I Am The Big Bad Blog

According to Bloggrrl, I am the big bad blog in the three little blogs, a cautionary tale about three little blogs that collectively decided it was time to leave the free blog hosting barn of blogspot.com and move out into the real world with their own domains. Then they met the big bad blog.

He did not bother to knock politely at the door. Instead, he huffed and puffed, and pretty much obliterated the first little blog, who was quite overwhelmed, and canceled his hosting arrangement before he had even finished running all the way to the second little blog’s place.

The second little blog held his ground for a bit, but soon became chronically depressed and had to be admitted to the Rehabilitation Center for Ambitious But Clueless Bloggers.

If I really wanted to, I’ve could have taken down the third little blog but because Bloggrrl called me the big bad blog instead of the big evil blog, I had to spare one blog. At least I got to live happily ever after.

Which little blog are you?

49 thoughts on “I Am The Big Bad Blog”

  1. Harshad says:

    Nicely put up. Great work done there 😆

    1. BlogaDollar says:

      I am The Biggest Little Blog
      out there. Period!

        1. it does make a great read

          i’m just not sure about the domain name blogrrl.com, well, it’s the content that counts

          1. Debo Hobo says:

            Wow! This was a great post, that encapsulates many of our fears.

          2. Debo Hobo says:

            I want to leave blogspot.com, but I am afraid of the big bad wolf too. I am not sure if I should use wordpress or typepad.

          3. Etienne says:

            why blogspot is not interested in the calls from their users that they are lacking behind…and that wordpress is now king of blogging

        2. That’s pretty funny. Bloggrrl always has 🙂 mething entertaining. Thanks for the post.

    2. ouchs says:

      John you’re baddest of them ALL

      1. ritchie says:

        Does “Chow” mean evil in any Asian language? :mrgreen:

  2. shman says:

    Big Bad Blog, good, I like it ;). My blog isn’t bad and evil :).

  3. Terramel says:

    And I’m the little nice blog… 😳

    😆 Huahehehehehe!

  4. Goob says:

    Haha, everybody can use a little badness in their lives. It’s the evil ones you really gotta watch out for.

    1. ritchie says:

      Yeah, but you gotta decide if you watch out to miss them or to find them 😎

    2. hahaha.. and we all know JC is the most evil.

  5. Hehe, fee fie foe fum.

  6. uuuhhhmmm … ok …



  7. Casey says:

    I think I’m the third little blog. 😛

  8. Jason says:

    “Big Bad Blog” is kinda catchy. I wonder how long until it starts showing up in taglines 😛

    1. kind of reminds me of Bad Boy Bill

  9. Mybloggo says:

    Going to read the bloggrrl after this comment

    1. Yeah, you should. She has a lot of interesting content. Quite refreshing actually.

  10. ouchs says:

    wow she was very creative….

  11. Titus-Armand says:

    I’m the big bad piggy blog. That’s one step down from the big bad blog. 😈

  12. Now that is a story that would catch your attention! Way to go.

  13. Softsled says:


    First time I have noticed, but are you playing with the google ads a little? I see some TTZ media ads mixed in.

  14. Bloggrrl says:

    I thought you might like to be on the other side of the whole barnyard animal thing…wolves are sexier than cows, don’t ya think? 😉

    To answer your question, I suspect that I am blog number 2.1 at this point in time…

    1. ritchie says:

      depends on the point of view: if you’re a male wolf, wolves are sexier. but if you’re really, really hungry, a sheep might come in handy as well :mrgreen:

    2. Hah. Cow to a Wolf. I wonder what it is about human nature that we have to use animal metaphors.

      1. I’m sure animals use human metaphors all the time, too.

  15. thien says:

    hehe :mrgreen: i like it..

  16. ScrewLoose says:

    I wonder if its possible to go from piggy blog to a big bad wolf blog. Stem cell blogs? 😐

  17. Ridiculous, but amusing..and you’ve got a great attitude about it.

    One Man. One Year. One Goal. Can he do it?

  18. cooliojones says:

    Being the biggest and the baddest has it’s perks. Controversy and all that ‘bad’ stuff actually helps you, i.e. this post, lol.

    1. Debo Hobo says:

      Yip, controversy equals cash.

  19. Bloggeries says:

    Pretty creative and the blogosphere at work. She made something cool about this popular blog and now I hope her server can handle the burst 🙂

  20. Etienne says:

    big bad evil johnny! 👿

  21. lionstarr says:

    Lol, as Google says “Don’t be evil”…
    Maybe that’s why you rank so bad for “John Chow”… :mrgreen:

  22. I’m probably the 4th kind — Bloggrl just didn’t have enough time to cover that part.

  23. Jan says:

    I loved reading “The Three Little Blogs: A Cautionary Tale” and at the same time felt really baffled because I actually played with idea of writing my post about what you can learn about blogging from reading fairytales based on The Three Little Pigs just like that.

    Only was I thinking about it a week before this article was published and not because I couldn’t sleep, but because I was trying to come up with a great idea for a post revolving around the number three (for a Daily Blog Tips project).

    Instead I chose to summarize the original and then write about what you could learn from it and how you could interpret it. Not as much fun to read as this one I am sure, but perhaps (even) more enlightening? You find my story by clicking my name. Should you be so inclined.

    I would absolutely love to hear what you think about it, how you value the differences and which you think will teach you the most…

  24. Gilles says:

    I’m a mean bull blog. Huff and Puff is not just wind.
    Ok! I’m just a meaky mouse. But I’ll still be here in a year. 😈
    The Meaning Is You

    1. Debo Hobo says:

      I hope I am too. One year or bust!

  25. june says:

    I was reading Bloggrrl and somehow ended up at this guys blog who thinks your contests are full of shit. I thought it was pretty funny. He tied the bloggrrl article, contest entry, and calling your contests “shitty” into a single article.


  26. Being called a big evil blog is fine, ’cause evil folks get to wear all the cool outfits!

  27. Great Work as Always 🙂

  28. horisly says:

    that’s funny to hear this.

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