I Love Receiving Emails Like These

Hey John!

Checking in – just wanted to say that I’m now on day 17 of the action plan for Blogging With John Chow. I want you to see something…

My blog has always had lots of comments compared to most who have none (maybe 25-30 per post sometimes). Once in awhile I’d have a 100+ posts – not often. Look in my sidebar – left side under Popular Posts: 172 comments…78 comments…75 comments… yes, those include me (so did the previous 20-30 ones).

But look at the kinds of comments people are leaving:

“Wow, Tiff. Another awesome post. I’m going to run out of wall space soon if I have to keep printing these out and hanging up to read everyday.”

That’s how your advice and my implementation is affecting people! I have gone back to my roots. My sales are growing. My optins have begun taking off in a fast way again.

All thanks to Blogging With John Chow. Not sure how I’d lost my way, but I’ve found it again. I know it feels good to have created a product that really delivers for your customers and that’s what you’ve done.

Not only was the guidance about WHAT to post to connect with your audience stellar, and my favorite part, but you’ve had me going to other blogs to comment – I’m seeing more traffic that way – and making connections. You’ve had me start rebuilding my site layout. I plan to nix tiffanydow.com home page and replace it with a video/bullet opt in squeeze page and make a product page on my blog.

Just amazing. So glad I found you and am listening to your advice. I love your attitude – it’s blunt like mine – but funny, too. My sister is using your course as well and really enjoying it.

Anyway – thank you. I’ll be buying your next course. When is it? I need more. LOL

Tiff 😉

Blogging with John Chow

13 thoughts on “I Love Receiving Emails Like These”

  1. sapna says:

    HI John

    I think the course is great, I saw your video that is awesome.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. John Grginov says:

    Great stuff, looks like you get a lot of love. 😀

  3. Elena says:

    Yes, I am reading right now too (Monetization module). I am no newbie, but I was concentrating on websites more than blogs. I can see my mistakes with advertising now. You gave me some really good ideas. Some of it is something I knew before, but even then it’s about HOW you say it 🙂 A lot of it is new to me.

    I know myself and books like this I don’t read just once. I will be going over and over again and I am sure every time I will find some new pearls I didn’t see before. Thanks a lot!

  4. ZK says:

    You need a great mentor to be a great player 🙂 John is a great mentor I can vouch for that

  5. Never underestimate the power of doing something right the first time.

    The reason why I have a scar on my neck is from trying to replace a part on my semi truck the wrong way.

    It’s hard to benefit from what you don’t know but it’s easy to get hurt.

  6. adam says:

    Hey John I do have 1 more question off subject but how do you add the comment button at the end of your feeds??? thanks John:)

  7. Tim Miller says:

    It’s just sad when hearing people lost thousand of dollars on bad make money programs around internet whereas they can get a great and trusted course like you have John. I think your course should be showcased on every Google search result that searches anything related to making money on internet.

    Great job John.

  8. Eric says:

    Just another reason to keep coming back and checking out John Chow….because he knows his stuff! Enough said!

  9. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    who wouldn’t like such an e-mail? I hope I will get one like this soon!

    My blog is young but it is growing, thanks to this comments too.

    Thank you.

  10. faisal says:

    Super awesome John, the book has lots of good info.

  11. Michael Sato says:

    I also signed up under his program and I really learned a lot from it and I’m seeing consistent small traffic everyday. I just started my blog less than 3 weeks ago and am now seeing results, hopefully I can monetize it soon. Thanks John.

  12. Abby says:

    Hi John
    I bought your course a few weeks back. I’m now one of your affiliates. I’m a newbie and I’ve learnt a lot about im after buying your course.
    Thanks again for a great course!


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