IM John Chow Is Bad Ass

I love getting emails like this. It’s the reason why I do what I do.

Hi John!

I discovered you via Charlie Page of College Station, Texas, USA. And, boy am I glad I did! Your “Blogging With John Chow” program blew my socks off! And, now, with your “IM John Chow” program, I am even more impressed!

stephenThank you for giving a shit about us little guys and newbies! I did not know how to create a squeeze page until today when I watched a video that is part of the IM John Chow program. And, I am going to use this squeeze page video instruction as a spring-board to learning how to create my own landing pages.

With the exception of what I have learned from Perry Marshall about how to effectively and successfully advertise with Google Adwords, I have learned more from you about Internet Marketing than from anyone else in the 6 years that I have been learning internet marketing.

Thanks to you, I can now realistically see achieving my dream of retiring from my law practice to do internet marketing and network marketing full-time from anywhere in the world I choose to be using my laptop and my cell phone.

I will be one of your raving fans and customers for the rest of my life. And, I will promote you and your programs like crazy! Best Wishes,

Stephen Ray Porter

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20 thoughts on “IM John Chow Is Bad Ass”

  1. Ryan Bruno says:

    Always good to receive positive feedback and having people appreciate your product.

  2. Jennifer says:

    John, the products you’ve been coming out with have been absolutely rocking. Keep it coming and like Stephen says… thank you for really giving a shit about us little guys, and girls!

  3. Mr.X says:

    It’s good to know people acknowledge you for the good you’ve done. Keep going John.

  4. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    very good for you John, nice reveiw but will you share with us if you will get not so good ones? Not that I would like you to get one, but who knows?

    Anyway all the best and have a great success.

    See you on top.

  5. Hi John,

    Congrats on having such a great reputation and thanks for creating such great products. I have learned a lot from you as well and continue to learn.

    I too own your Blogging With John Chow program and plan on going through your IM John Chow program after I finish the blogging course as well.

  6. Jason Rogers says:

    Went through the course and I am thoroughly impressed. I know creating that course took loads of effort and time! I am glad everyone is getting some real knowledge about creating blogs etc..

    I to am creating free tutorials for people on how to create WordPress blog!

    Have a great day !

  7. You are inspiration for all the people who want to make money online. But most of the people forget to email you about it.

  8. Jim says:

    I am so lost about IM John Chow… I bought the program and the OTO. I have no idea what the OTO really is or how to locate it. Can anyone help?

  9. Wow. That ought to tell you something if lawyers are joining this.

    Attorneys basically have a license to steal and yet they’re finding the internet is a better opportunity to make money, hilarious but telling.

  10. Vkool says:

    That’s a great testimonial you got John, It will definitely inspires new commers to be on board! Let’s get Internet Markting Rock and Roll everybody :))

  11. faisal says:

    Nice review, goes to show it works but hard work is important.

  12. I’m wondering if anyone can answer me it would be good.

    If I’ve subscribe to IM John Chow, what do I miss when I’m not following Blogging With John Chow?

    What are the differences between these two program?

    In IM John Chow said to focus on this one thing.

    Will I be “out of focus” when I want to undergo Blogging With John Chow at the same time?

    1. Thomas says:

      I own both of them.

      Blogging with John Chow focuses more on how to create a blog, how to create content for it, how to gain readerships and how to maintain them. The action plan course here consists of 30 days.

      IM John Chow focuses on the marketing aspect. It tells you in detail how to create email lists, how to nurture them and how to monetize the list later on. It also comes with a Facebook Guide if you get the upsell that explains you in detail how to get exposure on Facebook and how to use the paid ads strategically. It also focuses more on Squeeze Pages and how to drive traffic. It also comes with a ton of videos in the knowledge base that explain a lot more stuff in detail. The action plan here consists of a 90 day course.

      Similarities i found:

      They share the premade sites for you to use (upsell material of the first course Bloggingwithjohnchow but in an updated matter).
      The routine of the action plan is close to the same for the first week but seems to fork after. (Cannot tell for sure yet because the 2nd week gets released today)

      1. Thank you, Thomas.

        I was still making up my mind whether to subscribe into that program as well.

        What I afraid I will be overwhelmed and the subscription fee will go down to the drain since I’ve no time to execute them.

  13. Pete says:

    I agree with him totally. It is really difficult to find quality products that do not hold back. I am hoping to retire one day too… without financial woes.

    Thanks for producing a top notch product John. The noobs appreciate it!

  14. Awesome. It’s good to get recognized when you put out good work!

  15. Hairul Anuar says:

    Hi John,

    I have watched your video on IM John Chow and I felt excited to join. But I am not sure whether to join Blogging with John Chow first or IM John Chow.

    Appreciate your kind advise.

    Thanks & regards

  16. It must be a pleasure to receive such mail and to feel the joy of it.

  17. David L. K. says:

    preparing to launch a web business… working on understanding a business model and how to build, maintain, and nourish monetization with a website, blog, etc.
    Dave :-{)

  18. I have this bad habit of having a lot of email addresses, I just couldn’t stop making a new one. Yesterday I found out that 5 of those email addresses subscribed to your newsletter, John.
    It means that I got interested to the idea of internet marketing 5 times without doing anything about it.
    Today I manage not to sign up to your newsletter, and sign up to imjohnchow instead. I am really excited about this, hoping to have an easier life ahead.

    Thanks for doing this, John.

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