I Have 17 ShoeMoney System Spots for John Chow dot Com Readers Only

Shoemoney System is sold out and there is a waiting list that currently has over 2,500 names on it. Shoe opened the system for 500 students and that was reached in only 20 hours. We never expected it to sell out this fast.

After Shoemoney System closed many people were upset because they didn’t get in. I received quite a few emails from readers asking if there was anything I can do to help. So I called up Shoe and asked him if it was possible to open up some extra spots just for you guys. Shoe agreed to give 25 openings for John Chow dot Com readers. The title says 17 because 8 spots are already gone. To be among the final 17 to take advantage of the ShoeMoney System, do the following.

Go to http://www.shoemoneysystem.ca

Enter secret code JohnChow and it will let you into the sign up page. You must do it NOW if you want in. The 17 spots will sell out and then you’ll be on a waiting list of over 2,500 people. If you do not see the sign up page after entering the code, it means the spots are gone.

Inside ShoeMoney System

  • More than 100 hours of premium full-length step-by-step training videos, showing you my screen, holding nothing back.
  • New video released every 3 days. Progress tracker and video library built-in to the member’s back-office.
  • In-depth Interviews with the people at Google, Facebook, SponsoredTweets and all major affiliate networks, where they share their tips for success
  • ShoeMoney Tools and third-party tools, all hand-picked by Shoe, to help you grow your online empire.
  • Niche Ideas, Top converting Keywords, Banners and ads I’ve used over the years.
  • Podcasts and mp3 files of every single talk, presentation and interview I ever gave.

$2,500 in FREE Advertising Money

To kick start your Internet Marketing campaigns, Shoe has secured exclusive deals with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, SponsoredTweets, Azoogle and a few others, where every single student of the ShoeMoney System, will be awarded a total of $2,500 in advertising coupons. The coupons alone is worth the price of admission!

Sign Up for The ShoeMoney System

43 thoughts on “I Have 17 ShoeMoney System Spots for John Chow dot Com Readers Only”

  1. I’m in the system already, and have written a small review on my blog. The system has a slow start, but hopefully it will pick up. 🙂

    1. I really hope it picks up the pace soon. I am more at an intermediate level and learning to make a Google account doesn’t really help me out.

      1. So, the system is about complete things from beginner to advance. I think shoe should create system for intermediate and advance only too.

    2. It shouldn’t have a slow start for $197 a month.

      1. You’re actually right. I wish there was an option for the more advanced users to choose whereby you can receive the videos quicker than others who don’t want to.

  2. Paul B says:

    So this isn’t the same spots that opened up that all members got notified about and asked not to make public? Nice.

    1. Paul B says:

      John, the code “bullshit” worked fine as well. I think you need to work on your secret code code.

      1. haha! Sounds like someone just got caught out 😛

      2. chester says:

        Hey you’re right, it did work.

      3. devno says:

        I hope there are still some of them left. Lets make some money 🙂

        1. You can make money even without Shoe’s wywtem.

          1. you are right . shoe is making money not others…:)

      4. John Chow says:

        I’ll have to ask Shoe about that. He told me my code was JohnChow. Not sure if he did any others or just left it open.

  3. yeah, anyone can just signup as an affiliate on clickbank and promote the sales page… there is no limit, just marketing 🙁 It is a new trend… Amish shah did it too, i bought when they said it is for 500 only, they sold 1500 before closing! (3 times) then re-opened it again for more…

    I am considering getting a refund on that for that as the main reason, its basically lying (and $3k and $250 a month is a fair charge to pay when they don’t do as they say)

    1. having said that, shoes is a bit more affordable, and if the tools really work and save time, then the product is worth it, despite the launch tactics

    2. Paul B says:

      I noticed that with the MBS launch, I was tempted by the initial launch but wanted to see how much BS was coming down the line (I had a sneaky feeling it would be opening up more times than a cheap hooker).

      How are you finding it, the Warrior Forums seem a little neutral about it?

    3. chester says:

      Yeah I somehow felt that Shoe was going to sell more than 500. Its a little misleading when you’re telling people that there are only 500 and they you release another 1000+ more. If it’s not that exclusive, it should be a lot cheaper.

      1. Even if you type in the direct sale page URL you can still get in.

        I kind of lost some respect for Jeremy by him doing this.

        I also think he should reduce the cost since it’s not so exclusive anymore.

      2. It’s not misleading. It’s a form of marketing.

        It’s like “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”. They said it was only going to be released in a certain number of theaters because they knew people would scramble for the tickets. After the film finally premiered, they opened it up to more theaters. It’s about getting people in.

  4. Mrs. Money says:

    Wow, super deal!!

  5. d3so says:

    Yeah, there’s definitely something shady going on.

  6. This is neat! Last time I had checked, I thought there was a rivalry between the major bloggers?

    Nice to see you guys working together for a common cause. 🙂

    1. That’s yje secret of blogging world my friend.

  7. fas says:

    Smart stuff. Add anyting as the code and it still works. Marketing gimmick, you bet.

  8. Seems to me a lot of people have concerns about this program. Was thinking of getting in, but now I’m just going to let it go.

  9. don says:

    I have to say that this really kills the credibility of the course.

  10. Gamers Plaza says:

    Interesting offer but I already in 😀

  11. chester says:

    Since it’s not that exclusive, did anyone buy the system and want to split the costs with me?

    1. Very smart … you now just need one person who also thinks in similar fashion.

  12. John … you are ray of hope for many people.

    Keep it up the good work and helping others.

  13. hey chester,
    i asked the same question before and i got many requests. They wanted to join me. Apparently they were the ones who are not a regular commentators on this site…:)

  14. Been inside and for $197/mth how to set up a google account and click bank account is abit of an insult… there are not over 100 videos at all.

    Try 2 videos, the same 2 that were available while promoting the upcoming launch. Now there is maybe 5-6 videos.

    No coupons yet for facebook, PPC etc..

    All the old webmaster FM podcasts you want though if you wanna dig into those 4 year old gems.

    Shoe should have just kept doing what he does best, blog and run his company….

    This is far from what most of you would expect going in.

    A 9 minute video on clickbank sign up? come on.. He says he has been making videos for a full year??

    Let’s see them…. not one you made last night.

    I sent 2 messages to support voicing some concern on “light content”

    Response? Nothing.

    1. greatyler says:

      Well, that’s the same thing making me worried. I’ve sent two support messages and never got any reply! What making me more worried is, I don’t know if I would like to ask for refund, would the request be handled or not…..

      Anyone would like to say something?

      1. Refund says:

        Just request your refund thru Clickbank – Should get processed.. they have an option stating – “Product did not meet my expectations”

  15. Carl says:

    Wow, there are still spots open!!! 500 spots sold out in 20 hours, But 17 spots have been made available, and have not sold out after 3 days. I would jump on this now, if you haven’t signed up already.

  16. ShoeMoney is smart and all but i dont know if he will sell his core secrets. I know you and him are friends but the best way to make money online is to make your own methods. I make hundreds each month doing my own thing. But buying a method or two never hurt.

  17. Peter says:

    Thanks for this offer, going to check it:)

  18. Money Or Die says:

    I don’t see how opening more spots ruins Shoemoney’s credibility when it’s a standard tactic used across the board.

    And as soon as the “get rich quick” kids and internet marketers who were just looking for a pile of free advertising coupons get their refunds, their really might only be 500 people in the system.

    I have 60 (or is it 90?) days to evaluate the system and I plan on using that time to see if this thing starts to flesh out and turn into something.

    Stop being so impatient, people.

    1. chester says:

      Well it is misleading but used widely as a fear-of-loss marketing tactic. But if the guy on the car lot says there’s only one left and you have to buy it, how would you feel if you drove by it a week later and saw 6 identical cars that you just bought that was supposedly the last one?

      Just cuz it’s being done doesn’t mean its ethical.

      1. Money Or Die says:

        You’re right, it’s ethically questionable.

        But why limit your profits with ethics? That’s unheard of in this industry.

  19. just read your article on masking domain …very interesting…

  20. there are plenty of free keyword tracking tools in market….from the video in his blog i believe shoe offers that for a price…..)))

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