How Your Internet Marketing Goals Can Help You Sell Faster

Most businesses have goals, a business plan and clear objectives for their business. At least, we hope they do, or they will not be in business for very long. Businesses have marketing budgets of all different sizes, however, it is very important to take control of the reins and set clear marketing goals.

The Benefits of Having Marketing Goals

Marketing goals go hand-in-hand with the success of your business. Goals provide a direction for your business. This helps guide you and your employees in everyday decision-making processes.

Makes Planning Easier

Goals help keep you on track and they can also show you when you are may need to tweak your goals or need some help. For example, you may set a goal of increasing sales from your marketing campaign by 20 percent, but realize that this can’t happen at your current marketing budget. Therefore, you may want to either cut back on something else in your budget, or increase your current marketing budget.

Limiting Stress

If you don’t have goals, you may jump from one task to another instead of focusing on the most important needs of your business. Your overall production can suffer – a lot. Lack of production but an increase in “busy-ness” can exhaust you, knock you down and seriously hurt your bottom line. Not having enough hours in the day to accomplish the tasks you need to keep the business running can cause serious stress. Stress causes further fatigue and it becomes a downward spiral. Prevent stress by managing your time and productivity with goals.

Quicker Results for Your Business

A step-by-step plan to accomplish your goal can help you achieve a task more quickly, because you are focused. You’ll waste less time on unproductive tasks and go straight to your goal. If your goal is to focus on upselling your existing customer base, then you will save the time prospecting for new business for another project.

How To Set Internet Marketing Goals


Internet marketing goals are quantifiable, hard numbers with dates and results attached. They should be specific, very specific. Start working your goals backwards. If you want to bring in $100,000 by the end of twelve months, how much should you be making each month? What should you be doing weekly to achieve these goals? What are your daily tasks?

Next, your goals should be measurable.  Be sure to use the right tools to measure traffic, sales, the results of marketing campaigns and more. Find out what is working, what is not working and what is hurting your efforts.

Finally, your goals should be attainable. While most self-help talk encourages you aim for the stars and at least hit the sky, they assume that you at least have a rocket. If you don’t have the tools, then start with building them. Everyone started at the bottom – never be ashamed of what you have. Keep building consistently with your goals to help you. You will be so much farther ahead than many who drop the ball long before the finish line.

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  2. According to me without Goal we can’t exactly major that we achieved Goal or not. The information shared at this platform are really informative and i will implement all the points to mentioned here to achieve our targeted Goal.

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    Also,every must have goals

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    For sure without a well made plan nobody is going to make a lot of money online, maybe with some luck but you can’t put your money on luck like you do when you play at casino.

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    It is wise to get quantified goals. We can easily examine these goals and can measure our progress.

  8. Great post John. Putting together weekly tasks is the only way ensure the prosperity of your business.

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    Of you don’t have goals then your really were never aiming at anything so how can you have some thing? Just saying

  10. My goals are small. I’m trying to do it and progress to larger goals. Thank you very much for all this useful info.

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    The SMART approach to goal setting has been a very fundamental approach to online success. It is relatively important for every online marketer to get good understanding and very practical knowledge of how to apply each element of the SMART concept.

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    The points are catchy and easy to follow as I can see. And I have to concur with Riza about the importance of having a goal. In addition, by using all the shared tips here, you can be faster and it is always nice to be reminded from time to time I guess. That is a way of showing concern and help. 🙂

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