Ideas On Tap – Brains, Business & Beer

There’s nothing quite like mixing business with beer! Ideas on Tap is a business networking event for Vancouver’s hi-tech community. Participants include business professionals, advertisers, social media marketers, bloggers, video game developers and anyone interested in drinking beer while listening to someone talk on a milk crate.

This free event will feature a competition where five contestants deliver a 60 second elevator pitch from a milk crate. The pitch could be about their company, a start-up idea, new technology, hiring, raising capital or what they had for lunch (that would be me if I get up there).

The audience will vote for their two favorite pitches and prizes will be awarded. What kind of prizes, I’m not really sure. Voting will be done by tapping beer glasses on tables or bars. Ideas on Tap will be held October 16 from 5pm to 7pm at the Yaletown Brewing Company, 1111 Mainland Street, Vancouver. See you there!

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34 thoughts on “Ideas On Tap – Brains, Business & Beer”

  1. Sounds like a fun time. I’m sure some bloggers could come up with a few good ideas.

    1. Wished that there was a calandar of all the cool events somewhere so that we can plan in advance, bit short notice for most of these things to get from Europe to CAD 😉

      Im coming to CAD next year for sure though, check it out

    2. Ryan McLean says:

      Some bloggers could definately come up with some good ideas. Put beer into the equation and you could get some very interesting ideas. I dont think every one are blogger though

      1. FixThePig says:

        I’m sure we could all agree that we’ve come up with some “amazing” ideas sitting around a bar!

  2. Raul says:

    I’ll definitely be there.

    1. Andrei Buiu says:

      Again, all the cool stuff happens in US or Canada. Boring Europe…

  3. Clog Money says:

    This sounds seriously fun event. Now all I have to do is emigrate to Canada and find out where the hell this Vancouver place you speak of is.

  4. MLRebecca says:

    That sounds like a fun time, and such a great idea. It really lends itself to the idea that networking and idea sharing can take place at a casual event. Hopefully, you will find an amazing restaurant for lunch so you can win the elevator pitch contest!

  5. GearHeadWiki says:

    Great idea…too bad I don’t live in Vancouver…and BTW the link doesn’t work.

  6. saleel says:

    mixing beer with business. really a nice post. it is intersting to know that a pitch can happen anywhere. basically marketing can happen round the clock.

  7. I’ve got a startup business idea that would blow them all out of the water. Sadly, I’ll not be attending. 🙂

    Guess you’ll all have to wait until I get some venture capital together.

  8. Adam says:

    This is awesome. Can I start a branch of my own? Ideas On Tap Northwest Indiana division. 🙂

    1. John Chow says:

      there is nothing that is stopping you from doing that. I say go for it!

      1. Adam says:

        Sweet, Now I just need to find some NW Indiana bloggers, online businesses, and others that want to join.

        Freddie Taylor? I know you are from around my area. Are you interested?

  9. Ideas on Tap sounds right up my alley! Not that I need an excuse to drink beer 🙂

    I’ll try to get there!

  10. Okay!!! My daughter Crystal and I are registered. See ya there 🙂

  11. VeRonda says:

    Sounds like a different night out… anything that gives a tax write off, huh? Hilarious.

  12. I had hear about this event and am in support of it as a gathering which occurs under a theme. It will be a smooth and relaxed event where people will feel welcome to provide their ideas, and thus some ideas worth following will probably arise. The way they have set this up by avoiding generic meeting rules will serve to assist in new material being a result.

  13. Keron Calame says:

    Once the beer drinking start, u guys won’t remember a thing you went there for!!

  14. I am waiting for this to happen in Toronto

  15. Sling Slang says:

    This site does look very promising.

  16. That seriously sounds wicked. I wish I could go.

  17. I think that I would like to do that just so I could get a picture of me on a milk crate. I might even dress up for something like that.

  18. mikerambling says:

    looks like a great event, too bad it is not in my neighbourhood, would love to be around some major players and share their thoughts.


  19. deejay says:

    i put john’s blog as most active blog on the block in my site…cheers!

  20. Patrick says:

    Great Idea! Be looking forward to it.

  21. says:

    Take a video to show us the action

  22. Catie says:

    too bad I won’t be in the area. My 2nd favourite thing, next to food, is beer! I haven’t tried Canadian Beer, but I am sure it is tasty. Either way, it sounds like a new spin on an old theory. Many towns and cities, way before the internet was even a fore-thought, would hold town meetings, and vote on issues to implemented, toss around ideas, or just talk about the way of the town in general. I guess when you think about it, (and you don’t have to think hard) that’s what a lot of internet forums have turned into. Online Communities where people who share like minded interests and goals swap ideas and share stories. Its nice to know that it isn’t all just emotionless technology. Great Post, John. Keep ’em coming.

  23. Ben Pei says:

    Wish I could get there.. Stuck in the little Singapore town..

  24. Justin Berry says:

    Awesome, I would love to get something like that going around here.

  25. FixThePig says:

    This seems like a great idea, however wouldn’t people with really creative and lucrative ideas be hesitant to share them with others? Especially others that might take their idea and run with it?
    It would be great if there was a grand prize of private funding for the person with the best idea. Some seed money to get them off the ground!

  26. Rama Mohan says:

    Oh great capitation idea!

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