I Am A Citizen of The World

On this episode of Driving with John Chow, I talk about how living the Dot Com Lifestyle can make the planet a lot smaller and allow you to become a citizen of the world.

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5 thoughts on “I Am A Citizen of The World”

  1. isaac says:

    Mr. John is the Nigerian here again…..
    please i need your help……..

  2. Hi John,


    This is one of the chief reasons I travel now. To bring the world together. All the fear that brings the world apart through ignorance, racism and all that other garbage based on phobias filled with lies simply vanishes when you become a citizen of the world.

    I am living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan now. A few months ago I spent a month in Doha, Qatar, the wealthiest nation on earth. Many friends warned me about going to a Muslim country. After a month there – and I knew this beforehand – I can say I have a better chance running into crimes on the Upper West Side of NYC. Seriously. It’s like telling folks “Oh no! Be careful. Don’t go walking on Central Park West!”(which is 1 block away from where we are staying.)

    Just as absurd. But fear does that. But again, if you actually travel and become a citizen of the world you see first hand how all these fears are utter BS, designed and expanded by the media and many of those in power to keep the world scared, tuned into the news and dependent on leadership to keep them…..”safe”.

    I have circled the globe for 6 years straight, living all over. Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Fiji, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Myanmar, Qatar, Cyprus, Turkey, NYC……and I have to say that as I live in more nations the less I see myself as an American and the more I see myself as a person living on planet earth.

    Love the message JC. Keep on traveling. Keep on living the dot com lifestyle.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. victoria says:

      thats sooo cool Ryan…yes the dot com lifestyle is so amazing…thats the way we are meant to live….not the hustle and bustle of spending most of our days working for no real meaning sometimes…


  3. Jay says:

    I agree that is a very nice perk of the dot com lifestyle traveling around the World is pretty sweet.

  4. Fawad khan says:

    Hi, Really for the informative article. I wish to go there and enjoy a lot with my partner
    Thanks for share such a great info keep share such a great content in Future

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