I Guess I Touched Off A Nerve

Well this certainly has been an eventful week. I completed my 4 peat of Diggs, broken all traffic records and really pissed some people off. I guess I can relax now.

The above screen shot was taken at 1AM this morning. It won’t take a rocket scientist to figure which days were the Digg days. The Thursday Digg was disappointing because it came in at 10:40PM, when people were shutting down for the night because they have to go to work the next day. The Friday Digg hit smack in the middle of prime internet time and help to propel the blog to a record 20,000+ page views.

The last Digg, done to this post, also sparked some of the most colorful comments yet. I had a great time reading them and I want to thank everyone who posted a comment (good or bad). I would like to use this post to reply to some of the comments and questions since many of them are the same.

First of all, I want to apologize if I offended anyone. I was not putting down working for a living in my post. I know that is what the majority of people do and many are very happy doing it. I’m also not trying to sell anyone anything. You won’t see any pitches for eBooks, affiliate programs or “You want boats, babes and cars? Take my seminar!”

The purpose of the post was to open your eyes to the possibility that you can have your cake and eat it too. There are four types of financial situations you can find yourself in:

  • You have a lot of time but no money (not a good deal)
  • You have a lot of money but no time (not a good deal)
  • You have no time and no money (really not a good deal)
  • You have time and money (a pretty good deal)

It is possible to have both time and money but the chances of doing that by trading hours for dollar is slim to none and slim left town. Sure, you may love your job but do you love it over your family? Then why do you leave them for 8 hours a day? I don’t know about you but I rather spend my days with my wife and new baby girl. She will grow up knowing both her parents, not just her mom (or worst, a day care worker). So what is the solution? What can you do to have both time and money? The answer is simple.

Open Your Eyes!

You’ve been brainwashed since grade school to follow one track on the road of life. The sooner you open your eyes the sooner you’ll see the other tracks available. Unfortunately most of you will keep your eyes closed and stay within your comfort zone. And that’s fine. You are the engine that drives this economy. Too bad you’re not the driver.

14 thoughts on “I Guess I Touched Off A Nerve”

  1. soSad says:

    The driver is NOTHING without the engine. You are the driver, and you are nothing.

    Your apology is just a cruel joke while you continue to put people down. Look, you’ve just done it again.

  2. Carl says:

    I think the reason why so many of these workers and union employees are so mad is because they are mistaking ‘trading for hours’ for ‘working’. Just because you don’t put in 8 hour shifts to earn a living, and have residual incomes doesn’t mean you don’t WORK or have never WORKED.

    Just because you don’t dig ditches or otherwise work as the ‘engine’ doesn’t mean you don’t work, and aren’t contributing to society.

    John is trying to motivate people this way. If you aren’t motivated by this, then you probably never will be, and will be like John’s dad, or my dad, working all your life, and retiring sore and tired, and with not a lot of money.

  3. Cody says:

    I’m still in the working world, ie trading hours for money, but I totally agree with John here. You may love your job, and maybe you even make enough money to make you happy. Great. All he’s saying is that if you want money in life, and you don’t want to throw your life away to your job, you have to do things differently. I don’t see him insulting anyone.

  4. Joe says:

    John, the people crying about your comments are the lowest common denominator society has to offer. Don’t apologize to them for your remarks.

    There is nothing you could do or say that would please these losers. You could fly to their home, take them by the hand, and set up a web business for them – and they would still fail, and of course blame you for failing.

    They justify their lowly position in life by spreading the lie that successful people obtained their wealth by cheating, inheriting the money, or some other unethical means. This help them sleep at night, and even empowers them with a sense of righteousness. The reality is they are lazy cowards who are not willing to put in the effort, and scared to fail.

    The fact that you upset the “slaves to the punchclock” is an indication that you’re on the right track with your content – Keep up the good work.

  5. Jan says:

    Joe, the comment you left is truly asinine…..If you’re under 20 then you’ll learn eventually…if not then you, in my books anyways, are “the lowest common denominator” in society.

    People that work for a living have nothing to be ashamed of and the way that John’s original post was worded it did make it sound like he is putting down everybody that works for a living which sparked some of the comments.

    Fact is, that society trains you to work, some people break out and are successful. Others break out and fail miserably. Others are perfectly content and happy with what they have and how much they make (even though they work for others).

    Judging people by their pay checks is just a sorry ass way to live life. Some of the nicest people I encounter in my daily life are in the service industry and god bless them.

    Assholes like you will one day encounter some “hicups” in your life and that will make you reconsider your thought proccess…..be nice to people on the way up, because you never know who you’ll meet on the back down to reality….

    and before you attack me for being a “slave to the punchclock”….i’ve never worked for anyone a day in my life.

  6. Stephen says:

    There’s nothing wrong with what you said. They’re truths that have been told by others and listened to by many. What has happened is that people have a way of taking in what they don’t fully comprehend with a reactive response of fear.

    Whole lives are based on the notion of 9 – 5, RRSP’s, and retirement. It is “Safe” in their minds. You have proposed a way of thinking that totally goes against generations of tradition, and of course, their thinking. The only way to respond is to react. It doesn’t mean that there is no learning, it is just that in a reactive learning state, they are only learning how to produce a comeback, or a better way to threaten you. Not the ideal response.

    It is with negative reactions like this that widens the gap between the working poor and the filthy rich. The revolution is a new way of thinking, not a better hourly wage or more tax breaks.

    Some people just need to be woken up. I guess you got a few people that aren’t morning people.

  7. smtkr says:

    John is right about all of this. The only problem is that not everyone can do this for several salient reasons. First, if there was not a working class to fill construction jobs, there would be infrastructure to support the bourgeoisie. The second is that one is still selling something. Mr. Chow was sagacious enough to bring his product to the market at a point when the internet (and technology) really began to explode (I’m referring to ttz). He has an established name in his market. This is not a market one of us can easily jump into anymore.

    Now, Mr. Chow has the prescience to enter another potential gold-mine–blogging. Blogging requires the same cognitive fecundity that made John successful. He makes content; not everyone can do this.

    My two points are:
    1. Not everyone can see the next goldmine
    2. Those who see the next goldmine can’t always find a way to extract gold.

    John, give yourself more credit–your unique perspicacity has brought about your opulence. Most people couldn’t match you, even if they were completely aware of the opportunity for easy money.

  8. Matt says:

    “The driver is NOTHING without the engine. You are the driver, and you are nothing.”

    Don’t forget the rest:

    The engine is NOTHING without the driver. You are the engine, and you are nothing.

    Entrepreneurs need employees so they can be entrepreneurs and employees need entrepreneurs so they can be employees. Everyone gets to decide for themselves which they would rather be.

  9. B. Watch says:

    To John – I didn’t think you really meant to be offensive til I read the last sentence about being the engine, not the driver. Nice going. I wonder what kind of car your drive. Why don’t you say that to your auto mechanic sometime?

    I see folks in this thread bagging on those who “work” for a living. How far out of touch does one have to be, to suggest that people who work are worthless, unmotivated, and “not as good” as someone who’s got money? Who exactly is going to make the fancy cars, guard your gated communities, cook your food, drive your ambulances when you are sick, or stop your million-dollar house from burning to the ground when you pass out drunk with a lit cigarette? Who do you think raises that grass-fed free-range cattle you’re so proud of yourself for buying? It’s not a guy in a business suit and a smile, slinging cow sh*t out of the pasture and driving home in a BMW, let me tell you. It’s somebody who works hard for a living. Do you know starting wages for an EMT are often no more than $12? Police, $14? Security guards, $9? Wait staff in many places don’t even make the federal minimum wage and have to rely on your stingy tips to make ends meet. Don’t even ask how much money the immigrants who pick the grapes to make the $50 wine on your table make. No, let me tell you. It’s usually something like 20 cents a box.

    Not everybody is a doctor, or a lawyer, or a dot-com millionaire. If everybody were, wealth would be meaningless, wouldn’t it? Suddenly, you’d look around on your high perch and there would see everyone else, right along with you. Having lots of money is not a RIGHT in this world. It is a PRIVILEGE. Whether you earned it or inherited it, the fact of the matter is, it still came off of the backs of other people. You need to respect them as the source of what you’ve got. Without them, you’re nothing. You’d be living in an empty wasteland with nothing to spend your precious money on. Nothing like a palace of gold in the middle of a sterile desert, huh?

    What makes me sick is the lack of respect. Yeah, the working world could be a lot different, and could make a lot more people happier even doing the crappy jobs. But there are people out there who just want to try and live a normal life – they want a home, a car, a family. They work with what they’ve got, and if they rock the boat, they risk losing it all. How many people are really willing to sacrifice themselves for everyone else? Rich boy, are YOU willing to sacrifice what you’ve got to make life better for other people? Or are you just gonna sit there on the pedestal you’ve built for yourself, content to look down on “the little people” and idly wonder why they do the things they do?

    Why don’t you go down there and find out?

    What kind of special world do you live in that with no investment of time or money, MORE money magically rains down on you, anyways? That’s not the world that I live in.

    Yeah, you touched on a nerve, alright. I have enough money that I don’t need to work – but I do. Working gets me even more money, and honestly, too. No scams, no financial tricks, no real-estate or market bubbles to flog until they pop, no tax tricks, corporate welfare, golden parachutes, executive compensation packages, or fooling uncle sam. How honestly can you say you got YOUR cash?

    “Open your eyes” indeed. Hah.

  10. Matt says:

    “Do you know starting wages for an EMT are often no more than $12? Police, $14? Security guards, $9? Wait staff in many places don’t even make the federal minimum wage and have to rely on your stingy tips to make ends meet. Don’t even ask how much money the immigrants who pick the grapes to make the $50 wine on your table make. No, let me tell you. It’s usually something like 20 cents a box.”

    Yeah, but what I don’t understand is why there are people willing to trade their hours doing these jobs for these amounts.

    “Rich boy, are YOU willing to sacrifice what you’ve got to make life better for other people?”

    Why should he give handouts to the poor when they have just as much ability to get rich as he (and anyone else who wasn’t born rich) did when he was still an employee?

    “What kind of special world do you live in that with no investment of time or money, MORE money magically rains down on you, anyways?”

    You can earn more money without spending more time or money by creating or buying income producing assets. They take some time to create, but once you have them, they will continue to rain MORE money down on you.

    “How honestly can you say you got YOUR cash?”

    We have no reason to believe that he made his cash dishonestly. Why would that even cross your mind? Because you can’t think of an honest way to earn a lot of money? If so, you would do well to pick up some finance books.

  11. Bigrayvin says:

    Wow John unleashes a thought on resdiual income an people our so up in arms about it . I pesonally trade dollars for hours and love every minute of it (education field) but that can not stop me from creating residual incomes(403b,real estate holdings,stocks,business ventures). The biggest problem with the working profession is that they are not eduacated enough so when someone tryies to help them they feel offended

    I personally do not think john was trying to take potshots at the working class but since your days our number in the working class arena its in the best intrest of a worker to find ways to let their money work for them and not work for their money.

    If you think john is wrong then just take a look at american society(which is quickly becoming the global consensus )its all about capitalism and if you do not except that then you will be punished by being taxed the most and probably the most worked and the list goes on.

  12. B. Watch says:

    Why do people do work that’s less than desirable for less than millions of dollars? well, I keep waiting for that $200k/year job gardening (which I love), but I just haven’t found it. In the meanwhile, I’ve made do with what I could so I can have a roof over my head, which has included washing dishes, clerking for the government, data entry, and security guarding. I didn’t start this life with a million-dollar portfolio, and I’m not there yet, but I work towards it. Not everybody is even as lucky as I am in even knowing where to begin. And you know, sometimes, you trade dollars for doing what you really, really love. A lot of my paramedic buddies would LOVE to make more money! But they also don’t want to trade what they’re doing for the world. They’re good at it and they enjoy it. What more can a person ask for in life?
    I wouldn’t take even a hundred million dollars to be unhappy, dishonest, or disloyal to myself or my friends and family.

    Also, not everybody has the money to throw around on the market and risk losing what they’ve got. You catch a job in something, and you stay with it, because you’ve got bills to pay and maybe a family. Not everybody’s life works out perfectly. Medical bills, family crises, car crashes, alcoholism and drugs, simple bad timing, different personalities, physical or mental handicaps, bad social circumstances. A thousand thousand ways life can go wrong. People are fallible. If you begrudge them that, you begrudge nature and humanity itself.

    I’m not suggesting he “give handouts to the poor”.
    I’m suggesting that he, and you, put down your portfolios and actually get a job. Lock away all of your assets, give them to charity, hide them in your mattress for a while, I don’t care. Just so you don’t touch them for a good long while. You know, even better – sell everything, get rid of it, give it all to a relative or another rich friend. Make it gone. Give yourself no way out except up.
    If you have the balls to do that, you’ve got power already. Otherwise, you can have it all back when you’re done.

    Now go wash dishes, go apply at a low-level data entry position, go work in a call-center, god forbid. Go be a basic employee at any of the places that fill your investment profile. Go be that guy at the drive-through that fucked up your order one morning and you screamed at him over 50 cents worth of McSomething. Pick something that doesn’t even require a college degree. Do it for six months, a year. Come on, try it. Put in some time. Try walking a few miles in the shoes that hundreds of millions of people walk in every day, and then tell them afterwards that you don’t respect them.

    “You can earn more money without spending more time or money by creating or buying income producing assets.”

    And this “creating or buying”.. You do this without time or money how, exactly? Are you some sort of minor deity? THAT is a trick I’d like to know.

    “We have no reason to believe that he made his cash dishonestly. Why would that even cross your mind? Because you can’t think of an honest way to earn a lot of money? If so, you would do well to pick up some finance books.”

    *Attitude* is why it crossed my mind. Honesty and respect come hand-in-hand: without one, you can’t have the other. I see a completely insensitive lack of respect for other people in that last paragraph, as well as with some of the commenters.

    It’s like that child of the Reagan era, “Just Say No To Drugs!” When was the last time Nancy Reagan was a poor black kid with no education (and barely a chance at one) being offered crack by the older kids he respects (because there’s nobody else he can look up to)? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    It’s easy to “Just Say No” from the White House with a string of pearls around your neck (which were harvested by another brown kid halfway around the world for a couple pennies a day – I bet that’s not his dream job, but he’s got to eat, too). It’s easy to go “how can you little people even do that?” when you’ve been sitting on a high horse for your entire life. THAT shows me lack of respect, and tells me that money was not come by with an honest life’s work. Maybe it’s just painful naivite, in which case, my recommendation does not change a single bit. If you want to know, go find out! At least you know that you, out of everybody else, can walk out of it, right?

  13. Laura says:

    John –

    This reminds me of Ten Reason You Should Never Get a Job:


    Also, A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink really hits home that “jobs” are not the future. Very interesting read. 🙂


  14. Supermike says:

    John, I think it’s not that you don’t get a job — you just don’t start being self-employed because you don’t know better. I’m glad it’s sites like yours that have opened up my eyes to Super Affiliate Marketing (SAM), and just as soon as I can get my Linux-based PHP/PostgreSQL CRM project out of the way that I’ve been moonlighting for a few years, I plan to jump on SAM projects and make some real cash, ditching the LAN Manager (work 24×7 almost) day job for sure! Imagine being on a cruise and having your websites still making money for you!

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