“I Won’t Try Anything That Costs Me Money.”

I recently sent out an email to my list about the Mobe Inner Circle (MIC). Right now, we’re offering a 7 day trial for $9.95. You get to try it for a full week, and if it’s not everything you hope, simply cancel it and you’ll get your money back. Pretty much a can’t lose deal, right? Well, I got the following reply from a reader named MP:

I won’t try anything that costs me money.

I replied back with, “Then good luck making any money.” However, I want to use this post to show why this type of attitude will never lead you to success, and if you have the same attitude as MP, you need to change it or your make money online career will be over real quick.

Nothing Is Really Free

Let’s not kid ourselves. We all know that nothing is truly free in this world. There is always a cost involved. If it’s not money then it’s normally your time. The problem is, most people don’t value their time very much. They think their time is worth nothing, therefore other people’s time are worth nothing as well.

I know this because I get a ton of emails everyday asking me to spend time with them for free, and they get upset when I tell them to go read my free eBook first. What they are really looking for is not help. What they’re looking for is someone to do everything for them and do it for free, like this email from Tula.

I need to make money can you set me up with a blog which is already made with affiliates products!!!

Then there are the readers who offer to sweeten the deal, like Kyle B of Penn State University.

i know you make a ton of money with affiliate programs so i would ask if you could start out one for me and then when i get like some money for my college and maybe a new car i will turn the account over to you so you can have the account and you can get some extra money out of it so if you set me up an account i promise i will then turn it over to you when i make a certain amount thanks

What an amazing offer! I’ll set up the site for him, he gets all the money, and once he thinks he’s made enough, he’ll turn it over to me! How can I refuse an offer like that? I can tell that Kyle will make a great future politician.

All this is really my own fault because I do give away a lot of my stuff for free. Unfortunately, free isn’t what some people are looking for. They want it all done for them and don’t want to pay for it.

Here’s something to keep in mind: If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer. You’re the product being sold. Just ask Facebook.

Opportunity Cost of Pursuing Free

It is possible to learn how to create a successful blog for free by downloading my free eBook and reading through all the posts on this blog. You’ll just have to spend a few weeks reading through 5,000+ posts and then try to arrange them into some kind of logical order. You can do this, or you can pay me $37 and have it all presented to you.

You need to place a value on your time. Don’t you think it’s worth $37 to save a couple of week, or months, of searching on the Internet for free information? I hired Unique Blog Designs to design my blog instead of learning how to design myself. Their theme packages start at $7,500. To me, that was a bargain because it would have taken months to learn how to do what they do, and a month of my time is worth far more than $7,500.

Your time is worth money. You need to place a value on it. Once you do, you may find it’s cheaper to spend $1,000 on pay per click advertising instead of spending 20 hours a week learning to SEO your site to get “free” traffic.

You Will End Up Trying Nothing

If you won’t try anything that cost you money, then chances are, you will end up trying nothing. You won’t take any classes, you won’t go to college, you won’t apply for a loan since there are fees, you won’t do anything.

You won’t even do a “try before you buy” offer because they require you to do a good faith action like a entering a credit card number that won’t be charged, or asking for $9.95 that will be returned to you if you cancel. And you wonder why you’re stil broke.

You Can Pay Me Now, Or Pay Me Later

Fram, the oil filter maker, is known for its famous marketing slogan, “You can pay me now, or pay me later”, which is used in its advertising by an auto mechanic, who is explaining to his customer that he can either pay a small sum now for the replacement of oil and filter or a far larger sum later for the replacement of the vehicle’s engine.

This quote also applies to life. You can pay a small sum now, or you can pay big time later. The big time being what could had been had you not had that loser atitude of “I won’t try anything that cost me money.”

69 thoughts on ““I Won’t Try Anything That Costs Me Money.””

  1. I. C. Daniel says:

    That guy ”MP” is more like a kid John. Don’t take it personal man.

    Also the second one who ask you to make him a blog with affiliates products ๐Ÿ™‚ and stuff like that, again is a kid mind here. Don’t waste your time with those guys.

    Your blog is awesome, it doesn’t matter how much you make, not many believe until they build their own website. However earnings ar far away and a daily hard work must be done to achieve some goals.

    It takes time to make money online, people must understand they have to invest some money to learn how to start earn real money online.

    Once again, don’t take it personal. Best Regards IC. Daniel

    1. John Chow says:

      Oh I don’t take it personal at all. In fact, I am saving all those email to create a new book call “The Dear John Letters.” ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. Manuel says:

        That’s the reason you’re successful, John. You think outside the box and can turn even an absurdity into a commodity.

        1. Zubin Kutar says:

          I will produce that book into a movie … ๐Ÿ™‚

          By the Affiliate, to the affiliate and for the affiliate … lollzz

      2. Anup says:

        John, is that real, or you’re just kidding?

        1. Zok says:

          Haha, for real. I need to learn to think like John… “can I make money from this?” ๐Ÿ˜€

        2. John Chow says:

          It’s real. I have enough of those emails to make a book. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    You put it right John. There is no such a thing like free. And we waste a lot of our money for things which we don’t need and we are afraid to invest even small amount for somethnig which cen help us to earn much more then we invest.

    And as you’ve said people don’t want free stuff we want miracles and money for nothing.and this is wrong.

    So if you reallly thnig that you will earn money for free think again.

    To be successful in any business you and me must invest money and time.
    So don’t be miserable but get to work.

    Al the best for those who don’t affraid to work hard and they know they need some money to invest but invest smart.

    See you on top

    1. Treena says:

      Hi Erwin,

      Are you a testimony to the program for John Chow?

      It sounds like you are making progress of some kind the way you are coming across! I certainly hope so and wish you the best with it! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. So true, I’m getting ever day request for advertising and when I let them know the fees they say they don’t have budget, if I can do it for free (!)

    I have special folder called PITB (pain in the bottom) collecting all those emails, to use in future ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. There’s not such thing as free lunch, that’s for sure. There is nothing wrong with charging for your work – should be a no brainer

  5. Brian Owens says:

    I got one like this today:

    “Hi Brian, as much as I would love to attend your webinar tomorrow, I am in the unfortunate position that I have actually run out of money. I don’t mean I haven’t got much money, I mean I have literally run out! I have never been in this position before and I never want to be in it again. I can go into all sorts of reasons why this has happened but won’t bore you with the details other than to say I have recently moved to ———– and all of the money I have left is tied up in a ——— Bank and has been for 2.5 months!!! Talk about red tape!

    Anyway, enough of my doom and gloom, I only look forwards and not miss out and here is what I suggest if you are open to it. Let me join your training and get all of the information I need to start making money, once I have made the money I promise I will send the entrance fee + whatever you feel is justified immediately. I don’t know if this is an unusual request or not but one thing I can promise you is that I will put my heart and soul into replicating your, and therefore my, success.

    Let me know what you think.”

    I decided to do something different with this fellow. I’ve been in his position before, so I replied with this:

    “Hi _____, sorry about your recent hard times. I’m no stranger to them. Been there often, but you will get through this.

    I’d love to help you out. But I can’t justify giving you a product I’m charging others for. It wouldn’t be fair to them.

    HOWEVER, I’d be willing to work something out with you. If you were willing to work it off doing some SEO for me, (data entry and link building), I’d gladly hook you up with the course.

    What SEO knowledge do you have, and what kind of tools/skills do you own that I could hire you to use in exchange for the course? If you have none, just say so, and I’ll come up with some stuff you can do if you’re willing. It would be about $100 worth of work.

    Let me know. Hope this is helpful. I don’t normally do it, but if you’re serious about getting turned around, I’m more than willing to meet you half way and let you “wash some dishes” to pay the bill.

    Grace and Peace


    So, interesting thing was, he was more than willing to do some work for me. I doubt I’ll do a lot of this type of thing, but if he actually delivers on the work I sent him (easily worth the price he would pay for my course), I feel pretty good about it.

    Anyhow, just thought I’d share. Thanks for the post John!

    1. John Chow says:

      Pretty cool that he is willing to do the work. I’ve made offers like that before and never got a reply!

      1. Brian Owens says:

        Yeah, it was encouraging. Some people want stuff for free just because that’s who they are. (like the person you blogged about above). Some people are more than willing to pay but actually can’t, and they’re trying to be resourceful. Most people would look at the list of web 2.0’s I asked this guy to submit articles to and never reply…But this one surprised me!

  6. Marina says:

    I can very well understand your feelings John. I am in the same situation. People leave me angry comments when they unsubscribe saying that all what I do is selling products (all after geting tons of information and value for free).

    Free information can bring them only so far and to get results they actually need to get paid products and services. Nobody will share their know-how for free.

    In addition, paid products do NOT guarantee the results because people actually need to work and implement the knowledge to get the results.

  7. Jeremy Chow says:

    $7,500?! Shibadee… come to me next time broseph; I’ll do it in exchange for knowledge. We even share the same name. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Shaun Carter says:


    As an Economics major, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. You hit on some major points that most people don’t realize, there is an opportunity cost in everything we do and every decision we make!

    I’m also sure that, like any celebrity, the more popular you become the more crazies come out of the woodwork asking for handouts.

  9. joe says:

    John it sounds like many of these people who want you to build them a free blog most likely voted for Obama… they got the promise of free health… wait till they get the bill… the joke is on them – nothing in this life is FREE!

  10. Carla jones says:

    The problem is not that it is not worth investing to save time, the problem is that there are too many services out there promising money-back or “free trials just give us your credit card first” and then, you end up on endless spam lists or they make it so difficult to cancel the offer, you end up paying anyways. I live in Spain, and here, the scams are plentiful. I love it here but you have to be so weary of everything and triple check the fine print that I often just don’t bother trying a service until I can be absolutely sure it is ok. I’ve seen things like: try us for free. We only charge one u purchase, but then if u cancel the account, they charge you 89โ‚ฌ as an admin fee that was never mentioned and 45โ‚ฌ a month for 3 months because there is a 3month notice required to cancel.
    With so much garbage online, it’s hard to trust anyone especially if they’re asking for credit card numbers.

  11. There is a problem. My card was denied (maybe because i have a VCC here in my country and your system make a payment test to see if they can charge 97 dollars) but i already change the card but it only says Thank you. Nothing more. What can i do now to pay?

    1. Ok i tried again and it says denied all the time. I dont know why.

      1. Treena says:

        It might be quicker to email John directly about this problem?

        Just a thought ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. John Chow says:

        The problem is their bank is blocking the transaction, please call your bank and tell them you’re OK with this transaction. Thanks.

        1. Call my bank? I buy a lot of things on the internet, this never happend and its not about my bank, is about your system. I can guaranteed you that…I never had this problem and i buy everyday, even today.

  12. Josue says:

    John, that’s exactly the reason why not everyone listen what you are trying to say. That’s also the reason anyone believe me when I say that I make money from internet. I try to help my friends and family, but when I mention the words, (Blog, Learn, Invest Time and Money, Read, Web Hosting, WordPress) they just don’t even try. They are unemployed or with the minimum salary, they need money, but they don’t want to put some effort in trying new things.

    I started reading from your blog on 2005, and now I am enjoying my family. I have not followed all of your recommendations, but I have learned that if you put some effort everyday, the THE DOT COM LIFESTYLE is possible.Thanks for all you valuable posts John.

  13. Justin says:

    I’ve seen both sides of this. It is true that most people who ask for help/free guidance are a complete waste of time. But try to look at it from the eyes of the 10% or so who legitimately can’t afford to pay, but would truly work it off in some way. When you tell these people no, all they see is another guy selling a product that seems to care more about the money than people.

    Here is something I have considered but may never get off the ground, so be my guest…

    You could very easily funnel these people into a program to teach them everything while building your own business. They would do the work, but have zero out of cost expensive, and maybe get a share of the revenue. Create a network of people will varying levels of experience. Create a site like infobarrel, squidoo, hubpages etc.

    The difference would be that you would couple the website with a training program. You could have a network of many sites, each catering to some broad niches.

    They get the guidance they want for free. You get thousands of worker bees building out sites for you for a split of the revenue.


  14. Jason James says:

    I have to disagree with you John that spending $1,000 is better than doing SEO, because there is a much greater risk involved. If your site sucks and you only are spending $30 including hosting and a domain, than you only lose that, and you can retrieve that capitol so much faster. If you set up an ad campaign, and it sucks, and you spent $1,000 on it, well, than you just became broker than you were before.

    Using your time to learn basic SEO and having a little patience is worth it.

    1. John Chow says:

      So I guess your time is worth nothing? I hire out my SEO, just like I hire out my blog design. I think you miss the point of my post.

  15. Lisa says:

    Wow, i am justgetting rolling good with internet marketing and I realize that it is a business (all businesses have a certain amount of investment required). Many people are selling the “no work, low cost and that’s it” way of making money online so that’s why newbs are looking for that. If they would only realize that after you spend hundreds of dollars for these “magically quick” solutions, you would have come out better spending that money on developing all that is to be developed in this online arena to have success. And in the long run, doin it the right way is waaaaay cheaper ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Von Solis says:

    Actually i have to agree on this, my internet friends who only does VA and not spending on buying a domain and hosting ended up being dependent on their employers. I took the risk. Bought a domain and hosting and viola after a few months it dawned on me ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Noble says:

    That type of attitude is not the mindset of an entrepreneur. I have noticed that many people want to make money online, but they don’t want to make any investments or take any risks. I consider them opportunists and not entrepreneurs.

  18. There’s an old proverb, “Nothing costs as much as what’s free.” I think that applies here.

  19. sharon says:

    I totally agree with the person who said that they wouldn’t try anything that will cost them money. He/She is probably like me, who spent hundreds of dollars last year on work at home careers. How can it make sense to work for someone and ask them to pay you to do it?? I don’t usually answer blogs, but this one I couldn’t help. The very people that are looking to supplement their income are the ones who least can afford to lose money on all of these on line scams. I am happy that you made money, but the disappointment that I faced each time I spent money on one more scam makes me sick.

    1. John Chow says:

      “How can it make sense to work for someone and ask them to pay you to do it?? ”

      It makes no sense. Why would you do that?

  20. Justin says:

    All I’m saying is be careful with blanket statements and look for opportunity where others see none. Most people selling product will ignore or berate people asking for a different sort of payment arrangement.

    A small handful will take the position of Brian above and work out a mutually beneficial arrangement, ideally already having some sort of template of a response at the ready.

    We can always find a proverb or other old saying that suits our own needs. For instance, “once bitten, twice shy.”

    If, after an offer to help the person, they continually want to negotiate, forget about it and move right along. But I bet you’d be surprised pleasantly with a sincere offer made to them in good faith.

  21. Hi John! As a trial lawyer and a professional network marketer, I have run into people with the mindset of MP. People with this mindset often have an employee background and mindset and do not understand the business owner and investor mindset. Just as a conventional brick-and-mortar business cannot be started for free, neither may an online business be started for free. I was so offended by Kyle B’s comments that I am still embarrassed! The MP’s and Kyle B’s in this world simply do not “get it”. Any legitimate business requires an investment of start-up and ongoing capital and time. One valuable attribute of the online and network marketing business models is that they do not require large amounts of start-up and ongoing capital. These business models are within the financial reach of most people. However, there will always be the MP’s and the Kyle B’s in this world. These kinds of people do not qualify to work with business owners like you and me! Best Wishes!

  22. Yash says:

    Working very hard to earn money on the internet.
    But my advice for those guys is quit toying around in the internet world, and go look for a job.

    Thanks John for helping,


  23. Tom says:

    I bet the new โ€œThe Dear John Lettersโ€ will be hilarious! The truth is, “free” is often the most expensive option.

  24. Farrukh says:

    Well said John,

    Like they say…you can’t have you cake and eat it too. Unfortunately most people don’t see I-2-I with this. Most of the time it’s their fault.

    People who are new to internet marketing somtimes tend to think that you or some other internet guru have a magic wand that they can use to make money grow on trees.

    I’ve been looking for years for a legit way to make good money online. NEVER…….have I encountered a SOMETHING-4-NOTHING deal.

  25. Ralph Hua says:

    I believe ‘Success’ is very much about managing risk.
    Sometimes you can manage it well, sometimes it goes out of hand.
    And you need to make a move, calculated move, a brave move, but still a move.
    If you belong to “I Wonโ€™t Try Anything That Costs Me Money.”, then I believe you may missed many chances to make a Good move.

    Steve Jobs start up capital – $1,350
    Masaru Ibuka(SONY) start up capital – $530 in 1946

    You get the point.

  26. EnnisP says:

    I agree and disagree. Spending nothing and getting ahead isn’t really possible but being frugal about expenditures is very smart.

    I started with a Blogspot blog initially because it was free and once I gained a bit confidence I bought a domain name and purchased hosting. The first hosting company, whom I won’t name, was a bust. The product was more than sufficient but the support was pitiful and for a newbie support was essential.

    I finally researched several hosting companies, reading many different reviews and decided on a company I’ve been with for years and have nothing but appreciation for.

    The point is, I spent money but only deliberately. In the process I did lose a little but most of my expenditures paid off because I was cautious.

    Bottom line? Spend your money but only with due diligence. That approach has worked for me. I would be surprised if you don’t apply that rule to your expenditures also. Some of the products you promote are very high quality.

  27. Hey John,
    I think people like MP should read my latest blog post where I share the unique way to make money is to spend money. Is there any business without investment?

  28. The old saying goes: It costs to make money, both in time and clean money.

  29. I think that most of the information presented in these ebooks for “only 37$” can be found for free on the Internet.

    1. John Chow says:

      You are totally correct. Enjoy spending your “free” time looking for it.

  30. stargaterich says:

    It is not surprising for some people to think that way. After all, there are so many scam Internet marketing products in the market. Having said that, I couldn’t agree the more with the fact being highlighted that time equals to money and this is where many miss the point.
    Actually there is nothing to loose if the product sold comes with trial period and guarantee refund with no question ask.

  31. Guy says:

    Hi, John, you know there is one thing you get for FREE in this world. I figured it out a couple years back, when I bought a website, nobody else bought in my country. I bought the site ‘ tshirtprinting.co.za ‘ because I saw nobody had bought it > such a cool name for a business ! I then setup a site and started getting FREE visitors, I never did any marketing and started to get FREE visitors becasue my domain name was keyword focused , from this I started a t-shirt design & printing business and still get tons of FREE VISITORS to my site. So bottom line, What i’m saying is – some people will want it for free, but you have to ‘give to receive’ , I PAID for my domain and hosting & Got tons of FREE visitors. Now this site is generating new customers for me > there is a lot of manual labour involved > it is a service business > but I wouldn’t have had this extra income if I didn’t invest in that domain name..! one tiny investment > has taken me very far !! it’s amazing !

    1. John Chow says:

      Great for you for! But if you were MP, you wouldn’t have bought the domain and try to build site on it because he never tries anything that cost him money. ๐Ÿ˜›

    2. Tom says:

      Also, when you say “free”, you spent your free time building it. Would you go and work for an employer for free? Why not? After all, it’s free.

  32. faisal says:

    Here is a fact of life

    Things which are offered for free don’t have much value to the person who got it

    Things which a person pays for, even though not very valuable, has a lot of value and people take it seriously.

    I am sure those who bought your course for $37 are more likely to read it then those who downloaded your free ebook.

    As the age old saying goes – “There is no free lunch”.

  33. MP doesn’t understand old school knowledge that’s all.

    Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

    The first job I ever had was knocking on my neighbors door offering to take out the trash.

    That business costs me no money but I only made a quarter per delivery.

    The next job after that I raked leaves which required me to BUY bags.

    Then I had a job cutting grass I needed to BUY gasoline. $.99 a gallon back then 1987.

    Recently, I talked to the man selling newspapers in the street and he says the paper gives them a deal where they can BUY newspapers for 50% off so they can resale them and make a profit.

  34. Craig says:

    I recently downloaded your free book. My computer was acting up so I refreshed it now I can’t find it anywhere> Any ideas?

    1. John Chow says:

      Check your email. You would have been sent a download link.

  35. Zok says:

    I used to be like MP, but not anymore.

    As a person trying to get started in the dot com business, I’ve been using my time to learn a lot about what works, and what doesn’t.

    Anything of value requires some form of hard work, and If there’s anything that I’ve realized, it’s that return on my time is just as important as return on investment.

  36. People are stupid. You can’t help everyone unfortunately and you definitely can’t help those people. So you just have to keep moving. Those are the kinds of people that you help and they do nothing anyway. Most of the people that I have helped financially online has always ended in disaster so as important as it is to give back and pay it forward when and where you can be very selective of who you offer your help to.

  37. Wadud says:

    Yeah, that’s right. You definitely have to spend money to make money, whether it’s a little or a lot. This often shows how much we want something, by what we are willing to do to get it.

    Insite Online Cash

  38. Keral Patel says:

    I would absolutely agree that nothing is free at all. It always has different type of costs attached to it. Sometimes it is in dollars and sometimes it is “Time”

  39. Manny says:

    Hello John, I think you should have said to MP “Ass, Cash or Grass no one rides for free”. Yes nothing is free in world but sometime we can’t help thinking negative things because there are so many fake online money making schemes on the internet. But what you are offering is convincing and I might try it soon.

  40. Hi,

    I have spent the last couple of months putting together a piece of software. Here are my costs so far-

    Software dev: $600
    Script to deliver it: $200
    Sales video: $500
    Sales pages/graphics/copy: $997

    And that doesn’t take into account how much it is going to cost me to launch it!

    Ohhh nevermind all the time invested so far and I’ve still got to set it all up!

    You’ll also be shocked that even after spending that much money on it – i’m a just give it away for free even though I could easily sell it.

    Where I’m hoping it is successful is it gives anyone that promotes it the opportunity to make recurring income for life.

    So the person promoting it is happy, the people they promote it to are happy because they get a premium tool for free and I’m happy because I have some new subscribers.

    Thats the plan anyway :S

    You on board John?

  41. Gagan says:

    Hi John, Thanks for the insightful post. What people don’t understand is that they are paying money for their time. It will take them hours of online research to find the same information that they can get easily by paying few dollars.

    It is up to them how much they value their time. The basic rule is to make money , you need to spend money but most of the wannabe online marketers don’t believe in this

  42. Ally says:

    I think you really put it into perspective, a lot people don’t always think about the cost of their time, focusing only on money. I think this is a thought process that isn’t immediately obvious, its something a person has to learn over time.

  43. Rory Singh says:

    What a crap head. Most people who are saying stuff like that are too deeply conditioned. They are like over grown children who think that anything opportunity on the internet should be free just because it’s on the net.

    Then these types complain about hating their job. What they don’t understand is that we are always ‘selling’.

    Either you sell products online or you sell your self at job.

  44. Paul B says:

    I won’t try anything that is blatantly crap and solely designed to part me from my hard earned money.

  45. Ashraf Milon says:

    I believe I will be able to be a professional blogger link John. I am following his methods and his philosophy. Thanks John.

  46. Introvert says:

    I am not making money as much as you but my classmates want to learn everything from me and if I tell them that it costs some money they ask me to invest myself for them. I am going to show them this post,lol.

  47. Hi John, I believed so much on everything you say and do. The only problem I have is how to pay you. We have so many passionate people that are ready to work hard or hire people to make money online or blogging but my country finds it difficult to pay or receive pay online. Apart from Google Adsense check, you hardly see online system paying my country. Common to buy Atomic Blogger Themes, I was not able to buy. even though then I have my money to pay. So joining your inner cycle is not my problem but how to pay you

  48. Earl Netwal says:

    I understand the hesitancy of many when it comes to spending money online for internet marketing resources. There are so many, and the sales copy used in the IM arena is superb, making it seem as though all you have to do is buy this and prosper.

    Too many of us have purchased and learned that we needed to know more than we did to make things work.

    It took a while for me to learn the basics and then to identify a handful of people who I could really trust to not just promote every new thing, but only worthwhile things in a narrow focus of attack.

    By narrow focus of attack, I Mean in support of affiliate marketing, or blogging or offline or whatever. Too many different ways to go online, and too many products and promises makes it too easy to spend a bundle on shinny objects that get you no where.

    Bottom line, focus, and observe. Find a mentor in your arena and then trust them and spend a dime or two. The results will either pay their way or not. But you do need to invest if you ever expect to get on the fast track.

  49. Ivan Aliku says:

    I can’t help but laugh. Those emails are very funny. It’s more like saying you don’t have anything to do in life so just come and put others in the same shoes as you without any effort. I really loved the way you handled it. Well, I used to be in that shoes although I never asked anyone to do anything for me for free. I only frowned from spending. I really got the goods and odds from it all and I’ve come to realize that you can’t reap where you don’t sow. I’d be looking forward to that your book ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Thank you for interesting post! I don’t think, we have to spend money to make money. There are many people who want to make money online without any investment.

    Without any investment, it may take a while to succeed online, at least in my opinion. Thank You

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