I Endorse The Conservative Party of Canada

Canada goes to the polls tomorrow to decide which political party will lead the country after May 2. Most bloggers will just encourage their readers to vote and not tell them who to vote for. However, I’m not most bloggers. I am not afraid to losing readers because I endorse a party that you may not agree with. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my five plus years of blogging is you never try to be all things to all people. A blogger who tries to please everyone ends up pleasing no one.

If there’s one good thing to come out of this election, it’s the self-destruction of the Liberal Party. Michael Ignatieff is about to do the unthinkable. He’s going to lead his party to a bigger defeat than even Stephen Dion. At the start of the election (when the Liberals were in a solid second place), I tweeted that Ignatieff will resign after this is over. I received a lot of flames over that tweet. Now, even the biggest Liberal supporter knows that Ignatieff has to go.

I endorse the Conservative Party of Canada and I invite all my Canadian readers to join me in helping them get their majority government tomorrow. The choice is simple; a stable Conservative government with low taxes or a flakey coalition government lead by the NDP (Non Democratic Party) that would raise taxes and kill jobs. The choice to me is clear. Vote Conservative!

56 thoughts on “I Endorse The Conservative Party of Canada”

  1. Hotdogman says:

    Oh Canada, our home and native land
    True Patriot love
    in all thy sons command………

    If only Canada wasn’t so damn cold, I’d live there.

    1. Jonathan says:

      Then live in Vancouver. Beautifully temperate here.

    2. Joel says:

      Many Filipinos live in Canada. A lot of them are immigrants. Canada, besides Australia, is where most Filipinos want to immigrate to live and work. I just don’t know how they feel about the elections coming up.

    3. Are you one of those people who thinks that people in Canada all live in igloos?

      Unless you live in California, Hawaii, Florida or the Gulf states. it’s not really that much colder in Canada where most people live than where you are.

      1. Mathew Day says:

        Many parts of Canada get pretty darn cold, but I still wouldn’t mind living there for awhile one day. 😛

        1. Jonathan says:

          Many parts of the U.S. get pretty damn cold too, and I am not talking about Alaska, so I’m not sure I get your point.

          1. Hey Jonathan,

            Mathew needs to visit Canada and not just the northern parts and then he’ll realize what it really is like here. He seems to have a fixed idea about it.

          2. Handbags says:

            Maybe he thinks Canada has some awesome qualities about it that other places don’t have and he doesn’t mind the cold weather 🙂

  2. Your direct attitude is refreshing in today’s environment of kum-ba-ya handholding political correctness I-will-sue-if-you-offend-me. Don’t stop.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Haha! I agree! Thanks for sharing your true opinion, John!

  3. yeah canada has bad cold weather but overall, i like it. Its a safe place….

    i think youngsters should care more about voting…i think stats do show that voting isnt what youngsters do (im not a good example either).

  4. I love this! There is nothing better than a man or woman with a backbone, and willing to stand up for what they believe in. If I was a canadian I would def be voting for the conservative party. There is nothing like lowering the burden of taxes on the citizens. Now only if the “Leaders” down here in the good ole U>S> of >A could get that through their heads.

    1. Handbags says:

      I have a backbone and I stand for what I believe in and I will never back down. Never! If you only knew what I was thinking, you would understand.

  5. it’s a good thing to see at least one person with the guts to say what’s truthfully on their mind in today’s day and age.

    1. Handbags says:

      I have huge guts and I always say what’s on my mind. I’m not afraid to express myself and let people know how I feel, even if it means someone hating me or hurting me.

  6. Great to be behind something. Most people don’t have an opinion and state it to the world!

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I agree. I appreciate the fact that John shares his true opinion.

  7. Chen Shen says:

    The choice IS rather simple, you just got the options wrong.

    Our choice is between a co-operative government which at least attempts to works together and listen to its constituents, or a draconian conservative government who’ll strip away large swaths of our civil and internet liberties.

    The choice is clear, vote for a non-conservative.

    1. John Chow says:

      If the other parties were truly “co-operative” then they would merge into one party to defeat the Conservatives (like the PC and Reform party did to united the right). Instead, they’ll split the vote and ensure the Tories stay in power. The left don’t like to cooperate and never will.

      1. Hey John,

        Do not invite the left to cooperate. They will do that if they see no other way to gain power.

        Any party that calls themselves democratic should be questioned. Remember the German Democratic Republic? They were the most totalitarian country in Eastern Europe.

        The NDP punishes and demonizes business. They think they can tax their way to prosperity. That’s an ideology that borders on insanity.

        They want to creaste workers paradise. Right, like the communists did that everywhere they were in power. Oh wait, they didn’t succeed anywhere.

        Nice talk is what people are swayed by and vote orange. They are really red though.

        At least that’s how I see it.

  8. Jonathan says:

    I supported the Liberals under Paul Martin, and I have most recently voted conservative. I will never support an opportunistic and out of touche douche like Ignatief. However I am not sure I trust Harper with a majority. He as done a good job so far while being held in check, however I do believe he has some not so nice plans for Canada should he have absolute power.

    In this election, there is no clear best choice, IMO.

  9. PsychicJim says:

    There are a lot of similarities between Canada and where I live In Australia. I believe both are GREAT countries.

    Good luck Canada, and my wish is for you to have the BEST party possible!

    1. Hey Jim,

      You couldn’t be more diplomatic. No party as you know is really good. They are all politicians. Hopefully the least evil party will win.

  10. Gary S says:

    I used to vote Liberal, then switched to Conservative 3 elections ago. Although I live in Quebec I will never vote Bloc because I do not recognize them as an official Federal Party, nor agree with their separatist agenda. With 4-5 parties fighting for votes a majority government is all but impossible.

  11. John,
    You just lost a loyal reader due to your political ties. For the next five seconds I will become a non John Chow Fan.

    Five seconds Later.

    Alright John I am back.

    1. Hi Justin,

      You should be a politician. Judging from your comment above you can switch back and forth just like they do.

  12. Kevin Kimes says:

    It is an admirable decision to state your political opinions publicly. Too many people are afraid of hurting feelings with their ideas and thoughts. The growing collective of feelings-centric policy and action by governments, if left unchecked, ultimately will trample all over the rights *and feelings* of those who are wise enough to keep their own feelings in check.

    Also, I find it ironic that most liberal supporters believe liberal government is less likely to intrude on individual freedom. Historically, liberal government means bigger government. Bigger government typically means more control over individual activity (less individual freedom) and a general “you’re not smart enough to make decisions for yourself” mentality.

    Additional irony is found in the phenomenon where certain groups of people have a much higher priority assigned to their feelings than the rest of us. Be careful not hurt *their* feelings, or you’ll go to prison for a “hate crime”. But feel free to hurl insults at anybody with traditional values, their feelings and well-being are unimportant.

    1. I’m not a fan of Liberals…sorry

  13. Michael Kwan says:

    I don’t like any of the parties, particularly, nor do I like any of the leaders. In my own riding of Vancouver Kingsway, though, there is one candidate that outshines the rest and that’s why he is getting my vote. I said “he”, so you should be able to figure it out. 🙂

    1. Hey Michael,

      You hopefully realize that who you vote for on a local level will not be able to influence things much if the federal party she’s in loses.

  14. Sunny says:

    Liberal Self-Destruction? I don’t share your view. Tories are about self-destruction. Brian Mulroney cheat, the only reason why he’s not facing time in prison is because of the Conservative Party ruining this country. Do you want to have Olga again all mess up in her Cabinet? Come on John! I understand you are not Canadian born, but you are a man of common sense. But this being said, I will continue to read your blog and have your link on my OWN Web site. A country of my OWN will run under Jack Layton. We all share our view on politic, you are courageous to share your view, especially knowing you are doing this under your real name, not anonymously. I have respect for that. Continue your good work, despite being blue..

    1. John Chow says:

      Jack Layton comes across to me as a man who will say and do anything to get elected, including opening constitutional talks again and promising that BC won’t have to repaid the $1.6 billion if they scrap the HST. Who do you think is going to pay for all those promises? Big business with their team of tax lawyers or you?

      1. John,

        What politician won’t say anything needed to give him or her votes? Harper lied too about not taxing the income trusts. Well, he did the exact opposite after winning.

        I’m not arguing with you as to the lesser evil but let’s not whitewash anybody either.

        Politicians have no problem with reversing themselves anytime it suits them.

  15. Smart endorsement John!

  16. Work online says:

    I prefer to there is one good thing to come out of this election, it is the self-destruction of the Liberal Party.

  17. We want safe place, good infrastructure facility and safe future of our children.

  18. Kavya Hari says:

    It’s really great one 🙂 I think so, every person from the canada are going to choose right people 🙂

  19. Work online says:

    Wow John,these are really awesome seen in video,i really like it.

  20. Thomas says:

    The key point is you’re voting. Many people take votingfor granted when in some countries they can’t vote as dictators rule for years. You go John!

  21. Leo says:

    I will soon be moving to Canada, probably Toronto, but I already visited all major cities there and they are all wonderful. A safe place to raise my children.

    1. Mathew Day says:

      I had seen some show awhile back that was talking about how low the crime rate was in Canada vs the US. Sounds like a really good place to live for many reasons.

  22. fas says:

    Well its interesting how politics happens in CA. Its worst in India though.

  23. billg says:

    The problem with Harper is that he is not a conservative, he is a fascist. Fixed date elections? “I PROMISE! No wait, I changed my mind”. And record deficits. And corrupt cabinet. And bending over for American military. And bending over for American DEA. Harper secretly wants to be George Bush.

    1. billg says:

      Hey Harper, when are we going to elect a senate too?

  24. Thanks for keeping us informed John. Thanks

  25. Techabouts says:

    Look for safe place

  26. Paul B says:

    Did I miss the post where you moved back to Canada? I thought you’d moved to the good old “our justice is the only justice” US of A?

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I think John owns a home in Seattle, but he’s still in Canada most of the time to the best of my knowledge.

  27. Abhik says:

    Hey John!! I like the way you spoke your heart. But, politics are different at different parts of world.
    Here is India, politics are nothing but a dirty big game.

  28. exsuit says:

    It’s a sad day in Canadian politics.

    Harper and his conservative goons are the best option only because the other candidates are worse (not because they should actually be running the country).

    “The two greatest words in the English language. Default” – Homer Simpson

    1. It has always been that way and not only in Canada.

      The choice is never between the good and the evil but between the really evil, the less evil and the least evil.

      You’ll never get completely what is promised by any politician. If you do I want to know about it.

  29. mama bok says:

    The expected cost of this federal election is about $300 million – so I’ve heard. And the expected turn out is said to be less than 50% of the eligible voters. And the outcome? same old, same old.
    I’m not a born Canadian – but migrated 11 years ago – in the name of love. My spouse is Canadian and so is my kid. Thus far, only the Liberals have been seen campaigning around our town – in Nova Scotia. I won’t vote for the NDPs of course – since they caused this town to lose our ferry – the Gateway to USA.
    Greg Kerr – the Conservative Party representing our riding never turned up for any meeting held by the people in this town asking for answers. His office committed a $600,00 to upgrade a ferry terminal – for a ferry that isn’t coming back. It was money spent for no reason at all. Instead, the people of this town would definitely want to hear directly from him – instead of him putting the tax payer’s money to waste.
    i think politicians are all the same – but thus far – I’ve only seen the Liberals around our riding constantly about the ferry issue – which means tourism for this town. Nova Scotia is supposed to be Canada’s Ocean Playground – but without the ferry – we don’t even get the tourist over from Maine – Bar Harbor – so what playground? disappointed with the Conservative does not even begin to tell anyone how i feel about Greg Kerr.

  30. Canada is nice place to visit

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