I’m Blogging This Jacket

Market Leverage Jacket

Market Leverage has unveiled the latest in their line of “I’m blogging this.” clothing. The new I’m blogging this jacket goes great with their I’m blogging this T-shirt. The blue and white jacket is lined with a mesh on the inside for extra comfort. The jacket is too light for the current Vancouver climate but I can see me putting it to good use when spring and summer hits.

How Do You Get An I’m Blogging This Jacket?

Market Leverage is sending the blogging jacket to their top affiliate bloggers. If you’re one of them, then chances are you’ll be getting one in the mail. If you’re not a ML top affiliate but are really friendly with the affiliate manager you might be able to sweet talk her to sending you one. I’ll try to sweet talk Dina from MLTV into giving me some jackets to give away. If you think she should give me some jackets, then twitter her at @MLDina with the following tweet:

@MLDina I think you should give @JohnChow some I’m blogging this jackets to give away to his readers! We love @MarketLeverage and you!

If that don’t get me at least a dozen jackets, I don’t know what will!

Market Leverage Jacket

The only thing Market Leverage needs to make now is an I’m blogging this sweat pants. Then I will have a complete “blogging suit” to go with my track suit.

49 thoughts on “I’m Blogging This Jacket”

  1. Darin Carter says:

    Market Leverage has a GREAT Marketing Genius over there … they have some good ideas!

    1. Agreed – clothing is definitely a great way to do it!! 🙂

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        Definately pretty cool, now they will have an online and offline presence.
        I don’t think people would be too keen to wear a “smarter wealth” t-shirt. Maybe if I came up with some really good catch phrases to go on them

    2. Yeah, that’s why they’re the biggest affiliate marketing agency over such a short period of time since their establishment.

      1. I think that would be interesting contest with jackets to win, LOL.

    3. That was a great marketing idea from ML. Can you send me one John, lol.

    4. They really make a great team.

  2. MLDina says:

    Did I hear someone tweet at me? 😀 I think we can spare a few jackets.

    We have another surprise in store for you, John. You’re going to have a wait a week or two for that. Until then…

    who wants a jacket?

    1. Ryan McLean says:

      I would like a jacket?
      Can you please send one my way?
      I will post a photo on my blog which has almost 1,000 RSS subscribers….
      Please Please Please

      1. Dina, did I mention your new hairdo looks amazing?! Yup, it sure does… so, I’ll be checking my mail. 😉

        1. and that new dress you are wearing…beautiful
          If I didn’t have a wife I would ask you out
          ….so, I will also be checking my mail 😉

          1. I guess that means I’m free to ask Dina out. Sweet! lol

    2. Static says:

      I definitely wouldn’t mind an extra jacket. 😉

    3. …overheard in a future blogger conference or trade show, “Hey, where did you get that smart looking jacket?” “Oh, that’s my Market Leverage jacket, nice huh”.

    4. I want one, what did I need to do Dina?

  3. I just sent a follow request, I will help in this quest for free jackets!

  4. John Cente says:

    Who doesn’t want a jacket. I sure want one. And waiting to see the surprise for John.

  5. I have one! They were awesome enough to send me one with the Flip Mino HD I won from them last month!

  6. Blue IS my favorite color, but I’d need a whole heck of a lot more to keep me warm in this Chicago area weather!

  7. John, you’re lucky….I would love to get a jacket like that. I just joined Market Leverage and I think they are great!

      1. Yeah he just sells a lot for them.

  8. Reyn Aria says:

    That’s a quite cool jacket. I love that blue color. The white stripes are nice too.

  9. game-girl says:

    Yes,blue suits John well.I think many sportsmen and bloggers prefer that colour.I like the cut as well.

  10. shun2u says:

    wow! great ! i want the jacket too.. 😉

      1. Thats cool I just done it. Hope I get mine.

  11. Agent 001 says:

    I wanna a jacket. I wanna a jacket. I wanna a jacket.

    ML sure does lots of marketing through bloggers. I imagine how may blogging contest I entered were sponsored by ML. May be 3 out of every 5. I think I have to give ML a try. I a not much into affiliate. If by luck (and of course hardwork) I become a good affiliate there, I might get gifts from them myself.

  12. Hmm.. The Jacket looks great.. Lets hope I can get one from the dozen John is gonna give out soon 😀

  13. That jacket is fn hideous

  14. SEO Tips says:

    I’d rather have the T-shirt personally but what the heck lets try for the jacket too 😀

  15. That’s a great and simple jacket. Sweat pants would most definitely do the trick, and you’d have an entire Market Leverage attire.

  16. Ben Pei says:

    Woohoo looks nice..

  17. Pheak Tol says:

    jacket looks nice, cant wait to see if you’ll have a contest giveaway for them. hopefully mldina can hook it up for you

  18. Melody says:

    Oh, I so wanna make one, maybe I could make my own t-shirt with a catchy blog theme with ink transfers. Hey, after all, you can be your own outdoor advertisement.

  19. John,

    Those are very nice jackets!

    I just tweeted MLDina for you..


    Nicholas Chase

  20. Nice jacket. I agree that they should make pants to go with it.

  21. Yanuar says:

    Nice jacket but i prefer black than blue

  22. DINA!!!! I know you’re reading the comments here 😀 I would love to receive a jacket too and I believe you still have my shipping address from bloggin-ads 🙂

    Even my little bro is sporting that ML T-shirt that you sent me a while back 🙂


  23. Silvia says:

    Black colour is not good for promotions,it is a depressive one,it is not just a jacket,it is a jacket for special purposes-multitargeted jacket.

  24. Is it too late to ask for one jacket.

    Peter Lee

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