If The World Were a Village of 100 People

This is an add on to my You Are Already Rich post. Because the world is a very big place, the numbers can sometime be hard to comprehend. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time picturing what 6 billion people look like.

To better illustration the make up of the world and show just how rich you really are, I’ve dug up a little video from The Miniature Earth Project that shows what the earth would look like if it was a village of 100 people.

The idea of reducing the world’s population to a community of only 100 people is very useful and important. It makes us easily understand the differences in the world and appreciate what we already have.

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  1. Pheak Tol says:

    man that’s crazy, a lot of people don’t appreciate what they’ve got until they come back to realization that they longer have it.

    society depicts what they want us to think we need. a lot of people tend to look up to those that have what they want (damn you John Chow! jk) we forget to look at those that need the simple things in life, like shelter and freedom to name a couple.

    touching video though

    1. It is certainly a very interesting perspective on how to think about the world!! Powerful video

      1. oooooooooh, nice.

        Every one lives in his own bubble. I have a bed, refrigerator, closet, roof and running water, but so do many that are considered having (way) below average income around here…

        Only when this scaling earth to 100 people is shown, you can grasp that you’re considered below average within the bubble. We often have trouble to see what’s outside.


    2. Ryan McLean says:

      I still think it is important for us to look to where we want to be though.
      Because I have looked at successful people and aimed high I have gotten over 800 RSS subscribers and growing.

      1. Pheak Tol says:

        thats awesome Ryan, I’m still trying to work to getting 10!!

      2. I thought it was because of all the free ebooks you gave away, lol


        1. Where does your subscribers come from, LOL. BTW the video does make us realise we should be content with what we have and help others.

    3. Yep nice and touching, taken whole details and proportionately representing. But however I do feel that if you will recalculate the video’s calculation than you will find there are some mistakes.

      But message from this video is simple and want to give us an alert and also satisfaction about those things which we have.

      Nice found John.

    4. That reminds me of something a relative of mine said: You don’t realize how good something is until it’s good. I think it depends on the person though. Someone who doesn’t take things for granted will already know this.

    5. Ben Pei says:

      This is wierd.. But well its an interesting video to watch

    6. That really makes you think about everything you have and all the times when we just curse our day for not having money to dine out when other people not even have anything to eat during the whole day.

  2. Michael Kwan says:

    Interesting video. It really puts some things into perspective, but that gloomy music is awfully creepy.

    1. I strongly agree with this statement lol!!

    2. The music sounds like something Tim Burton would use in one of his films.

  3. Ryan McLean says:

    I have already seen this video in my church.
    It is such a cool concept ay?
    It is amazing to dicover how rich we really are just because we have a computer.

    Thanks for sharing it with the world.

    1. I agree ryan. It not only shows how diverse our world it, but it also shows us how blessed we really are! Thanks John!

    2. Harry Tran says:

      I agree but how many people own that computer because they financed it with some credit cards?

    3. We may be rich with a computer, but someone with a computer and $10 In USA is just as bad off, if not worse than someone with a house and $3 in Africa.

  4. Mubin says:

    Is that video broke for anyone else?

    1. John Chow says:

      The video is working for me.

  5. as cool as that video is, how realistic is that? and I’m sorry, but we have billions of unique individuals and those statistics hold no weight to current times. How can we imagine the world with only 100 people when god has a purpose for all of us.

    Maybe I’m thinking out of line with the rest of you, but what is there to take away from here? some statistics were broken down into the percent value and then made into a comparison of 100 people..I dont know, I guess the video wasn;t appealing to me, but as art, there is interpretations from all aspects and I respect those that loved this video.

    Also, is it me or is that music really gloomy? I was expecting to see some sort of Armageddon image at the end based on the background music.

    1. I completely agree with you, the stats to people/time ratio is screwed bigtime but I do think it is a great video and it is extremely well shot & powerful, so I think the more that see it the better.
      Thanks John for posting it, I’ll be showing it to my kids…

    2. Tell me about it.

      I hate advertisements that try to play with your emotions. Just lay out the real facts for once, and let us decide on our own.

  6. Rasheed says:

    Interesting video. Who is the authority on these stats though. Some off them do not look accurate according to some research done by my peers.

  7. Greg Moreno says:

    This is a nice story to share. Appreciating what you have is one element of happiness πŸ™‚ But, I hope it also makes us realize that we need to help other people who are not as fortunate as we are.

  8. Greg Moreno says:

    The background music though reminds me of movie scenes of ancient battles where the lead character is about to die πŸ™‚

  9. This is a very thought provoking video. Very interesting…

  10. reflux says:

    thanks john for inspiration video………….looking the world from little spectales

  11. game-girl says:

    I think to understand global process it is necessary to look at the planet from different points of view. The offered outook is also worth considering.

  12. 100WordRants says:

    Its amazing how many simple things in life are what so many others lack. I think this hits all of us hard and gives us a reality check…at least it does for me. I can be so materialistic and selfish and this puts me back into my place.

  13. VeRonda says:

    Wow! How relevant and practical… it helps to show what should impact us.

  14. KiwiPulse says:

    Its a very meaningful video. I consider myself very lucky to have what I have. I twitted this post! πŸ˜›

  15. It’s amazing what people think up and with the intent to pass on knowledge to others.

  16. Harry Tran says:

    Even with a world of 100 people, I am sure that for a good percent of them they feel as though they are the bottom half of the world simply because while those in other countries don’t have much and at worst they are starving, most people in America and other developed countries are worst off.

    When you see that most people live off $1 a day it is sort of misleading, because while my neighbors may be watching a $4,000 TV, they’re actually living on -$100 a day because all they do is charge and owe and put themselves into debt slavery.

    1. I echo what you say on many people being succumb to debt slavery. I have friends who left our home country for US, Canada (and other developed countries) to live a better life. But somehow, their lives have become more stressful than it were before they migrated. And yes, they have a 52″ LCD TV and drives an SUV.

  17. SEO Tips says:

    Thats an excellent video suprised I have never come across that before. It makes it reality to realise that you are actually rich. Anyone and everyone that has watched that video is lucky and affluent.

    Great message.

  18. The video is amazing.. I loved it!

  19. chuan says:

    Abit touching! I loved the video.

  20. Cool video but the money if off big time.

    You’re saying that 100 people spend $1.12 trillion on the military, and then the whole world spends $67,200,000,000,000,000,000 on military a year? Highly doubtful.

  21. adapter says:

    Great video. Very thought provoking.

  22. Perspective does wonders for creative thinking.

  23. Reyn Aria says:

    Hmm… That’s a very creative video. By reducing the number, we can clearly understand the extend of the problems in our society.

  24. tom says:

    Wow amazing video, so if you have a roof over your head then you are richer then 75% of the world, that’s insane, come to think of it.

    We should really appreciate what we have.

  25. propstm says:

    Interesting video. So downsizing to put it all into perspective…. interesting idea.

  26. I have a Porsche Cayman S and a Β£400k house here in the UK but am I rich? No, I am highly leveraged and that’s the difference. People need to wake up and realise that credit buys you the fantasy but income defines the reality and anyone who thinks they are a big cheese because they have a good car is a loser. Get over it and understand that just 1% of Internet Marketers make enough money to have a desirable lifestyle.

  27. game-girl says:

    I disagree a man having a car can not be a loser,even if he didn’t win the contest or lost his job he is not a loser as well. We already made the decision that we were rich.And this is our deep conviction,which is a seed put into the ground to grow. Your thoughts define the reality not your income.

  28. Mark Wilson says:

    That is crazy to think about it like that. Anyone who is even able to read this is so much more privileged than the rest of the world.

  29. Albert Lie says:

    What an interesting facts that i don’t know all this time. I’ts very surprising that only 12% of world population have computer & only 3% have internet connection. How lucky we are, who are included in that little percentage!

  30. It is certainly a very interesting perspective on how to think about the world!! Powerful video

  31. This hits home that the world’s getting smaller as communication tools get better. The more we can relate to the people of a country, the less likely we’ll be to bomb them.

  32. Pahn says:

    well, if there is only a 100 people in the world,, it certainly is a better place to live in… doubting there will be problems like hunger or sickness

    but I definitely don’t agree to have a very small population,, it sucks and evolution will be no process,, there will also be no computer for our sake!!!

    but I am still proud of what I have, case I know having a stable life makes me rich than others…

  33. I think most of us including yours truly take many things for granted. 2009 could be that year we think less of ourselves and more for the underprivileged. Very meaningful post.

    Peter Lee

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