I Am The Most Controversial Blog in 2007

The results are in! John Chow dot Com is the Most Controversial Blog in 2007, according to the Performancing Readers’ Choice Award. The way I won the award sparked quite a bit of controversy as well because my margin of victory was so great.

Speaking of controversy, anyone else think this vote was rigged? Over 99% of the votes were submitted for John Chow. The crazy thing is that an IP analysis doesn’t reveal any obvious screwing around. Controversy? No controversy? John Chow’s the winner.


Congrats to Pharyngula for being runner up. Even though you only got 1% of votes, that’s still better than the other nominees. Thanks to everyone who voted for me! I also see that John Cow won for the best blog name of 2007. I’m sure he’ll come up with some way to cash in on that.

Aside from being able to say I won the Performancing Most Controversial Blog in 2007 award, I don’t think I get any other prizes or perks for winning. Oh well.

55 thoughts on “I Am The Most Controversial Blog in 2007”

  1. John,
    What did you win?
    Off course I am not putting any price on the publicity this is gonna get you.

    1. It’s not a surprise you won. The John Chow following is like a cult. lol

      1. Shaun Carter says:

        Cult is a good word for it. Congrats on another win John!

      2. CatherineL says:

        Don’t say things like that – or sane non-members will be scared to come back to this blog!

        1. I tend to disagree. Once someone comes to this site, they will always return. 😎

    2. Alan Johnson says:

      Since being “evil” is his business model, I’m sure that the award in itself is the only prize he needs 🙂

      Alan Johnson

    3. He won an award 😛

  2. I don’t think you’re the most controversial blog at all. In fact, was there any controversy other than some drama between you and Google?

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      Compared to other blogs out there (there are more then a few of those), he is definitely not controversial but this award will definitely prove to be useful as far as branding is concerned.

      Alan Johnson

      1. David Chew says:

        So John got it fair.

        1. Alan Johnson says:

          Since “evil” is his brand, sure, I’d say that it is fair and he will definitely have to gain as a result of receiving it.

          Alan Johnson

  3. HITme says:

    Love to read JohnChow but it’s just today I heard about JohnCow? 😆

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      That blog has basically started out as a parody of this one but things have developed quite nicely and he has reached over 1k RSS subscribers at the moment of writing.

      Alan Johnson

  4. stavanger says:

    Congrats, the people have spoken, apparently you are the most controversial of them all. 😆 😆 😆

  5. Philip says:

    Haha well I guess your readers will just vote you for anything. 😆

  6. nickycakes says:

    Just shows how stupid people are.

  7. 🙂 …Congrats on the win…

  8. BuzzBop says:

    Congrats. Must have been the posts about Mac vs. PC that put you into this category… 😉

  9. rodel says:

    being thought provoking and .. with followers of over 500k??? you’ll surely win.. 😈

  10. I voted for both you and Cow and you both won. Congrats!

  11. Are we really surprised?? Of course not! Congrats!

  12. David Chew says:

    Congratulation John. 😀

  13. charles says:

    Congrats John. It can’t be denied. 👿 😈

  14. Hmmm… So will the Most Controversial Blog drive some traffic to my website ?? Anyway, congrat on the award, John. No doubt many more people will agree that you’re the chosen ONE to receive the prestigious trophy. “You’re the chosen ONE”. Sound like a verse from the Matrix.

  15. BonoRiau says:

    I visited JohnCow few days back …that’s marketing strategy but …eemmm u all know what kind of strategy…any way thanx John for dropping by to my simple blog http://bonoriau.com …learning stage 😳 …see me next 6 month …I’ll be totally different.

  16. John who are the winner of these contests;
    1. “vote for me! If I win this PC, I’ll be giving away it to a reader who voted.” [Posted in Ramblings, The Net on Dec 24th, 2007]

    2. “To kick the affiliate program off, BlueFur Web Hosting will put up two 22″ LG LCD monitors as prizes for a contest.” [ Posted in Make Money Online, The Net on Nov 26th, 2007]

    Am extremely sorry, i missed the bus.

  17. Congrats on winning and congrats on making it to pr6. Google might not like you in their search…but their pagerank sure does love you 😉

    1. Update: My toolbar is playing up…it keeps going from pr4 to pr6. I don’t know where it will settle but because, of the pr update its giving random results 👿

  18. Like i said, which contest John enters, he will surely end up at the podium. Not only that, he will win with a super huge majority… Evil! 😈 😈

  19. Congratulations John! Keep up the good blog and good content!

  20. Clint Lenard says:

    You’ve got an awesome blog, it’s no wonder you won SOME award. Congrats! :mrgreen:

  21. bennyong says:

    Johnchow.com does it again. Well done and keep the posts coming in. 🙂

  22. Erica says:

    Congratulations on the award! It takes guts and great confidence to speak your mind without fear of what others may think about you for housing controversial opinions. Keep speaking your mind. Saying what you think is a big part of making your site popular with your visitors. Keep it up, and congrats again!

  23. What exactly was so controversial about this blog? I mean You gave us some ideas how to improver our blogs. Wrote some news. There was no political debate. Maybe I’m missing the point.

    Anyways, congratulations for Your award.

  24. Contest Beat says:

    I am sure there are other awards that you could have won and would have been a better fit!

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      I agree but then again, receiving exposure is the name of the game so that, if generates exposure for your blog, it is always welcome 🙂

      Alan Johnson

  25. monkey says:

    gonna challenge you for 2008! congrats on 2007! now where did i put my banana?

  26. yaph says:

    Congrats John!
    I really think this is an award to be proud of.
    Btw, was there also an award for the blog with the most ads :mrgreen:

  27. Justin says:

    The Most contraversial blog of 2007?
    Hard to believe though it is true that making over 20k per month by showing food and party photographs is a bit of contraversial.

    1. Even so, congratulations on being the most controversial blog! 🙂

  28. Peter says:

    congrats john, you command an army of zombies to do your bidding.

  29. Guess who is going to win the award next year? Check out my blog.

  30. Zee says:

    Guess who is winning for this year?

  31. enovator says:


    John for winning the most controversial blog of 2007!

    Keep it up!

  32. Satish S says:

    Well, you had to be. I myself found out about this place cos of the Google John Chow controversy.

  33. Congratulations John. It is happy to hear that you won and you really deserves it. Keep it up.

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  35. BlogSandwich says:

    Congratulations John 😛

  36. Steven Finch says:

    This is bullshit.. can someone tell me why John Chow is controversial?

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