I Have Passes To BlogWorld Expo New York! Who Wants One?

BlogWorld & New Media Expo will be coming to New York City for the first ever and I have five passes to give away! BlogWorld New York happens May 24 – 26 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. This is the first and only industry-wide conference, trade show and media event for all new media. If you’re looking to take your blogging to the next level, then attending BlogWorld is a must. Here’s how to get there.

Five Passes Up For Grabs

I am giving away a 2-day pass, a 1-day pass and three Exhibits passes. To win the 1-day or 2-day pass, reply to this post explaining why I should give you the pass. The winner will be based on the quality of reply. I want to give the pass to someone who really wants it.

To win one of the Exhibits passes, send out the following message to your Twitter or Facebook account.

Hey! @johnchow is giving away passes to BlogWorld Expo New York! Get one here: http://johnchow.com?p=17831

The winners of the Exhibits passes will be done by a random drawing of all entries received.

Please only enter if you plan to go. The passes can not be resold. They will be coded to the winner’s name. I am only giving away the passes. I am not paying for airfare or hotel. I might invite you dinner in New York but other than that, you’re on your own for other expenses. The deadline for entry is Friday, April 15. The winners will be announced during Saturday’s Dot Com Pho. Good luck!

20% Off Blog World Coupon

A full access pass to BlogWorld New York cost $995 ($1,295 after April 14). However, enter coupon code JCHOW20 and you’ll get a nice 20% discount. The code is good until registration closes but it’s best to use it before April 14 to get the maximum discount. See you guys in New York!

Register for BlogWorld & New Media Expo New York

90 thoughts on “I Have Passes To BlogWorld Expo New York! Who Wants One?”

  1. Donny Gamble says:

    Hey John,

    I deserve to win a 2-day pass because we partied hard at the Affiliate Summit in Vegas and also because you wrote the foreword for my book. Make sure that I get one of those “I’m John Chow B****” shirts this time though

    1. Hi John,

      It sounds like a great contest even without the airfare and accommodation. Unfortunately the date doesn’t suite me at all as I’m already booked for something else.

      1. Yes this is very much suitable for those people who live in NY.

        John I think you should also consider those candidate who can attend really.

        1. Abhik says:

          Right.. Choosing people who can’t attend due to distance and other things will make the pass useless.

        2. Hopefully people will only enter if they can attend.

          1. That would make sense. I will not enter and neither should anyone who knows already they can’t make it.

            Things can always come up suddenly but that’s different.

          2. d3so says:

            I’ll enter if it includes a plane ticket. πŸ˜‰

          3. You are right man. It is very difficult to attend, even if there are passes.

    2. John Rampton says:

      I would like a shirt that says “I’m with John Chow B****” I think that would be a good shirt to wear with me there by your side!

      1. Sorry, that shirt is tasteless.

        1. A shirt like that would be like supporting a candidate who’s running for an election.

          A good way to suck up to John maybe but a bit too much.

          1. d3so says:

            The only person who can wear that is John Chow himself.

      2. Then, go to a printer shop, and Get it printed on your shirt. It is very simple πŸ™‚

    3. PPC Ian says:

      I did not know you had a book. I would definitely like to read it. Has your book been published yet? Is it a traditional book or eBook?

  2. Should be a great event in one of the busiest place in the States. Ready to take notes, make contacts, and take my blog to the next level.

    1. Work online says:

      Hey Thomas,
      Are you really though that should be,

    2. Yes I think it’s really great event!

      1. Every event where big names are available with big affiliates should be attended.

        1. John Rampton says:

          And both me and ZK should be there together!

    3. Not sure there is much of a market for tee ball baseball.

  3. It would be cool to go if it was local.

    1. Certainly this is local for those people who live in NY. Lolllzzz

    2. John Rampton says:

      I thought NYC was local to everyone, I’m from Utah and it’s local enough!

  4. V&A says:

    Sadly, can’t attend this year. Maybe, hopefully, next year. Someone is going to be the lucky winner and I wish them the very best.

  5. Work online says:

    Yes i also appreciate to awesome sound.

  6. Ben Eadie says:


    I’m looking to go but I cannot fully afford the cost, I have socked away 90% of the money but obviously cannot go until all the money is there.

    Just recently I have gotten to the point where I can (just) claim I make my income on-line with my video tutorial membership site http://UsingSolidWorks.com and a fun podcast at http://MechanicalMashup.tv . I submitted a speaker proposal on ‘3 main ways to make full time income online with video, a beginners successful journey’ But, unfortunately, it was not accepted. Without the free entry that comes with speaking at the event I just cannot afford to go. I only need a small little bit of help to make this trip happen and hope you will give me the 2 day entry to get me there. I could really use the networking at the conference and absorb all the talks to help me advance my online career to the next level.

    Thanks for the chance and I look forward to meeting you at the conference.

    1. Yes, it will be expensive to attend unless you do live pretty close to New York city.

    2. Ben Eadie says:

      Like I said I have 90% socked away I just need a pass…

  7. Just posted it over Facebook and Twitter. πŸ™‚

    1. Nice, it will be helpful to others who need passes.

  8. Hey John,

    I’d love to go to BlogWorld Expo this year and take my blogging, and online business to an all new level. I’ve created a detailed plan for building my Internet empire and I would love to learn how I can improve it. I’m local to New York, and available on those dates. After working tirelessly on my business for the last several months, it would be a welcome few days off to absorb the knowledge you guys have to offer.

    If nothing else, give me a shout while you’re in town and let me take you out to dinner.



    1. I’m game for dinner as well!

  9. Jim says:


    I am not going to say I deserve a two day pass, but I am dying for one. This will be the very first convention I would be going to, I have to admit I have been following your stuff for years. But for some strange reason I just kept sitting on the fence. That all ended last week when I bought two domains and started blogging. To be honest, it is a bit overwhelming still, but I am going to make head way. Going to blogworld would be a dream come true, but I have to be honest… There is no way I can afford to buy a ticket at this point of time, with paying for all the lawyers for our custody battle and with renovating a house that we cant get my wife’s name off of. It would really be a honor if you could pass me a ticket, and help me start to bring my blog up a notch. And start to live my dream, of being able to work for myself.

    To Our Success,

  10. Abhik says:

    Looks like another awesome event..

    1. John Rampton says:

      I think me and you should go! Thoughts?

  11. Just twited and facebook it. It’s awesome event!

  12. I am sure many people are going to try their hand on this free pass.

    1. John Rampton says:

      Like me! I think I should win one!

    2. Yes that’s right. the big name come on that event and the cost of that seminar. I agree with you ZK.

  13. guru says:

    *Groan* I wish I could, but it would need 2 flights and 1 hours.

      1. it would take me 3 hours top get there and yes, at least $1,200 for the trip. Prolly not worth it.

  14. Jayrweblog says:

    Although I can have it, but impossible for me to do so,,,(for a Philippine Blogger) . . . .

    Best Regard John,

  15. Same for me I’m in the UK and it won’t be of any use for me, though would be an experience.

  16. James Hughes says:

    Looks awesome John Chow.

    Being in the UK it will be difficult for me to get there but hopefully
    you can give me some feedback on how it went.

    Where is the Jacob Javits centre within New York?

  17. interesting… wish I could be able to make it or that I lived back east so it was a little closer.

    maybe the next blog world california


  18. John Rampton says:

    I’ve never been to BlogWorld and would love to go. It would help my blog out a ton and give me the opportunity to meet a lot of people that I would not normally meet!

  19. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Sorry John.I can’t go this time.

  20. Julio says:

    Dinner with John Chow is a really good prize to win. It gives anyone the chance to ask the questions they want that alone is good enough for anyone to enter the drawing.

    If you win what type of questions would you ask John?

  21. PPC Ian says:

    Wow! John, awesome stuff. I’d love to go but a bit far for me. I do hope to attend BlogWorld Las Vegas later this year. πŸ™‚ Hope you’ve got some passes for that one!

  22. Corina Newby says:

    Thanks for offering these passes John!

    My reasons for wanting a pass are pretty simple: I will absolutely crush the opportunity that Blog World New York has to offer, savoring every second of the experience, while establishing real life connections with an online community recognized only by their avatars ’til now. I am a passionate and prolific web writer, and a social media enthusiast who’s been following Blog World since last year’s event… seeing as I’m from Toronto, #BWENY presents a very unique opportunity to get involved at a semi-local level; having a pass donated to my efforts would help me get a lot more out of the event!

    Oh… and a dinner with John Chow doesn’t sound to shabby, either πŸ™‚
    Although it seems like it ought to be MY treat if I win…

  23. interest to take part but not this time

  24. singer divya says:

    i would like to join in this .

  25. fas says:

    I hope a live telecast of the event will happen.

  26. Hey John,

    Hats off to you mate. The offer sounds awesome and giving away on the basis of your eagerness to go is simply great. I would love to have that as I am just a starter in the blogging industry – a partimer actually.

    But again I can’t fly over there because of my tight budget. But would wish best luck for all those here you are eager to have those passes..

  27. Eric Hammer says:

    Would have loved to go and have a chance to meet you. Unfortunately, I’m overseas. Ironically, I’m back in New York from May 2-May13 so I’ll just miss this by a few weeks. Oh well. Maybe next year.

  28. Gregory says:

    Hi John,
    I deserve to get these passes. Reasons being:
    I live in NYC and I work as a web developer, at over 10 web and media companies.
    I have written over 10 professional websites myself, and I blog as well, such as tips on online SEO and Guerilla marketing. I’ve also wrote a blogging toolbar for Mozilla firefox. Going to Blog World Expo would be a great experience for me, and I’m sure I would learn a lot from it and meet a lot of people in the blogging community.


  29. Ian Fraser says:

    Gday John,
    I’ve just got started. My site went live late January this year from Melbourne Australia and I’m working on it whenever I can using as many of your suggestions and knowledge as I can. If I’m one of the lucky ones to receive a ticket to Blogworld, I’ll drop everything and fly to New York tomorrow – no wuckin furries mate.

  30. Hi John! I would love to win one of the passes! I have been following you for some time and learning about making money online, and recently scored an internship for Simplify Recordings doing internet marketing and blogging. I have a lot to gain from going to this expo, including new blogging knowledge and also networking. I have never been to New York and this would be a great opportunity for me. Thank you so much!

  31. Hotdogman says:


    I would love to go, but the dates don’t work for me. I really want to go to a Blogworld event someday-I have been trying to attend for a couple of years now but it always seems to come at a bad time for me (daughter graduating high school this time).

    Maybe next time- keep up the great work with your blog and teaching others how to do it.


  32. Manny R says:

    I would love to win these tickets. I think the blog expo would allow me to network with others which will allow me to further my knowledge in the blogosphere. I think by winning I will also get a chance to meet John which on it’s own is big. I’m only an hour away so distance isn’t an issue. Please choose me. I will soak up every bit of information and put it to great use.

    Thank you

  33. Todd Herman says:

    I’ve been dabbling in the blog world for a little while now. And the chance to get over to Blog World would allow me to help learn from other people far smarter than myself on how to scale up a blog using a publisher model. I have a few products online that help young athletes build their confidence and self esteem in the sports world. So like anything… Blog World would help to grow the reach of the message and hopefully help a lot more people.

    Domino effect:

    John Chow gives tix to Blog World to Todd…

    Todd attends Blog World…

    Flashes of insight occur that shortens the learning curve…

    Several serendipitous moments happen that create new friendships and new business opportunities…

    John and Todd strike up a new friendship…

    Blog World ends up being a water shed moment that explodes the reach and scalability of The Peak Athlete and I’m able to extend the same ticket scholarship to someone else next year…

    John, thanks for the generosity. I live out here in New York City, so I’ll definitely be able to make it… And if it helps I’m also a Canuck (Alberta).

    All the best,

  34. steve says:

    I’ve set p my blog but dont know how to start, my blog has been dormant for 3 weeks now i just dont know how to start. looking for a pass so i can start learning how to blog.

  35. Roxanne Robertson says:

    I would love to go. It would be a wonderful introduction to the industry and know it would be a great event to attend. Pick me!!!

  36. Chad Agrawal says:

    Hi John,

    I am a senior at NYU Stern School of Business graduating this december. I have created my own product about transferring from community college to university at CommunityCollegeTransferStudents.com. I made my first sale last month and am in the process of redoing the site to prepare for increased sales and conversions. I started out in the marketing world about a year ago and have learned about affiliate marketing, traffic generation, list building, article submission, link building techniques, converting designs, and more.

    Additionally, I have sprung up about 5 other sites that are about to receive some decent traffic.

    My goal is to be making more than my friends going into finance when December rolls around. If you think the expo can help me, I would really appreciate the ticket or any feedback you have for me.

    Thank You,


  37. Just a reminder from John Rampton that I’d love to go! I’ve posted it before but thought you would like another reminder!

  38. Kirk Taylor says:

    I believe you know how committed I am to becoming a successful blogger like yourself. I read your site daily along with others, but primarily yours.
    I try to support your site when I can, as I did just the other night when I purchased my new Lumix GF2 through your Amazon link, which is arriving tomorrow. I can’t wait.
    I have driven to Oklahoma City from Iowa to connect with you and to pick your brain. I would do it again as I found our conversations to be extremely valuable.
    I will be there in New York City If am the lucky winner of the two day pass, it will be the perfect excuse to make the trip. I would hope to do dinner with you, I’ll gladly buy, and that is if you have the time.
    Even if I don’t win, I’m do greatly appreciate the value that you have provided through your blog and in our conversations. I’m working to pay it forward to others as well.

  39. Shaun Carter says:

    I would love to receive a pass to BlogWorld this year. May 27 is my birthday and it would be a tremendous birthday week in NYC. I have been blogging casually for several years and am ready to take the next step with a couple of new concept blogs I am developing. I am a Junior in college and with the current state of the economy, I don’t want to leave my future employment to chance and I would like to have a foundation for building my own income via blogging and the Internet.

  40. WOW!!! I WON, I WON!!!

    Repeat after me DAAAAPPPPHHHNE, you are the WINNER (In my Brooklyn, New York’s Voice-by way of South Caroline that will take 5 buses to get there if I have to and stay with family-but out of your mouth LOL), randomly, I am corny with a twist of funny lol smh.

    Okay, now that is out of the way, let the BLOGGING WORLD CONFERENCE begin. I am so looking forward to learning from you and the rest of the BEST OF THE BEST BLOGGERS, so happy blogging to us all.

    Here is my number if you desire to call me like Ellen does on her show 864-901-8070 (text friendly too) for the big Surprise WOW factor, favor belongs to me, each CONTEST I have ever entered I WIN, it’s WHAT I DO.

    I know my thoughts are physical as are my words, so I am like most, I have a desire to attend and my desire makes me claim that I WIN, Now, so I say thank you for including me in the CONTEST.

    Like most of your readers and followers, we are simply like you in that we LEVERAGE our Online experiences by adding VALUE to those who come to our spaces, and follow us on Social Networks.

    Fairly new to blogging, I have been online for one (1) year on my own site, and in the past not knowing the business of blogging on the wordpress.com platform for the three years simply for the love of it, but your site is like a e-University or something where obtaining E-Checks is made simple when reading, applying, and implementing, so to say the least it is sticky (just learned what that was).

    Recently, I discovered you, and what got me was you were so real out at the park with your beautiful baby girl, not fronting with the BIG CARS, MANSIONS, MONEY Spilled all over the bed or the BIG FLASHING RED BUY NOW BUTTONS, and although you may have those things, you spoke to my heart and it let’s me know that I indeed can build a sustainable income and help others by following your road maps. You basically got to the root of my challenge, hence teaching me to CRACK THE SPINE OF POVERTY in my life, and BECOME WHO I ALREADY AM, and begin building real wealth online.

    Honest, and strategic are two words that I can use to refer and describe you, so happy I met you virtually, and now I look forward to meeting one of my E-mentor’s in person at Blog World, are we wearing coordinating Tee’s joking lol, but it is a thought for branding.

    God bless ALL you do, may you be blessed beyond measure, soon I will be able to financially assist with leveraging others, and be as TIMELESS & PRICELESS as you and those tickets are. Once I obtain the GOLDEN TICKETS in my HAND, I will make you PROUD.

    I DECREE I SHALL WIN, BE A SPONGE, and PAY IT FORWARD, hey Mr. John Chow you have started something here, I am so PUMPED!!! WHOOOOOT, WHOOOOOT. I humbly say thank you for my WINNING TICKETS in advance, and YOU SO ROCK!!!

    As I continue to seek significance, I know you will assist me in obtaining the success as the money simply comes because of it all. Again, thanks so much for simply being you John, you are a BLOGGING BEAST!!!

    Blog World Expo New York, I humbly introduce you to Dwritewell of Brooklyn, New York. Wheeeeeeew enough of this thesis.

  41. Sherri says:

    Hi John,

    I would love to get a 2 day pass. I live in NYC so I would definitely go. If you give me the pass I will give you a big hug and kiss. I don’t think anyone had made that offer yet. Haha!.

  42. hostgator says:

    I twitter it, but how to win?

  43. Vincent Woon says:

    Hey John

    Thanks Again for running this contest especially to BlogWorld, for some reason I always think it was a West coast only event. This will be my first time going to BlogWorld and it will an eye opener for me in the blogging world and spend time with you is PRICELESS …

    Thanks you in advance for the ticket!
    If not we can always do Thai (your favorite) or try out some of the many Pho restaurant in NYC

    Thanks and God Bless! πŸ™‚
    – Vincent

  44. John B says:

    Hi John- wont be able to attend… so I’ll have to regretfully pass on this contest.

    BUT I posted it on facebook for you.

    Hope it helps!

    Have a great day.
    John B

  45. Hey John!

    To many reasons to list why I deserve the 2 day pass. I’ll just list the important ones.

    1) I already blogged about it at http://www.adrianchilders.com/upcoming-events-in-nyc/ and have a link back to JohnChow.com on my homepage.

    2) I already tweeted about it

    3) I haven’t been to a BlogWorld yet, although I have already spoken to a couple of the organizers.

    4) I live in NYC just a few blocks away from the Javits Center where it will be hosted.

    5) I can help you find something just as fun in NY as making fun of the poor “geniuses” in the apple store.

    See you at the Flippa webinar in a few hours


  46. MiraUncut says:

    Dear John-

    Everyone would obviously love the 2 day pass. Everyone wants to grow online, and learn the ropes better etc etc…. I think you know that. I don’t need to tell you what you know. What you don’t know is who we are as people. Who I am.

    I’m actually a medical student (done with 2 years). And, I’m making a change in my life. My parents don’t even know this mind you, but I believe that I’m making the right decision. While I love medicine and what I’ve been doing, I’ve realized 1) its not the only way to help people 2) You get so caught up in it you don’t really help people. 3) I don’t want to be a slave for the rest of my life. During the last year I’ve been blogging and selling online. I see the light! My blog is only one year old. It is a food blog. And I love it. I haven’t had as much time for it that I want, due to school, so, I’m actually leaving medical school for the online world. Yes, its scary, yeh, I’m sure everyone around me will think I’m crazy (minus my hubby, hes deep in the online world and gets it), but I really believe in this, and where I am headed. I’m excited for the vision I have going forward.

    A side note, I’m also selling products online and taking that more seriously (I make decent on there). You can’t really rely on marketplaces, so I’m building my own site as well. My plan is that will be my moneymaker while I work on my baby (my blog). But I believe in both and just know its a matter of time.

    Thank you for the opportunity! I would love to be there. Its an amazing line up.

    always Uncut,

  47. Hi John!

    Long time Twitter follower! I would love to go to BlogWorld Expo NY! I have been writing a blog since 2003, and am currently trying to scrimp and save to attend BlogWorld.

    My blog (www.sportsgirlkat.com) has allowed me to meet so many people and has brought me so much joy. I have been able to parlay my blogging into a part-time freelance writing career. I balance that with my full-time job in higher education. I am in the midst of creating two offshoot blogs – one that is still underwraps, and the other called Life on the North Shore (www.lifenorthshorema.com.)

    I recognize that attending BlogWorld would open so many doors to me, and allow me to connect to those I’ve only had the pleasure to meet virtually at this point. The connections that I would make there would propel my writing business massively. I am in cheap-bus-travel distance to NYC, and would love to attend!

    Thank you for this contest, and best of luck to all who enter!

    -Kat (Twitter: @sportsgirlkat)

  48. Lisa says:

    Hi John,

    I would absolutely *love* a 2-day pass. I am in a digital role, but my company doesn’t see the value in conferences such as BlogWorld and won’t cover the cost of the pass. I attended last October in Las Vegas – on my own dime and used vacation time to boot – because I do believe attending BlogWorld is critical to keeping on top of the latest developments in the digital realm. However, financial circumstances are different this year and it’s difficult to purchase my own pass. I am based here in NY, so even though I’d still have to use some vaca days, travel would not be an issue. I’d just like the opportunity to attend!

    Appreciate your consideration!


  49. Isabel says:

    Seria un honor, pero evidentemente EspaΓ±a esta algo retirado de NeW York.

    Suerte a todos

  50. Ben lang says:

    <b?My school is right by there in the Upper East Side, I would definitely ditch school if I got passes to go this to expo. Thanks for this contest John!

    PS: Great job on your latest webinars.

    1. Ben lang says:

      Sorry for the <b? typo… I meant to bold it πŸ™‚

      1. Ben lang says:

        Missed the part about the explanation, sorry!

        Anyways, here is why I’d love to go. I’m 17 and I run http://epiclaunch.com/ a blog for young entrepreneurs. The site’s been growing steadily for over a year and I’m trying to grow it more in order to inspire more young entrepreneurs. We have an awesome community and an amazing team of writers.

        I recognize how great of an experience this event is. Networking with other incredible bloggers is so crucial. It’s probably the best way to grow a blog.

        As I said above I’d certainly ditch school and take a 20 minute subway ride to attend this event, I can’t say how incredible it would be to go.

        Thanks again (and sorry for comment glitches above)


  51. Adarsh (Tweetizen) says:

    I deserve the passes because it’s been so long since I partied with @johnchow πŸ™‚
    And oh, I’m in NYC that week.

  52. Syed Balkhi says:

    I just entered for the exhibit pass. Would love to take a bigger crew to NYC. Right now only two of us are going. But with another pass, we can take one more person πŸ™‚

  53. Keith says:

    I hope I win, I would love to meet you John, I live 45 minutes from the GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD!

  54. my best wishes for the participants

  55. Wendy says:

    ohh– MAN. I missed the entrance period. How is it I never even KNEW about BWNY, and now I am frantically trying to find a way to go? I live about 2 hours from NYC now, but I’ll farm my kids out, leave my husband on on anniversary, and even stay with my Mother in law to get to go! If by chance some lucky winner decided he/she can’t go, please think about me. I really want to be able to learn some of the things I know I can learn there! And I can’t afford to buy you dinner, but I can buy you a drink! πŸ˜‰

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