Ideas On Tap A Great Idea

Ideas On Tap

With the exception of the mic not working properly for the first couple of presenters, Ideas on Tap was a rousing success. The event was jam packed with wall to wall people as Vancouver’s social media scene came out for a night of networking, drinking and listening to people pitch from a milk crate. The event was held at the Yaletown Brewing Company, which worked out really well because I was meeting up with Wall Street whiz kid Tim Sykes after and there are tons of restaurants in the area.

This event featured a competition where five contestants deliver a 60 second elevator pitch from a milk crate. The winner is chosen by the audience based on cheers and beer taps. The pitch winner was Andre Charland of Nitobi Inc. The next Ideas on Tap is schedule for January. See you there!

Ideas On Tap

Ideas On Tap

Ideas On Tap

Ideas On Tap

24 thoughts on “Ideas On Tap A Great Idea”

  1. Ben Collins says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Shame I’m in London. Does anybody know any events like this that happen in London, England

    1. John Chow says:

      Why not create your own?

      1. Clog Money says:

        There is a similar thing run by people on for Londoners. Do a search there.

      2. Ryan McLean says:

        Definately you should make your onw.
        What better way than to learn how to market?

  2. That’s pretty cool John
    Wish they had something like that here in San Antonio.
    Wow some hot ladies up your way damn 🙂

    1. Hehe, the benefits of being a superstar blogger, eh? 😛

    2. Ryan McLean says:

      Why not create your own one also?

  3. buzzbishop says:

    Agrebo was absolutely right. As a tech writer for 24hrs, I’m constantly having to dig for stories and, often, find excellent brilliant people in Vancouver doing great work and not getting noticed.

    If you’re good at what you do, make the leap to MSM and pitch to get press and spread your message.

    Blogs are great, but there are millions of the great unwashed who still dont use RSS and dont get blogs, so pitch those of us in MSM and we’ll help you build the bridge.

    ** that mic was awful, fire the sound man. **

    1. Quentin @ 6S says:

      Hi there,

      Glad you all enjoyed the event! We certainly had fun organizing it. I agree the sound was pretty sub-par. As an audio-geek myself it was a bit upsetting, but I’ll see to it we’ll have it fixed for the next one!

      See you there.

  4. Jon Jennings says:

    January? Excellent… I will be there.
    Frustrated to miss last night’s good beer & networking – but Thursday night is BCIT this term.

  5. Matt says:

    That’s great and all John, but I am sure the question on everyone’s mind is…What’s was your favorite beer that evening? Anything we should try?


  6. igizmore says:

    Yo john , why don’t you defend widgetbucks now ???

    1. John Chow says:

      Why should I defend them? I don’t endorse them and they’re not one of my recommended money makers.

      1. igizmore says:

        i am sure your readers will like to know to stay away from it .

  7. I am starting one in Toronto

  8. Ben Pei says:

    Lol nice video there.. really nice to be a superstar blogger.

  9. Amazing. Nothing like mixing beer & business.

  10. I had no idea that there was this level of media following.

  11. Downloadic says:

    Hey John you look cool at this video, by the way the reportage with the girl is really nice, too.

  12. LotusJump says:

    Is it just me or does it look like the logo was stolen from izea :S

  13. Wow! Looks like alot of people had some ideas rolling around in their heads.

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