off again blogger.

The same can be applied to working out. You won’t see any results after one or two workouts. You have to keep at it. I’m seeing a lot of people at the gym right now because of the New Year resolution lemmings. Unfortunately, most of them will be gone by next week. What’s worst, they’ll be stupid enough to keep their membership going because they think they’ll go back someday. Gyms love those kinds of members.

It can take years before you start seeing the fruits of your blogging labor. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait that long to see the results from working out. However, you’ll see nothing from either if you don’t keep at it.

You Will Hit A Plateau

This happen a lot with weight training. As you continue working out, you get stronger and can lift more weights. However, you will come to a point where you can’t go any higher because your body will hit a plateau. Hitting a plateau is very common with blogs as well. The blog starts and grow at a very nice rate. Then traffic or income stalls and nothing you do seems to get it back on the growth curve.

The way to break out of a weight training plateau is to mix things up and try new things. This is how you break out of a blogging plateau as well. My blog hit an income plateau a few years back. The solution was a complete redesign to make more room for advertisers. The next month, blog income double and continued to grow.

What can you change up to break your blog out of a plateau? The list is endless. Maybe you can do a few guest post on another blog or run a contest. You can even try to pick a fight with a blog that’s bigger than you. However, this doesn’t work as well as it used to.

Real Life Social Networking

The nice thing about working out at a gym is you get to meet other people with the same goal of getting into shape. This social interaction is very good motivation to keep working out.

Blogging has its own social network as well. Whether that is through other blogs or Twitter, you have access to literally millions of like minded bloggers to help keep you motivated and on the right track.

There Are No Short Cuts

When it comes to blogging and working out, many people try to take short cuts. Whether it’s some miracle pill or some get rich quick blogging scheme, the results are almost always the same – it doesn’t work.

It Gets Easier Over Time

While there are no short cuts, you can take some comfort in knowing that blogging and exercise will get easier over time. This is especially true with exercise. The first week at it, my body was aching all over. By the second week, I felt much better.

While blogging may make you a head ache from time to time, if you stick at it and never quit, you will see results from it. Just like you would if you hit the gym everyday.

78 thoughts on “How Working Out Is Like Blogging”

  1. Consistency is the key both with working out and with blogging. It will help you get through those plateau periods, and even when you feel like you’re not making much headway, just keeping at it will ensure you’re going in the right direction. Even a little bit each day is enough to make a big difference.


    1. Very true – no consistency = fail

      I really like this analogy John!! Well thought out – And I must say I am impressed that you get to hit the gym each day – benefit of the dot com lifestyle though right??? πŸ™‚

      1. I used to go for workouts during the day, but I feel more energized when there are others around, so I started going at night.

        1. Jon says:

          Working out is mostly in the mind, which is why I prefer to have the whole place to myself like John… no distractions other than the steel you got to lift!

 – Where’s Your Traffic Going?

        2. Adam Bshero says:

          This is an awesome post. Routine is everyone’s best friend!

          1. no short cuts …..for sure

          2. This post hit it dead-on! I find working out to be a lot like blogging too. Sometimes, you may not be in the mood. Sometimes, it seems like you’d be better off eating a pint of ice cream and watching a movie. lol

            I remember training for a small marathon a few years back. I was running up to two times per day to condition for it. It took so much out of me, but when I was actually able to finish the race, the rewards went far beyond what I had ever imagined.

            It’s all about having motivation, and having specific goals and things that motivate you to keep on going.

      2. Faisal Anwar says:

        And he missed one important point..both of them is tiring..hahaha

    2. AverageGal says:

      You’re right Matt. How many times have you seen somebody make a New Years Resolution about working out and getting in shape? For the first month they go to the gym everyday; then the next month they start to go every other day. Before you know it after 3 months they completely stop going. I see it happen every year!
      The same can be said for many bloggers. For the first month they post everyday, then it slowly tappers off and by month 3 the posting just stops.
      Being successful takes dedication and commitment be it at blogging or working out!

      1. FixThePig says:

        I’m at the gym 5 days a week and it amazes me how quickly people loose sight of their goals.
        It’s just like clock work during Christmas, New Years, and right before summer. The gym floods with people who are trying to get in shape either due to a New Years resolution or trying to loose weight to fit back into last years swimsuit. 1 month later the gym is a ghost town.

    3. Agreed. Fresh content = king = more money.

      1. Yes Dot Com Lifestyle is a dream lifestyle. You get to do what you want, when you want. Write a post when you want a timestamp it when you want it published. Amazing aint it.

    4. Ben Pei says:

      Yup body builders workout everyday.. bloggers blog everyday too!

    5. I just discussed about being more consistent on my blog.
      Why it is important that you ensure you are being a consistant blogger, and why it is important to keep at it.

      Another great post John!

  2. Did you take this post straight out of my head? I was reflecting on similar ideas this very morning when I was at my local gym.

    I agree with every point and think that our personal and business lives emulate one another completely. If someone is successful in their business, they’re probably able to stay fit and healthy and vice-versa.

    1. Stanzer_v says:

      Yes, I’ve seen some statistic made regarding on the percentage of people working out and higher among those successful and higher educated people. Very much like what you said our personal and business lives emulate one another completely, this is true.

      Also like what John mentioned, working out does help us in thinking more critically. Most importantly is it helps keeping us healthy, earn more and be healthy to enjoy them!!

  3. max says:

    Wow, I didn’t know you worked out John. Nice pot btw, I think so too, building a blog is a whole lot like working out, you gotta do it everyday.

    1. Max he’s previously mentioned it on the blog. I guess your either a newer reader or haven’t been commenting on the blog until recently.

      You don’t have to do it everyday though, whilst it is good to be posting content everyday (or even a few posts per day) you have to be consistent. I’d rather read a blog which posts twice a week consistently then a blog which posts everyday for a month and then not for another six weeks.

  4. Derrick Siu says:

    HI John,

    Another simple yet poignant post. .

    Very impressed with your exercise regime. . I’ve just upped my exercise goals for the year for running – I’m gunning for 1000km for 2009 (or 600 miles) – I use the nike sport kit. . – no doubt you have one, being the techguy you are? πŸ™‚ . .

    That is a great motviator, since it tracks your runs, speed, and you also get to compete with others! (So if you’re in the nikeplus community let me know and lets set up some friendly competition πŸ™‚

    Good to see you still have time to post, despite getting ready for CES!



  5. AverageGal says:

    You’re right Matt. How many times have you seen somebody make a New Years Resolution about working out and getting in shape? For the first month they go to the gym everyday; then the next month they start to go every other day. Before you know it after 3 months they completely stop going. I see it happen every year!
    The same can be said for many bloggers. For the first month they post everyday, then it slowly tappers off and by month 3 the posting just stops.
    Being successful takes dedication and commitment be it at blogging or working out!

  6. Upstarty says:

    I’m sorry John, but your workout plan is seriously flawed.

    Where do you fit in the 12 packs of beer and supreme pizzas?

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Lol devil devil..

    2. John isn’t a bodybuilder. He can also relax and maintain his fitness at the gym at the same time.

  7. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week, and I am alone at least once. I never really considered comparing blogging to working out, but your blog post has given me a good insight. I will totally think about this on the treadmill tomorrow. :p

  8. Tyrone Shum says:

    So true John. There are so many similarities with the gym and blogging. I wonder when you’ll start showing off your muscles on this blog, just like you have shown how you make money on this blog? hehehe

  9. I’m curious as to what kind of a food diet you follow on a day to day basis. To workout every day you must have one heck of a good diet!

  10. Pavel M says:

    I workout everyday, trying to keep myself in shape and my brain active.
    Thing is I work out at home, do push ups, etc. Gym is too far. πŸ˜›

  11. Mikhail says:

    Reading this post not only made me get my ass up and work out gym cuz I got some X-Mas weight to lose but to continue my blogging journey as well.

    Since your relating working out with blogging, How do you relate Blogging with Starvation?

  12. And one more … you can easily get interrupted and thrown off-schedule. Which means, you have to focus to put yourself back on schedule (which I seem to do better with my workouts than with my blogging these days).

    Like Pavel M, I work out at home, with the triple benefits of having the gym to myself, chosing the music I want to work out to and havinot having far to go.

  13. uwak says:

    thanks for remainding….to be consistent on posting… be discipline….

    1. If your not consistent – how can you grow your audience?

  14. That’s absolutely right, John. I particularly loved the tip – “You have to keep at it”. That’s the problem with MOST people out there – they don’t work to “keep at” anything they do. They get easily distracted or frustrated when they don’t see the results (one time) that they thought they would. Everything in life is persistence, perseverance and patience. Thanks for sharing, John.

  15. game-girl says:

    I absolutely agree about persistence,perseverance and patience while realizing your ”step-by-step” plan.

  16. tom says:

    I love what you said John “Because I exercise during a time when most people are at work, I pretty much have the gym all to myself”

    Truly this is what success is all about, having the time to do things on your schedule with flexibility.

    Great post

  17. Israel says:

    cool way to bridge the two things john.

  18. Greg Ellison says:

    Very good post. You are right that you have to keep at it if you want to see gains in your life. Thanks Greg Ellison

  19. That is good analogy. Definitely something to keep in mind as I begin my journey.

  20. joe gelb says:

    good point i will stick with it

  21. ehm. i agree with that. Seems like i need to do a lots of work after this.

  22. jtGraphic says:

    Working out and exercise are a great supplement to blogging – in that if you can do one well you can probably do the other.

  23. BrandC says:

    Damn good post. I was actually running on the treadmill tonight while thinking about what the heck I can do to get more traffic to my sites. If you are comparing weight lifting and working out to blogging, what about dieting? What in the blogging world would dieting equate to?

  24. GP says:

    Never thought of it, but yes, you are correct. Blogging and working out are a lot alike. I really agree with number 1, effort.

    Myself in the last 6 months have lost a significant amount of weight, understand this completely. I am still on my way with that and my blogging.

    As always, another great post.

  25. Like always, good post about “running a blog” πŸ˜›

    For the best results for your health and financial health, try to combine Gym with Blogging (or another Make Money Online method).

    I wish you a Happy Million Year to all the Internet Warriors πŸ˜‰

  26. I think I need to join the gym now.. to think think think… hmm.. Maybe then I can make money online like John Chow does πŸ˜›

  27. Hey,
    You are not John, you are Gem. When I read the heading and the first paragraph I thought that you were not having anything good to write that’s why you write this but when I read more I felt like keep reading and on the end you proved that you are NO. 1

    What an excellent post that was. Gem, you know your jog very well and you know what your readers need time to time. You remain updated and you not only update your readers but also inspire them.
    Thx for the lovely post. And thx for being there.


  28. Great observation and good for you!

    My gym has really been busy this week. Lots of new faces. I see some people put forth a lot of effort and some seem to get more out of the TV or magazines. I’m there 1.25 hrs, but I swear, some people just seem to make an appearance and then they’re out of there. If I can do cardio and weight training at age 58, so can you. I’m a business owner and still find the time. No excuses.

    Life is about balance. You need to exercise your body as well as your mind.

  29. Never thought about it being like working out at the gym, but now that you mention it, I can see the similarities.

  30. Harry Tran says:

    Everything that is done true requires work, and energy. Nothing that ever comes easy is real or lasts long. Look at all those people who fell for the Madoff Ponzi Scheme, it was all too easy, and people get greedy when they see those returns coming in that no one asked any questions.

  31. So true John. There are so many similarities with the gym and blogging.

  32. MikeWords says:

    Great analogy John. Keeping at it is the hardest part with both.

  33. gusbud says:

    It’s True, but nothing imposible. we must try and hard efford

  34. Paul B says:

    I’m in the gym every day at 10am on the dot. It’s great having the whole place to yourself although I do miss having some nice girls to look at. Guess you can’t have it all though.

  35. game-girl says:

    Good ideas of having the gym to yourself, anyway you need concentration on the subject,even nice looking girls will be distraction.

  36. Michael says:

    I should get to the gym too, but I am too busy trying to take my blogging empire to the next level. LOL

    Power Blogging Tips

  37. Ben Pei says:

    Plateau YES! Its not really your peak but sometimes you just fee like you can’t go on further.

  38. and once you develop at lot of muscle in either area…you get a lot of attention.

  39. J.D. Meier says:

    I really like your point about keeping at it and mixing it up.

  40. I hit the gym yesterday – im sore as hell argh!! But atleast my strength hasn’t dropped much if at all, which I can attribute to using the Wii Fit on my “gym vacation” lol

  41. Shannon says:

    I love your analogy. Great job john…

  42. I like the article especially when facing a plateau, if you practice martial arts and practiced through years, and your real aim to find the truth of study you will hit a plateau, and to break that plateau you have to do research on what works and what doesn’t in martial arts, just like blogging taking the essence and throw away what does not work, and make it into practical without loosing the arts of blogging, just like martial arts take the essence throw away what does not work.

  43. Cheow says:

    I totally agreed with you John… there is no short cut to achieve success in both work out and blogging.

    Although i do not go to the gym, i run 3 to 4 times a week. Sometimes it is just hard to maintain the frequency.. but i understand if i want to lose weight, i gotta put in effort and stick to the plan. Sames goes for making money online.

    Great post John!

  44. Melissa says:

    Great workout ethic, John! It’s funny that you wrote this blog post; I was thinking how blogging success is like the two dogs I have: A greyhound and a sheltie. Believe it or not, the greyhound is lazy and sleeps all day, and the sheltie is full of energy and wants to go, go, go all day. I won’t go into details, but just thought it was funny!

  45. This is a fantastic analogy. It’s so true, and so motivating. As I go into 2009, I will be remembering this same principle for my blog. Persistence is key. Watering the plants yields a big oak tree over time!

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Start working out and blogging more too!

  46. Christian says:

    I like the comparison between. I’m new to blogging but I’m surprised I hadn’t drawn the comparison to working out on my own. I’ve been working out daily for years and you’re dead on.

  47. Reyn Aria says:

    Excellent point. I like the debate about mental vs physical stress. However, working out also requires strong mental power. Else, your working out routine will soon wear out and you quit. However, if you can bring yourself to the gym and start training, you might go on for hours.

    It’s the same in blogging. What you need is the initial force to start. Once you start typing, you might write 700+ words non-stop. Motivation follow action.

  48. So true! I do both very intensely so I can definitely relate to you on this one. If you want to see results in either, you have to be willing to work hard!

    Thanks for the post!

    All the Best,

    Andrew R

  49. Barock says:

    I also definitely agree like you,just want to add. let’s imagine, when we get strike our car and then we must push it about 100 meters to the repair shop.what will you do?push it in one time push till the repair shop or you’ll take break in 45 meter ? In my opinion one time pushing is better than you take break in the middle, because it is the benefit power of consistent and keep the momentum,when we push the car in one time we just nee d a lot of power at the first all you have to do just keep it still move, differ with when we take a break in the middle. We’ll need twice to start from begin to because when you take a breake and start again you need to gather the power as like as you begin in the start. And it’ll take more time than you push in one time.

  50. Michael says:

    This is a great post because I like both working out and blogging! Lately however I have been concentrating more on niche websites to see where that takes me. I think it might work even better then blogging for me because after a period of time I get bored with one topic and want to start another topic and I don’t want to be restrained by the topics my blog is about. In addition I don’t want a blog that rambles about everything πŸ™‚

  51. Tommy says:

    Consistency and determination play a big roll in the blogging industry. One’s must always focus on their niches and be creative. Fresh and new is the point where you can attract a truck lots of traffics.

  52. Adam Singer says:

    John – did I inspire this post?

    Great minds think alike…I beat you by a day πŸ˜‰

  53. SEO Tips says:

    Excellent article and a nice way of writing it with the example of working out to relate to blogging. I totally agree being someone who finds both of them very enduring at times.

  54. You are absolutely right!Working out is just like blogging in every different aspect.

    Ying Hang

  55. Absolutely true, John. It does take a lot of work, but like you said in the concluding part, it eventually becomes easier with time. As someone who has done a great deal of writings, I can relate with that. Thanks for sharing.

  56. And when you don’t write or workout you get lazy and week. Have to keep the brain toned as well.

  57. BusinessX says:

    I imagine that blogging could be like analogous to many things but working out seems to fit better than most. The long term aspects and daily commitment of it.

  58. 100WordRants says:

    Great analogy John. You can compare blogging to any type of training whether it be sports or spelling bee’s – of course I will never be the spelling be champ. I would probably faint like that one guy did a few years ago.

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