iMoondo Video Classifieds for Free Publicity


There’s no shortage of video sharing services on the Internet these days, but most of these have been designed just as casual places to post up clips of people doing stupid things. They serve no real purpose other than to entertain us. iMoondo, by contrast, has a very distinct purpose. Because the videos are pretty sparse there right now, they decided that a ReviewMe was in order. They want to experience the John Chow effect, don’t cha know?

Video Classifieds

When you look up a number and an address in the phonebook, all you get is a little smattering of text and then it’s up to you to figure out whether that business is for you. What iMoondo aims to do is to provide you with free video classifieds wherein business owners can provide a short clip of what their company is all about, where they are located, and why you should pay them a visit. Depending on what they include in the video, you can also catch a glimpse of what the business looks like.

To give iMoondo a whirl, I decided to post up a video of my bunny Roy. Yeah, he’s not a business, but there is a “pets” category.

As you can see, just like all those other video sharing services, you can embed videos from iMoondo too. There’s a button on the bottom right that brings up options to play videos in half size, original size, full screen, fill the window, or fit to window. The embed code is accessed through this menu as well. The embed code is very lengthy for whatever reason, much longer than Google Video or YouTube.

It’s also notable that when you do the embed, it’s set on auto-play… which kinda sucks. To get around this, look for the “autoplay” string in the embed code and change “true” to “false”.

More Than Just Business As Usual

The iMoondo service is more than just a talking yellow pages. You can use the service to post up things that you have for sale — just as you would on Craigslist — except it’s done with a video rather than some pictures and text. It adds a bit of a personal touch.


What’s unfortunate is that there is no further way to filter the “for sale” classifeds, so you’re left with a series of listings for Darth Maul boots, a 1957 Chevy, and a biodiesel tutorial all listed together on the same results page.

Uploading is Not Clear

I found that the video upload interface wasn’t as painfully obvious as it could have been. At first glance, I didn’t realize that the “upload” button was actually a button. I clicked on “browse” to select the file and then underneath that, there were fields for a video title, location, category, neighborhood, and description. At the bottom there is a “save” button. I would have preferred a single button that encompasses both “save” and “upload”. Maybe I’m just dense.

Location Specific Videos

Because it is a classifieds site, iMoondo has decided to categorize all the videos based on location. This is a good and bad thing. On the one hand, you get location-based results, so they will be the most relevant to the user. If I’m looking for a shop in Houston, there’s no reason for me to be interested in a similar shop located in Las Vegas.


On the downside, not all cities can be represented. In fact, when I started doing this review, they didn’t have Vancouver! On the location selection page, there is a field where you can suggest a new location, but I’d imagine that after a while, this list would get far too lengthy. It might be best if they did a multi-tiered system with country, state/province, and then city. Anyways, I suggested Vancouver and it showed up a couple days later. The bunny video you see above is currently the only Vancouver video.

Neat Concept, Needs Content

The idea behind iMoondo Video Classifieds is an interesting one and it can prove to be both useful to visitors and lucrative to the owners. If you’ve got yourself a brick and mortar store, I suggest you throw up a video on this site, because it’s 100% free to do so. You get free publicity and if you act soon, you might experience a slight John Chow effect (by proxy).

On the downside, there is a severe lack of content on iMoondo. Boston has 315 videos, so I’ll assume that’s where iMoondo is based. As you peruse other locations, however, there are countless cities with zero videos, including Atlanta, Beijing, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Stockholm. If you live or work in any of these “zero” cities, you can get some pretty awesome free exposure. Maybe you can even promote your blog and use iMoondo to make money online!