I Am Loving WordPress 2.5

It’s only been two days since I installed WordPress 2.5 and already I am loving this latest release. The new interface is much improved over the old setup and there are so many new features, I still haven’t had time to explore them all.

If you’ve been putting off the upgrade because of possible bugs, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. So far, everyone I have talked to who upgraded to the new WordPress reported no problems what-so-ever. My own upgrade went extremely smooth and took less than five minutes.

Download WordPress 2.5 Here

54 thoughts on “I Am Loving WordPress 2.5”

  1. Thanks for doing our dirty work! I will download this tonight.

    The Little League Coach

    1. Why wait that long? It is a bigger download, do it now!

    2. ok..its a green light by JC 😀

      1. i have had problems with inserting pictures. The pop up window shows up with the bottom half of the page below the screen. I cannot move it to use that bottom portion. This is a problem on my laptop but not on my desk top. Has anyone else had any problems?

  2. Forensic says:

    What are the main benefits, of the upgrade, for yourself so far John?

    1. John Chow says:

      The main benefit so far is just the overall look and feel of the new setup. It feels very natural with nothing out of place. I’m also digging the new color scheme for the control panel.

      1. Hey John, did you use the WordPress Automatic Updater Plugin?

        1. Robert says:

          I hope by “natural” you mean that it’s user-friendly.

      2. MR. NICE GUY says:

        So, what’s the total impression John after you’ve implemented it? Is it really worth the time to spend 😆 ?

      3. SiteHoppers says:

        What a coincidence, I just updated all my blogs to WP 2.5 yesterday. It seems to humm pretty good and works with all the plugins including Tag Warrior, the WP tagging feature is still shitty though.

      4. Simon Lau says:

        the colors are definitely a huge plus compared to the old admin interface

  3. I know. I just my own post about it, too. I’m enjoying the new features… Of course, who RTFM?


  4. Still one thing bothers me: why is the delete button so near the publish button? Mmm… looks quite dangerous!

    1. John Chow says:

      Good thing it ask you to confirm the delete before doing it. 😈

      1. Robert says:

        That delete button is SO DANGEROUS.

        1. I noticed that as well I always write my posts in a word processing application then copy paste them into wordpress safer that way. And you have a hard copy.

      2. Forensic says:

        Now I’m convinced of it’s merits – I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had a ‘deleting accident’ 😳

  5. Tyler Ingram says:

    I did the update this morning and it’s quite nice. I love the multiple photo upload and the ability to create ‘mini’ galleries with their own subpages.

  6. I also did up the upgrade quickly and smoothly and love the new design and features.

    If you haven’t upgraded yet, I highly recommend it.

  7. It also seems more responsive… is that just my imagination?

  8. Lane says:

    You mentioned that all of the people you know upgraded to 2.5 successfully. I suspect that they are all upgrading from a current version of WP? I read yesterday that someone lost two years worth of data when he upgraded. However he was upgrading from 2.0, not from 2.3.3.

    I haven’t upgraded yet. I wanted to wait until the bugs shook out a bit. Your comments give me comfort.


    Lane of VeganBits.com

  9. Lane says:

    Glad to hear the upgrade went well for you. I read of someone who lost 200 posts, but he was upgrading from 2.0, not from 2.3

    I’ve been holding off, waiting for the bugs to shake out. Maybe I’ll upgrade in the next few days….

    Lane of VeganBits.com

  10. Although the upgrade went without a hitch, I’ve got a few problems with the editor. When I try to upload an image within WordPress, I get a javascript error with IE7 although it works fine with Firefox.

    TinyMCE Advanced plugin doesn’t work with WP2.5 and there was an activation bug with the Popularity Contest plugin.

    1. i have heard that there are a few plugins having problems but I havn’t had any problem with them. The image upload is giving me problems as well. I am using IE9. I hope they fix that soon. I plan to switch over to firefox soon though and I hope that fixes things.

  11. I haven’t heard anything bad about it either.. only great things.

    Yay! I’m so excited to upgrade!


  12. androo says:

    i plan on downloading it later tonight… i’ve read good things about it…

  13. Hahahahaha.

    What does it mean if the guy I respect the most on the internet for making money online and I have the EXACT OPPOSITE reaction to the new WP. I just wrote WordPress 2.5 is a Pile a Shit. Why Sacrifice Usability to be Fancy this morning.

  14. Robert says:

    Haven’t downloaded it yet, but I like what I’m hearing from John. Dave, I’ll read your post. Sounds interesting.

  15. Kevin says:

    The new wordpress works well. The new media options are great. If you dont like the new admin colors, you have the option of changing it in your user profile.

  16. Andos says:

    Now I’m ready to download WordPress 2.5.
    Thanks John

  17. Alex QBKL says:

    Hello John,
    First time poster here.
    I like the latest release so much, and with all the new features and admin accessibility / navigation improvements I really don’t know why they numbered this one 2.5. It should have been 3! Already compatible admin themes begin to show up, much improved than the admin templates for the past releases. I really think this prove that WordPress is still #1 when it comes to online publishing, despite the growing competition. I just gave it a spin and it’s fabulous!

  18. logosamurai says:

    The new interface is pretty nice. 🙂

  19. I too grabbed it the other night for http://www.psyc3d.com and I am loving the new admin. Much easier to work and a better use of the real estate in the admin panel. It just keeps getting better and better. I love the auto update for the plugins no need to go and download the latest version and ftp it up. One click and its done.

  20. Sha says:

    WordPress has outdone itself. Mini galleries? What’s next? Eventually, you won’t even need other CMS/blog scripts anymore.

  21. I have it installed on one of my blogs just to get a feel for it. I haven’t gone
    through it totally yet but it is really different from the previous version. Can we now embedded video without turning off the visual editor?

  22. Wade says:

    I also did the WordPress 2.5 update a few days ago. It was flawless. I am still getting used to the new layout of the dashboard, but I have no complaints. I did a full site backup as it was my first upgrade I have done. I was amazed at how easy it was.

    Now all I am waiting for is the traffic to start pouring in. I am offering right now, sites with a PR 3 and above to place a 125 ad on my sponsors sidebar for FREE. I have 4 slots open. The only catch is 1) you must have a PR of 3 or higher. 2) you must link to my site on your front page at or above the fold.

    Check out my site for the full details. Hey, its free advertising, you don’t want to miss this.. *cough* JohnChow 😎

    1. DanBlogger says:

      WordPress 2.5 is nice. Only it breaks non english themes. 😈

  23. John Esberg says:

    So besides the delete button being too close to the publish button, is anyone having any real issues?

    1. SiteHoppers says:

      I wish I could disable the default tagging feature, but I do like the new editor that recognizes embedded videos. Matt the creator did a pretty good job.

  24. Luke says:

    New dashboard is SO PRETTY. It’s all just plain better 😀

  25. Bill Stevens says:

    I like it too. I did a 21-miniute video on installing it locally on your PC if you want to test first.

  26. Stanley says:

    Thanks for letting us all know that there arent too many bugs. Im doing the upgrade this weekend and im sooo nervous(its my first big upgrade)

    1. Make backups and you won’t be nervous. 🙂

  27. 2.5 was an easy upgrade. Make sure that you include a link to http://wordpress.org/development/2008/03/wordpress-25-brecker/ to get a pingback to your site. 🙂

  28. eBusinessguy says:

    Yup same here! I am loving it also! Took me less than 10 min to install and update. All of my plug-ins worked like a champ too. No problem at all and very nice!

  29. Simon Lau says:

    I’m liking the new admin interface as well except for one thing…
    with my 1920×1200 resolution, the Settings/Plugin/User links are so far to the right its a bit ridiculous. I keep missing them. Personally, they shouldn’t have put in that justify in the css. I may have to remove it :p

  30. Francis Sim says:

    My upgrade took longer than 5min. How did you managed to complete the upgrade in 5min? Just uploading the files for me took quite a while with so many files. And since mine is an upgrade, I took extra care to read the upgrade guide to make sure nothing goes wrong.

    1. Simon Lau says:

      How fast is your internet connection? Most of the WP upgrades are the same, disable, delete, upload, patch 🙂
      If you’re real good you can do it all with a few commends in shell :mrgreen:

  31. Neil says:

    I have really enjoyed the new features. I have yet to change my theme to accept the built in gravatars. The best part was with the ease of upgrading. When I moved to 2.3, it was a royal pain, especially with my plugins. There is a lot of polish with this release, and I look forward to really kicking the tires.

  32. There’s a HUGE issue with image uploads and the new gallery, and until they get that straightened out, I’d wait before upgrading. Luckily, we learned about the problem after upgrading our first site, so we stopped dead in our tracks.

    1. Same thing here… uploading in IE works but chosing only works in FF O_o

      1. Caleb says:

        If this is indeed true then I’m glad WP automatic updater isn’t working for me because the gallery is what I’m most interested in;although,built-in gravatars sound smart.

        I still don’t understand why WP doesn’t include an instant upgrader within their core to make upgrading easier ❓

  33. Wade says:

    I am loving wordpress 2.5. The dashboard looks very professional, almost like you are using an expensive web based program. I haven’t had any issues with any of my plugins. You may have issues with user made, small time, off the way plugins, but as far as popular mainstream ones, you should be fine!
    I am loving my new theme though way more than the new wordpress!
    Shudogg Dot Com – Make Money Online Blogging

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