Improving Your Blogging with a Bigger Monitor

Nothing increase blogging productivity more than having a lot of screen real estate. Studies have shown that running a bigger / multiple monitors can increase your work flow by as much as 50%. If you are like me, then you have a whole bunch of windows open at the same time. The ability to stack those windows side by side instead of one behind the other really helps to clean up the desktop and increase blogging speed.

Today was a special day. Not only did I had a great lunch with NeverblueAds but when I got home, I found a nice little package from Dell Computers. Inside the little box was a really big Dell 30″ LCD monitor. Sally and I had a great time unwrapping it.

The 30″ Dell runs at a native resolution of 2560×1600 and requires a dual-link DVI video card. If your video card lacks that capability, then you’ll be limited to a resolution of only 1920×1200. Lucky for me my NVIDIA GeForce video card has not one but two dual-link DVI ports. That means I can add another 30″ if I’m crazy enough.

Here’s a size comparison between the Dell 30 and a Dell 20. The 30 is just massive. I thought about running the 20 with the 30 but decided to see how things go with the 30 by itself first.

The Dell 30 in all it high resolution glory. I have my IM client, Gmail, blog and Twhirl open and can see everything! You can get an idea on how big the screen it by looking at how small the Mac dock is at the bottom of the screen.

89 thoughts on “Improving Your Blogging with a Bigger Monitor”

  1. Julian says:

    I was recently thinking about upgrading to a larger monitor. But I like being mobile and computing from my laptop around the house. Maybe at a later date I’ll fine a monitor that bigger than my tv lol

    1. kenny says:

      If you ever dock your laptop, a second monitor would still help! 😀

      1. Flimjo says:

        That’s what I was going to say. Just have the monitor at home, and whenever you’re there, hook up the laptop to a docking station and use the monitor. That thing is HUGE.

    2. Abdul says:

      That monitor is even bigger than the size of my room TV. Holy Crap!

      1. Yea, I am jealous!

    3. I would never get a 30 inch computer screen. I find that a couple smaller screens result in more productivity then one big screen. A huge 30 inch screen just hurts your eyes and you still end up usually working with just window at a time open. After trying a ton of screen sizes and combinations i found that three 19 inch screen rotated vertically are the best for internet work. Least eye strain and most productivity.

  2. Shanel Yang says:

    Sally is too cute!! 😛

  3. Shaun Carter says:

    That monitor is simply MASSIVE! How well have you adjusted to using it? I’m not sure how big of a monitor I would go with, anything bigger than 24″ I’d imagine would cause some eye strain while sitting at a desk only a couple feet away from the screen.

    1. John Chow says:

      I adjusted to it pretty fast. I was running two 20″ side by side before. This one 30 is actually more productive because it makes better use of the space. I may add another 30″ to the mix but I don’t think my desk is big enough!

      1. Abdul says:

        Why do you need so many monitors?

        1. John Chow says:

          You can never have too many monitors! 😈

        2. Add another monitor and you’ll see the advantages 😉

    2. Yeah I’ve been thinking about getting that, I have the 2407 and it seems like 30″ would just be ridiculous. It’s not overwhelming?

      1. John Chow says:

        Not at all. You get use to it really fast. It’s really hard to go back to anything small!

        1. OCGolfCourse says:

          When you have a large screen like this, does that make you leave apps on and thus your computer slower?

          That’d be the only downside I see.

          1. John Chow says:

            That would depend on the speed of your comp. No slowdown for me but I run a blazing fast system. 😈

    3. PaulB says:

      I guess it’s like TV’s. Always buy one size larger than you think you need because after a little while you get used to it.

  4. Pek Pongpaet says:

    Hi John
    Don’t know if you’ve read the actual study, which was commissioned by NEC and conducted by U. of Utah. I did a summary write up on my blog which you might find interesting. I personally just got a 22″ widescreen, but I’m salivating over that 30″ screen.

  5. Shawn Knight says:

    Dual screens rock, but I would be tempted to trade in my dual 24s for a 30. Now, dual 30s… DO IT!! :mrgreen:

    1. Shawn Knight says:

      Oops, I meant 22s, not 24s…

  6. kenny says:

    Hey John… swivel that 20″ to portrait mode and save some desk space! 🙂

    1. John Chow says:

      I may do that later. I have two 20’s I can put on either side of the 30 in portrait mode.

  7. Abdul says:

    Did you get this monitor for free?
    Or how much did it cost you?

    1. John Chow says:

      I got it during one of those Dell Days of Sales. $1299 with free shipping. Saved $300.

      1. Not a bad price either!

  8. Mike Huang says:

    Sadly, I’m still using my CRT monitor 🙁 I was using a Dell 17″ CRT monitor for about 10 years before my wife gave me her old Sony 20″ one 2 years ago. At the time, I was already drooling at the newer CRT…:(


  9. Daniel says:

    Nice! I run two DELL 22″ side by side and love it!
    Usually work on one and have a movie/comic on the other to let my brain get some downtime!

    I was thinking about the 30″ but tried it at a friends house and liked my setup better, thinking about running 3 * 22″ or Dual 24″ instead.. but that’s just the way I roll…

  10. Darren says:

    Hey John that screen is awesome man!!! I think you are a cool dad to be teaching her about technology at that young age!

  11. Jonathan says:

    I am too addicted to my laptop to ever go back to a desktop, so a thirty inch screen just won’t happen for me. However, next laptop I buy will defnitely have a 17 inch screen in the highest resolution available, and I woudn’t mind having a nice, big LCD tv to hook up to now and then. But a dedicated monitor that size is never going to happen for me.

    1. Quintin Riis says:

      Any decent laptop will allow for one, two, sometime three external video devices.

  12. jatt says:

    Dell Days of Sales? $1299 was a very expensive to me. I am from Malaysia, and it cost me about MYR 4350 phew..that was more than my 2month salary! Nice one anway!

  13. jatt says:

    erk..forgot to say this..John,your daughter is very cute! What was her name anyway?

    1. John Chow says:

      Sally. I said it at the beginning of the video.

  14. Thiago Prado says:

    After many research I found out that a 24″ monitor is the most productive of all configurations. You can open up two windows at the same time and it doesn’t give up a eye strain because of the size.

  15. AhTim says:

    I think it also help to “increase your specs” size 😆

  16. AhTim says:

    I think it also help to “increase your specs” size 😆

    –blog for dream–

  17. Binary Ant says:

    Yeah! this monitor rocks! I work with two 20″ non panoramic Samsung ones and I feel quite comfortable. I had been looking the features of your monitor on Dell’s website but it was too much expensive for me. You can see my workspace and monitors here, If John doesn’t mind I put the link:

    As the prices go down all of us (or all of us who take blogging seruiously) will upgrade our workspace into a more high performance one. Big screens save time, it is totally true.

  18. That is big John!
    Nice monitor, i wish i have one 30 😀

  19. You do have a point about increased productivity with a larger screen. The lifestyle of the John Chow.

  20. Gadget says:

    Still loving my 17″ monitor :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  21. Jason says:

    I recently purchased the new Samsung 24″ but had to return it. 24 is just too big, imo. I can’t imagine sitting right in front of a 30 inch monitor. 22 inch is perfect for me, but I like the 1900 resolution, and only one 22 inch lcd monitor has that ability so far.

    1. Ed Lau says:

      …too big?! There’s no such thing as too big when you’re talking about monitors.

  22. Holy crap! That thing is huuuggeeee. I have a decent sized monitor but somehow cannot get myself to adjust my windows so I can have multiple ones opened!

  23. Josh Buckley says:

    Haha, i have this monitor for my pc! I had to get a new pc, because my old computer’s graphics card didn’t support it. You wanna get 2 24″‘s on their side next to it, or a second 30″.. now that’s hardcore.

    1. Quintin Riis says:

      I have a friend that has this monitor as well as a 24″ in portrait mode on the right side of it.

  24. says:

    Don’t tell me John, you’re watching satellite TV in a small window on your tiny 30″ while you’re blogging huh? 😉

    I will evolve to your setup within this year….or should I just jump to 30″ right away?

    20″ > Dual 20″ > 30″

  25. We got 4 of these (30″ Dells) in last month at work and they’re pretty awesome indeed. They truly dwarf our 24″ previous monitors which are now sitting to their sides. The Dell 20″ (non-widescreens) do perfectly match the height of the Dell 30″ when they’re flipped vertical. The 24’s are a bit much for me when turned sideways though.

    Amazing what a bigger landscape will do for your productivity.

  26. I rather have three 19″ monitors than a giant one. I like to be able to maximize my windows in a particular screen and not having to move them around so they don’t overlap.

    Nice monitor anyway!

  27. tyna says:

    The post title is” improving your blogging with a bigger monitor”
    My question is how does a bigger screen improve my blogging?

    1. Binary Ant says:

      If is not handy to have window over window and and having to minimize and maximize all along your blogging time. Yes, John didn’t explain anything about it but I understand how a big one helps you work more comfortable.

    2. Geiger says:

      That’s like asking, how does a new sports car make you sexier?

      Answer: IT JUST DOES! 😉

    3. Increases productivity.

      1. tyna says:

        I heard that,but how exactly does it improve productivity? I am asking because i don’t.

      2. tyna says:

        I heard that,but how exactly does it improve productivity? I am asking because i don’t know.

  28. Nice monitor, John. I have a 27″ Dell LCD TV and I think it’s big… I can’t imagine a 30″ monitor 3 feet from my face.

    1. Quintin Riis says:

      I’ve heard the size is actually a problem for some people.

      I’ve read a few blog posts where people have used it for a week, then went down to a 24″.

  29. Geiger says:

    John, your daughter is so cute. I definitely love my 24″ and get more done with it. Also Games are cooler by far!

  30. Nice monitor I’m jealous!, my biggest monitor only have 19″.
    But I don’t need more to work!! 😉

  31. Whoa.. Such a huge LCD..
    It is nice to get it..

    1. OCGolfCourse says:

      I think it’s too big. It will kill my eyes if I’m sitting too close to it 🙂

  32. Libby says:

    Yes, monitor real estate does greatly improve production! Just make certain to take frequent breaks and don’t spend too much time behind the monitors.

  33. John,

    Your new monitor is larger than my television in my living room at home! I started using 2 monitors about 8 months ago. I can’t imagine going back to just one. I have my email on one screen and Firefox on the other screen. It makes things much more efficient.


  34. Ben Moreno says:

    You are right. I have 2 monitors on one of my computers and it makes it way better. I also have a 50″ LCD TV hooked up to my main computer in my room with a wireless keyboard and mouse. This makes it nice to do everything on. I can watch streamed movies, or play music, youtube videos, etc. I highly receommend it.

  35. Bryan Hee says:

    Your blogging productivity and spead increase as much as 50% after upgrading monitor to 30″ Dell high resolution.
    I’m sure your income also will increase as much as 50% rite!?. 🙂
    Guy’s go to upgrade your monitor in order to increase your income. 🙂
    Bryan Hee

    1. OCGolfCourse says:

      How does the productivity increase? I don’t get it 🙄

  36. 30 inch? wow you’re crazy.
    I just bought a 22″ and it is just enough for me, but 30″. I didn’t even know that so large screens are already out 🙂

  37. Cool monitor and good price! 🙂

  38. I use a 20 but I had never thought about a 30. Now I will, since I’ve been using part of my screen to watch HDTV on my extended stay away from LA.

    And in a about 6 months everybody is going to HAVE to find a digital TV solution in the US.

  39. Dang, that’s a HUGE monitor! I didn’t even know Dell made ’em that big. Nice…

  40. John great monitor ❗
    How about a post about your system Mac Pro I assume.
    That would be great. :mrgreen:

  41. Thiago Prado says:

    Sally seems to enjoy it more than John… :mrgreen:

  42. Mike says:

    I have two 19″ and I love it… Usually Code in the left and IM + Email in the right.
    30″ would just screw up your eyes lol… Good Luck.

  43. Neil Duckett says:

    Nice … i agree with the more real estate the better … i have a 40″ HDTV that runs my Sony Living Room PC … very easy indeed.

  44. Why have you written Improving ‘your’ Blogging?? ❗

  45. Dyan says:

    You aren’t working for Calacanis are you? He gives his employees two screens too. Says it increases productivity.
    Sally is getting so big!!!! She’s a cutie-patootie.
    Oh, and I got the fake johnchow email too!

  46. Brooks says:

    Wow John – that thing is huge! Got me thinking about upgrading too…getting tired of looking at my 13″ laptop monitor.

  47. 😛 I don’t like screens that big im working off of a 15 inch right now

  48. Noobpreneur says:

    That 30 inch screen are humongous! Great to have one on my home office 😈

  49. You capitalist pig !!!! You know what they say ??? Big monitor, small pee-pee !!! I heard all you Chinese men have small ones anyway 😈

  50. My husband has 2 small monitors and that seems enough to me! I can only do one thing at a time so i do not need more than one screen!

  51. Juliunizeer says:

    that’s a total Control Chow, That’s what i’ve been Dreaming to Have…
    Just a flat screen for me would be fine.. Hehehe can you donate one?
    I Think I should make awrite up on about this! a requirement for a total blogging command control..

  52. Juliunizeer says:

    Hmmm Looks Good! Chow show Donate too! 😉 Right? 🙂
    I’ll Write this to

  53. Okay, that monitor is massive. I get why you’d want it though.

  54. Forumistan says:

    Wow its very huge ! How much is it ?

  55. Austin says:

    I have been thinking of getting a bigger monitor. I use my laptop the most and its 15 inches. I have a 20 inch crt but I have thought of getting like a 22 inch LCD but the prices are kinda high. But when you say it could cut blogging time in half….it may be a good investment.

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